“Wait, I Don’t Need to Rent a Badge Scanner for My Booth Anymore?”

Costly trade show lead capture and badge scanners can be a thing of the past with our new Lead Manager app

Almost all our clients come to us because they want to use our interactive trade show games to get more booth traffic and more attendee engagement.

So it comes as a surprise to them when they find out about our new Lead Manager App, which comes for free along with our popular Challenge Bar Trivia game and Virtual Prize Wheel. And they are especially surprised how the free Lead Manager app can replace the lead retrieval badge scanners and lead capture apps they have to pay for.

The conversations usually go something like this:

How to Promote Your Virtual Prize Wheel For Even More Booth Traffic

When you include a SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel in your trade show booth, you’re going to get more booth traffic.  People will be attracted to the cool-looking, moving digital screens, and the chance to win prizes.

But hey, if you’re like most exhibitors, you want even more traffic! To get it, follow some or all of the following 7 steps, to more aggressively promote your prize wheel game:

1. Signage

Use bold, large text in your exhibit graphics above where the game is played (either on a flat screen monitor or on one or more iPads) to let passing attendees there’s prizes to be won! “Spin To Win” or “Play To Win” or “Win A Free ______,” if you are giving away a significant main prize. Consider using color in the graphics that makes these words stand out from the rest of your booth.

10 Questions Senior Leaders Should Ask Their Event Audiences But Are Afraid To

Senior executives can be afraid to ask questions of their event audience

We live in the participation economy. We have phones in our pockets that are one tap, click or voice request away from finding anything that we want to know on the Internet.

When I look around, I still see events struggling to integrate and use technology to tap into the power of their attendees to create content and conversations. So, why are we still stuffing people in chairs in rows quietly for hours on end in our events? Why are we still using the lecture model?

Today, senior leaders have a unique opportunity to use events as a transformative tool for their organizations. More specifically, they have the opportunity ask hard questions, tackle unsolved problems and use events as a tool for collaboration.

Train Your Booth Staffers To Get More High Quality Leads Using The Virtual Prize Wheel

Train your booth staff to succeed with our Virtual Prize Wheel in your trade show booth

It’s simple: When you as an exhibitor use our Virtual Prize Wheel in your booth, you will get more booth traffic. The intent of this article is to help you prepare your booth staffers to better interact with those visitors, so you get more qualified leads and better overall trade show results.

Your booth staffers can qualify attendees drawn to your booth before, during, and after they play the Virtual Prize Wheel:

Qualify attendees before they play the game

If you have a line of people waiting to play the game (yes, it happens!), then your booth staffers can strike up a conversation with people in line, asking them qualifying questions before they even get a chance to spin the prize wheel.  Booth staffers can ask qualifying questions such as “What are you looking for at the show?”

New CEIR Research Says: Attract Attendees & Stand Out From Other Trade Show Exhibitors With Games

If you are an exhibitor, you can stand out by hosting games in your booth. That’s because trade show attendees want to play games to learn about products, but not many exhibitors provide games.

That’s a key insight from the 2017 Attendee Floor Engagement Study, newly published by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR).  (The entire name of the report is The 2017 Attendee Floor Engagement Study Part One: Exhibitor In-booth Tactics – People, Product, Emotion and Other Tactics.)

Games are favored by most trade show attendees

18 Stats Supporting the Value of Events

Meetings and events support main business goals like sales, leads, and awareness.Meetings and events create significant value for the companies and organizations that host them.  Value such as leads, sales, and greater awareness – core business goals of the topmost importance.  That’s why meetings are here to stay.

But don’t just take my word for it, because there’s a ton of research that says so.  Here is a slew of strong statistics, culled from the even longer lists assembled by the folks at Event Farm and Certain:

Meetings help companies achieve their core sales and marketing goals:

Announcing the SocialPoint Lead Manager App – A Free Add-On to SocialPoint Interactive Games

Lead capture app for SocialPoint games

SocialPoint is proud to announce our newest product, the Lead Manager companion app for trade show lead capture.

This gives booth staffers the ability to record even more info about their booth visitors.  And it’s a free addition for SocialPoint clients, when they use our popular digital games like Challenge Bar Trivia and Virtual Prize Wheel.

We used the app ourselves in our booth at ExhibitorLive 2017, and it helped us gather detailed info about the many visitors we talked to.

9 Features That Help Booth Staffers Easily Gather More Valuable Lead Data

The Lead Manager App has many features that will improve your lead gathering at trade shows:

How A SocialPoint Customer Used Twitter To Promote Their Interactive Trade Show Game

Trade show prizes for an interactive trade show game

One of the strengths of SocialPoint interactive trade show games is that they capture so much attention that they essentially promote themselves.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw some extra fuel on the fire.

Our client Syngenta PPM did a fantastic job using Twitter to promote their use of our Challenge Bar Trivia Game at the Pest World 2016 Show.  I’m sharing what they did to inspire you and reveal some of the smart things they did.

Let’s break it down, dividing their tweets between pre-show and at-show messages:

Congrats! You’ve Got More Trade Show Booth Traffic! Now What Do You Do?

Get more trade show booth traffic with interactive games

It’s a universal experience that exhibitors who use any of our interactive trade show games get more booth traffic.  But which game, game set up, and exhibit strategy will be best for you?  Turns out, it depends most of all on what is your goal behind the goal.

1. More Awareness

Want everyone at the show to know about your company? Then offer up a big, valuable prize that everyone at the show will want, and promote it on a big flat screen monitor or big signage or both.  Host our interactive Game Show Trivia Game to create a buzz that attracts peoples’ attention and focuses it on whatever you want to build awareness of – be it your company, your entry into a new market, your new product, or your new brand.