Interactive Trivia Games

Fun, audience engagement for large groups

Where Should You Consider Trivia Games?

Sales Kick-off

Get teams of sales reps to compete against each other by answering questions and helping their team win.

Customer Events

Use interactive trivia games as a complement to presentations to reinforce the key messages of your service.

Sales Training

Create challenges that align with the event theme and all event activities such as social events, content sessions, trade shows, lounges, etc.  

New Employee Orientation

Create challenge-based games where employees earn points for participation over time.

Town Hall Meetings

Using SocialPoint, employees can play trivia, ask questions, and respond to polls. 

Virtual Training

Send your trivia game via email to students.

How do SocialPoint Trivia Games Work?


Access the game on your phone

Register. Complete an optional survey. Agree to any terms and conditions.


Play the game

Players answer trivia questions and play one of six game types, including Elimination, Team Battle and 3-Strikes.


See your name in lights

Everyone likes to see their name in lights. Branded leaderboards are used to recognize the top players or teams.


Analyze Your Data

Use dashboards and reports to compare events to each other, review player or question performance, and download leads and other data.


Interactive Trivia Game Types

Elimination Game

In this game, players survive and advance by correctly answering trivia questions. Players win being the last person standing in this exciting game.

  • Play on your phone
  • The leaderboard shows the fastest answering players
  • The host drives the pace of play by starting and stopping questions
  • Game Control panel – shows the number of players and answers submitted

Team Battle

In this game, teams battle each other for supremacy. The players join a trivia game and select a team. Players help their team by correctly answering trivia questions. The team with the most points wins.

  • Play on your phone
  • The Leaderboard shows the team rankings
  • Even out the teams by selecting a max number of players for a team
  • Team gameplay works with several SocialPoint trivia games

Game Show Trivia

In this game, your emcee pushes questions out to the attendee’s phones.  The question appears on the big screen and the attendee’s devices. The emcee then closes the question. The app updates to tell players if they answered correctly or not. The emcee shows the leaderboard (for individuals or teams) then moves along to the next question.  This game works in a large conference or in a trade show environment with several small groups. The emcee can easily start and stop the game and pick the right number of questions for the game.

  • Emcee manages game play
  • Play on your phone
  • Emcee pushes questions to the attendee’s phones
  • Active questions appears on the big screen and the player’s device
  • Emcee picks the questions, order and timing of questions.
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings (or team rankings)

Countdown Quiz

In this game, the faster a player answers a question, the more points they earn. Dilly-dally and the players are likely to end up with no points. The leaderboards in these games are usually well differentiated.

  • Play on your phone
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings
  • Set the number of questions and time to answer
  • Create large question banks of possible questions
  • Randomizer will pull unique questions in a random order
  • Set number of gameplays 
  • Show correct answers and explanations

3 Strikes Game

In this game, players play until they get three questions wrong or complete the last level. This game works well for groups that want to reinforce key messages

  • Play on your phone
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings
  • Choose the number of levels and items per level
  • Create large question banks of possible questions
  • Randomizer will pull unique questions in a random order
  • Set number of gameplays 
  • Show correct answers and explanations

Two-minute Drill

In this game, players answer as many questions as possible in a fixed amount of time. Points multiply based on your streak of correct answers.

  • Play on your phone
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings
  • Set the game time, point values and max number of questions
  • Create large question banks of possible questions
  • Randomizer will pull unique questions in a random order
  • Set number of game plays

Multi-Quiz Game

In this game, the scores from several trivia quizzes are summarized to show a score across all games on a cumulative leaderboard. Quizzes can be self-paced or hosted by an emcee.  Players can earn prizes (such a prize wheel spin or entry into a drawing) or recognized on the leaderboard.

  • Play on your phone
  • Self-paced quizzes or hosted by an emcee
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings
  • Total scores across all quizzes
  • Organize smaller quizzes related to session content
  • One gameplay per quiz
  • Earn prizes for reaching a points threshold

How will players access the game?

Event App

Setup game link inside your favorite Event App

Audience Response

Use Inside the SocialPoint Audience Response app to combine with Interactive Q&A and Live Polls

Multiple Quiz Game

Use the SocialPoint attendee participation game app when you have multiple quizzes and need a cumulative leaderboard

iPads at a Trivia Bar

Allow attendees to walk up and play trivia on iPads with Challenge Bar Trivia

Web Link

Show the web link on the screen for attendees to access and play the game

Email Link

Send the game as a web link in email to attendees for virtual training or email marketing

Why SocialPoint Interactive Trivia

  • Fun upgrade to your audience engagement activities
  • Need to create challenges that will have a pre-event and post-event element to them
  • Create learning pedagogy and save the setup to repeat at other courses
  • Track student performance
  • Branded Leaderboard
  • Dedicated customer success manager will help you
  • Easy to setup and use



Setup Leaderboards to recognize individual champions or high performing teams

Set Game Plays

Restrict the number of times a player may play a game

Question Randomizer

Randomize the order of questions and they will be used evenly over time 

Photo Questions

Include a photo with your trivia question (optional)


Include a description of the correct answer with your trivia question (optional)

Show Correct Answer

Show the player’s response and the right answer (optional)

Event App Integration

Setup a web link inside your event app to create a congruent attendee experience

SocialPoint ARS Integration

Build a show flow that includes trivia, live polls and interactive Q&A by combining interactive trivia with our ARS App

Web-Based Access

Distribute your game through a web-based link, so players can access the game easily

Dashboard Reporting

Provide leadership a pretty dashboard report highlighting the most important statistics from your game

Reporting and Data

Track learning objective performance, question performance and player performance with our detailed data and analytics

Use Across Multiple Events

Easily reuse SocialPoint across multiple events and compare the data 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I purchase Interactive trivia?

SocialPoint is a cloud-based SaaS platform. There are no apps to download in the app store.

When you choose SocialPoint, you get three things:

(1) Each project is assigned a customer success manager who will set up and configure your game(s) for you, help you prepare for your onsite experience, train you on setting up and managing your game onsite. Be a person to Text or email if you have any questions.

(2) If you have a mobile app (stand-alone or embedded into your event app), your link will be available to anyone using the app. Links will be active during the contract term.

(3) You get a User Account and log in to our SocialPoint SaaS software platform. You will be able to deploy your game, monitor results, download data, and make changes to your game.

Does the game require a host (or Emcee)?

The Elimination Game and the Game Show style trivia are managed by a host or an emcee.  These two games work well in a large room or in a trade show space where there will be several rounds of trivia.

In addition, SocialPoint offers several self-paced trivia games that include count down timers, question randomizers, levels and a variety of scoring options. These games allow attendees to play during breaks, in lounges or during downtime at the event.

What type of questions can I create?

With SocialPoint trivia, you can create multiple-choice questions or true-false questions.  Questions can include an image or an explanation

What do I need to provide to SocialPoint to set up the game?

Each project is assigned a customer success manager who will set ,up your game for you and help you plan the experience at your event. You will be responsible for the trivia questions, color theme and leaderboard graphics (if you want them). 

Can I use the trivia game for multiple shows?

Yes, you can use interactive trivia across multiple shows.

Once your game is set up, it’s pretty easy for you to use it at multiple shows all year long. You will be able to reset the leaderboard, change questions, and track game performance across events.

Do you provide graphic templates?

We have a few different graphic templates that you can choose to edit and personalize with your logos, colors, and visual background.

The templates are in Adobe Illustrator and are easy for your graphic designers to change and get just right for your project.

Does the game come with a leaderboard?

Yes, the SocialPoint trivia game comes with a leaderboard that you can display on monitors or in the front of your room.

What are the game play options?

There are two primary gameplay options: Self Paced gameplay vs. Host directed trivia. The host directed trivia works well when you want to create a game show type of environment in your general session or trade show booth.   Self-paced games, on the other hand, are most effective when you want attendees to answer questions at their own pace. An example could be – when playing games during breaks.

What do I need to setup SocialPoint onsite?

If you are deploying hosted trivia in a conference room, we recommend that you do the following:

(1) Provide the host with an iPad so he(or she) can start the game and advance the questions.

(2) Connect a source laptop showing the leaderboard (and current question) to your big screen.

(3) Give the players the app link – ahead of time or during the event. 

Pro-tip:  Organize a backup iPad (in case the host loses internet connectivity) while on stage.

Pro-tip:  Set up your source laptops on a different network than the attendees.

How does the pricing work? Is it per event or is there an annual subscription option?

Yes, we charge $4,500 per year for a subscription for our Trivia Module (Includes both Challenge Bar Trivia and Interactive Trivia).

If you are looking for per event prices. We charge $2,000 to setup your first prize wheel and $750 to reuse it at each event.

Once the game is setup, you are welcome to reuse it as many times as you wish. Just tell us if you want to pay per event or go for an annual plan.