Virtual Trivia Games

SOCIALPOINT® Virtual Trivia is an online trivia game platform that quickly creates and launches quizzes and trivia games for live or self-paced gameplay. Our six new trivia game styles give you the flexibility to create live trivia, survivor-style elimination games, and trivia quizzes.

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Where Can You Use Virtual Trivia?

SocialPoint’s virtual trivia platform makes it easy for you to build fun trivia games for any occasion – small groups, work teams and large groups.

1Virtual trivia night

6Single quiz knowledge checks after training

2Ice breaker trivia quiz

7Game show during team building activities

3Trivia night pub quiz

8Fun trade show booth games

4Weekly trivia game show

9Large group trivia events

5Virtual team building

10Virtual event or in-person training

Self-Paced Online Trivia

Choose From 5 Online Trivia Game Styles

Energize your crowd in a battle of the big brains! Create shared experiences with remote teams.  Maximize engagement at in-person training, game night, or online meetings with our live trivia game.

  • Play in-person or online via Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams. 
  • Play together of use Zoom breakout rooms to play together as a team.
  • Real-times scores on the live leaderboard. (No scorecards!)
  • Nothing to download. Access the game via a web link or QR code.
  • Use “Auto-Play” to go hands-free or let your trivia host control the pace of gameplay.
Virtual Trivia for Trainers

Create quiz games that boost engagement and help your players grasp learning objectives in a game of wits.

  • Players answer questions at their own pace.
  • Four different trivia game formats: (Three strikes, Countdown, Two-minute drill, and Quiz)
  • Buzzers for incorrect answers.
  • Each game uses a random trivia generator to shuffle questions making each game unique.
  • Show correct answers and add explanations to reinforce learning objectives.
  • Use levels and countdown timers to create an exhilarating game.
  • Add a call-to-action at the end of the game to drive players to a landing page.
Self-Paced Online Trivia

Inspire team building and play with groups of any size as teams battle it out for trivia supremacy.

  • Players link together to conquer the leaderboard as a team.
  • Allow players to play as individuals or play together as a group.
  • Adjust scoring to even out the teams for a fun game.
  • Crown individual and team champions with dedicated leaderboards.
Virtual Trivia for Teams

Create the ultimate trivia game with a thrilling survival element. Players advance ranks on the leaderboard with each correct answer, but get one question wrong and it’s “hasta la vista!”

  • Invite players to test their knowledge in a trivia battle royale.
  • Host an elimination game using easy-to-use tools to progress levels.
  • Keep track of players remaining on the leaderboard.
  • Crown one player champion when you’re ready to end the game.
Elimination Survivor Trivia

Steal the show with an eye-catching, interactive trivia experience that drives booth traffic and captures leads.

  • Design a branded trivia challenge bar to match your booth.
  • Attract booth visitors with a stunning leaderboard.
  • Customize trivia questions around your key marketing messages.
  • Create custom lead capture forms and surveys to match you lead capture needs.
  • Setup iPads or contactless trivia with our QR code game play
Challenge Bar Trivia for Exhibitors
SocialPoint Virtual Trivia Setup Wizard

Full Branding & Customization

Use our customizable platform to create fun, eye-catching virtual trivia games and quizzes that reflect your brand identity.

  • Design your own trivia game theme and leaderboards, including graphics, colors, and logos.
  • Create your own quiz packs by uploading your own trivia questions.
  • Mix your trivia questions with SocialPoint questions
  • Add pictures to your trivia questions for a picture round
  • Choose your own registration options to enhance data collection.
  • Personalize the look and feel of your game with advanced mobile app style options.
Virtual Trivia | Play anywhere | Leaderboard, mobile app and iPad app

Launch Everywhere

Nothing to download, players can access SocialPoint Trivia through any web-based link. Here are the most popular ways to launch:

  • QR Code
  • Web Link 
  • Auto-login players
  • Embed on your website
  • iPad Kiosk mode
  • Pre-Registration
SocialPoint Leaderboard and Live Trivia player app

How Does Virtual Trivia Work?


Place your order online

Easily choose your package and place your order online.



Get access to your account

A few minutes after you order, you will receive an email notifying you that your account is ready with your login credentials.


Follow the game setup wizard

Use the game setup wizard to quickly setup your game. Use the advanced options to further personalize the game.



Let’s Play! Send the web links to your players and get started!


Virtual Trivia Game Features


Setup Leaderboards to recognize individual champions or high performing teams

Limit Game Plays

Restrict the number of times a player may play a game

Shuffle Questions

Randomize the order of questions and they will be used evenly over time 

Photo and Video Questions

Include a photo (or Video) with your trivia question (optional)


Use Auto-play to go hands free and control the pace of gameplay.

Show Correct Answer

Show the player’s original response, the correct answer, and offer an explanation. 


Provide leadership a pretty dashboard report highlighting the most important statistics from your game

Analytics and Data

Track learning objective performance, question performance and player performance with our detailed data and analytics

Use Across Multiple Events

Easily reuse SocialPoint across multiple events and compare the data 

SocialPoint Virtual Trivia Rehearsal

Onboarding Support

  • Live Chat: We provide live chat support between 9 AM and 6 PM EST. Ask your questions and get answers from our team.
  • How-to-Guides: Review our how-to-guides and pre-recorded videos to set up your game and get ready to be a fantastic host!
  • Game Rehearsal: Take advantage of our 15-minute rehearsal to gain confidence and ask questions as you set up and prepare for your game!
  • Personal Setup Concierge: Want to save time and get the most out of your game? Let our team of experts take the set up off your plate

Marketing Suite Combines Trivia & Prize Manager

Great Value and More Game Choices for Exhibitors with many Trade Shows

Virtual Trivia Pro Plan

(15 Games)

How to Use Games and Gamification to Achieve Your Sales Kickoff Objectives

Create up to 15 Trivia games that get conversations started and educate buyers about your company and products. Use pre-packaged questions or your own.


Prize Manager Pro Plan

(15 Games)

Create up to 15 Virtual Prize Wheels, Raffle Wheels, and Name Picker games that pull in a crowd and capture leads – even without badges!


10% Discount on Booth Passport Games

SocialPoint Digital Trade Show Passport

Save 10% on a Booth Passport Game for your island booth or when you want to connect all of your marketing activations or partners at the show,

Virtual Trivia Package

Want to create a super-fun online trivia game or would you like to incorporate trivia games into your training plans all year long?  We’re here to help with easy-to-use software, pre-packaged trivia content (themes + questions) and support from our onboarding specialists!

Here are the key features of our Virtual Trivia package:

  • No Contracts
  • Monthly Trivia Subscription or Annual Subscription
  • Unlimited Gameplay
  • Access to 100+ quiz packs, 3000 trivia questions, and 50+ themes.
  • Change game themes and questions anytime. 
  • Mix your trivia questions with our questions.
  • Schedule 15-minute rehearsal with an onboarding specialist.
  • Get additional support through online guides and live chat.

Virtual Trivia FAQ

Do all SocialPoint games require a trivia host or a quizmaster?


Both Live Trivia and Elimination Trivia require a trivia host or quizmaster. However, players can start and stop our self-paced online trivia and quiz games without a host.

How long does it take to set up a game?

Once your order is processed, you should get access to your account in a few minutes. Using our Wizard, you can have a game ready to play in few clicks.

Can I setup more than one game?

Yes, with our Pro plan you can setup multiple games and add hosts.

Does Virtual Trivia come with a leaderboard?

Yes! Leaderboards are used to identify the winning team or the winning player!

You can use our leaderboard templates for 5, 10 or 20 players – or you can design your own leaderboard. We provide you with Adobe Illustrator files that make the process really easy.

Can I add other users or administrators to my subscription?

Yes! With a PRO plan or higher, you can add other admin to your subscription.

Common examples are:

  • Game show host
  • Graphics designer 
  • Instructional designers
  • Trainers
  • Other team members
Can we play the game more than once?

Yes! You can play as many times as you want during your subscription term. 

Many people ask if they can practice running a game before game day. Yes, once your game is setup you are welcome to create a trivia round, play and then end the game. You can do this as many times as you like during your subscription term.

Once your game is set up, it’s pretty easy for you to use it multiple times all year long. You will be able to reset the leaderboard, change questions, and track game performance across events.

How do I use Virtual Trivia with Zoom or another video conferencing platform?

Most people use the “Live Trivia” game template with Zoom for virtual trivia events. This template supports playing together online or using breakout rooms to play virtual team trivia.

In Zoom, you will do a screen share so that the players online can see the leaderboard on your screen while the players (or team captain) scan a QR code to play the game on their mobile devices.

You can run the game using auto-play to trigger your trivia questions and answer choices, show the correct answer and then show the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can manually advance the game to set the pace yourself.

How does Socialpoint compare to Kahoot and Jackbox games?

SocialPoint is a trivia game platform for corporate team building, training and events.  While Kahoot on the other hand is more for K-12 education games.  More typically, we see Jackbox used for party games.

One of the advantages SocialPoint has over these other platforms is the flexibility in designing games for large groups to play in person or online.  This includes leaderboard design and choosing a game theme.


Do Players download an app or can they play on their computer?

SocialPoint is a cloud-based SaaS platform that you purchase through a monthly subscription. You access the quiz game and play trivia through a secure web-link that will open in any browser window.  There are no apps to download in the app store.

Quiz game can be accessed via QR code, web link or embedded into websites.

Does SocialPoint provide Trivia questions?

Over 100 Trivia Quiz Packs
Give your game personality and create a sense of excitement among your audience using SocialPoint‘s fun-named trivia question sets. Or, checkout our general knowledge trivia question library. Brand new questions and quiz packs are available regularly.


Here are some of SocialPoint’s pop culture quiz packs:

  • A Day At The Office (The Office TV Show Trivia)
  • Blame it on George (Seinfeld Trivia)
  • Political Mumbo Jumbo (Parks and Rec Trivia)
  • Iconic Marvel Quotes: Who Said it? (Marvel Trivia)
  • Are You Smarter than a Hogwarts student? (Harry Potter Trivia)
  • Wandering the World Wonders (Travel Trivia)
  • All Hail Queen Bey (Finish the Lyric Music trivia)
  • Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader
  • That’s Not Sportsman-Like (Tennis Trivia)
  • Landmark Goals and Penalties (Soccer Trivia)
  • Nicknames for 800 Alex (NFL Trivia)


See the entire library of Trivia question quiz packs:  SocialPoint trivia categories

Can I provide my own trivia questions?

Yes, you can create your own trivia questions. Plus you can mix and match our questions with your questions.

SocialPoint allows you to create categories to manage and group the trivia questions. These question groups could be used for playing trivia in rounds or for group play. Many event marketers will organize their questions around marketing objectives or learning objectives.

What type of questions can I create?

SocialPoint supports the following trivia question types in quiz packs:

  • Multiple choice questions with 2, 3 or 4 answers
  • True / false questions
  • Images for a picture round

In addition trivia questions have the following features:

  • Category (for grouping questions into rounds or learning objectives
  • Videos (for self-paced trivia)
  • Explanations
Can I use my own custom branding?


You are able to configure the following elements:

  • Leaderboard
  • Question Screen (for end of game review)
  • Question Results  (for end of game review)
  • Player App

You can personalize the game with your colors, logos and fonts. Or, you can go next level and use our Adobe Illustrator graphic files for rich branding. If you send our AI files to your graphic designer – they will be able to drop in your brand assets and get them looking just right for your game in a few minutes.

Can I embed the game in PowerPoint?


Your SocialPoint Leaderboard can be embedded in Powerpoint presentations that have the web-embed add-on.


Is live trivia the best trivia template for virtual happy hour?


Live Trivia is the best trivia template for a virtual happy hour or trivia party. This template follows the popular game show formats where the question is shown on the screen and the players respond. Then the trivia quizmaster will show the correct answer with a breakdown of everyone’s wrong answers.  At the end of the round, the quizmaster will show the trivia leaderboard with the top 5 or top 10 teams rankings.

Virtual Trivia Not The Right Game For You? We May Have A Better Fit

We offer a suite of interactive games designed to make your event more fun and engaging

Live Trivia

Create a Live Trivia game show for training, remote team building, and corporate events. Includes 50+ game themes and 100+ trivia quiz packs to help you get started in minutes. Or, customize your game to match your brand and add your own trivia questions.

Scavenger Hunt Games

Create fun, branded scavenger hunt games for your team-building events, new employee orientation, guided tours, and campus orientations. Teams earn points by completing challenges, checking into locations, posting photos, or completing trivia questions.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Scan QR codes with your phone’s camera to play and complete challenges while earning points. It’s a fun way to implement a team-building game, city scavenger hunt, employee onboarding, and much more.

Digital Trade Show Passport

Increase attendee engagement and provide proveable value to sponsors. Helps show owners drive traffic to specific places around their conference, especially sponsors’ booths. Players do challenges (such as check-ins, photos, trivia, and staff-scored), collecting points to rank on the leaderboard and spin a raffle wheel for prizes.