The Biggest Overlooked Thing You Need To Succeed At Trade Shows

Because B2B marketers spend around 40% of their budgets on trade shows, exhibitors really want to know how to do shows well. And so, countless blog posts offer their advice on the key things you need to succeed at trade shows.

We’ve published our own version of that idea here, and we probably will again in the future. There have even been entire books telling you the same ideas, but in far greater detail.

Recurring tips on how to succeed at trade shows include:

  • Set trade show marketing goals and objectives in tune with your overall company goals
  • Find the right shows where your buyers attend
  • Manage your budget for greater return on investment
  • Design your trade show booth to capture attention and tell your story
  • Promote your presence before, during, and after the show with promotions
  • Select and train your booth staff to engage attendees and write up qualified leads
  • Manage your leads for quick fulfillment and distribution to your sales team
  • Repeated follow-up on your trade show leads
  • Measurement and reporting of your results to justify your budget and improve performance

These are all excellent tips, and you need to meet all these steps to succeed at trade shows.

Training Booth Staffers For Your Trade Show Trivia Games

Trade show trivia games pull more visitors into your booth, encourage them to stay longer, and teach them about your company and products.

But you can get even better results when you train booth staffers to fully leverage your trivia game in their visitor interactions.

Your training depends on what kind of trivia game you offer in your booth.  We have 5 different versions of trivia, so I will walk you through how to adapt your training for each style of our trivia games. If you use another kind of trivia game, you can use these ideas as inspiration.

What is Experiential Marketing? 15 Definitions For B2C and B2B Marketers

If you want to know what experiential marketing is, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve gathered 15 experts’ definitions to help you to better grasp this growing marketing strategy.

And why does it matter what is experiential marketing?  Because it works.  Experiential marketing has actually been a growing strategy for years. It keeps growing because it gets companies better engaged with consumers increasingly hidden by adblockers, ad-free streaming services, and their own consumer cynicism.

Custom Digital Spinning Wheel: 11 Ways To Customize Your Game

What exactly do you get when you buy a custom digital spinning wheel for your trade show booth or corporate events?

The digital spinning wheel part is easy to explain: you get a fun, crowd-gathering game that plays on iPads or a flatscreen TV, that you can use for awarding prizes or choosing names.

But the custom part – what exactly does that include?

With the SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel, you can customize how the digital wheel looks, how it awards prizes, and how it gathers data. Your 11 custom choices include:

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Give Your Trade Show Passport Game an Extreme Makeover with Event Gamification

Many meeting planners have the trade show passport game in their toolbox of tricks to drive attendees to their trade show floor.  While some criticize the game as boring or out-of-date, the truth is that it seems to work.  

Perhaps it’s time to give the trade show passport game an extreme makeover?

What is the Trade Show Passport Game?

For those reading that don’t know this trade show game, the trade show passport game is a simple game designed to get attendees to visit multiple exhibitor booths in exchange for a chance to win a prize. Attendees are given paper passports that they can get stamped at exhibitor booths. Once your card has been filled up, you can go enter the drawing.

Convincing Your Boss To Try Interactive Trade Show Games

The good news: You’ve discovered how interactive trade show games can boost exhibiting results with significantly more booth traffic and leads, and you’re eager to try games in an upcoming event.

The bad news: Your boss doesn’t share your enthusiasm.  At least, not yet.

As you would expect, we want to help you be persuasive about this.  Therefore, here are 5 points you can share with your boss, written from your perspective:

1. We Need An Activity To Maximize Trade Show ROI

We won’t get enough booth traffic without an activity. Just standing in the booth doing nothing will not bring in the visitors. Attendees have become too reluctant and time-starved to walk into every booth. We need a compelling activity to grab their valuable attention and pull them in. A popular activity will multiply our overall results far greater than their additional marginal cost.

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