How to Play Virtual Trivia in Rounds with SocialPoint Online Trivia Platform

Playing Trivia in Rounds is a popular way to create shared experiences and build virtual, remote teams. Learn how to set up and run these virtual trivia games with the SocialPoint Online Trivia Platform.

Most people play trivia to create shared experiences and encourage people to collaborate and work together. SocialPoint has upped its game here and has several new and improved experiences to help you run a trivia game in rounds. 

6 Pro Tips To Better Host Your Online Trivia Game

Online Live Trivia games allow you to create shared experiences with remote team members and virtual event attendees. The better you are at hosting, the happier your attendees will be! 

Customers come to us with a wide range of experience with trivia. Some of you are trivia hounds who play twice a week. Others are producers who are experts in live events. While others volunteered (or were “voluntold”) to help host a trivia game and want to do their best as host.

Regardless of where you start, all of us could use some advice to help create a wildly successful trivia game.  Here’s some of the best advice that we have learned over the past two years to help you make your game a success. 

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Cheat Sheet: National Sales Meeting Event Gamification

Sales reps love to compete and win. Savvy Sales Leaders reinforce the event's objectives by aligning game activities to the event content.

Each year sales leaders pull their sales organization together for a national sales meeting or a sales kickoff.  

The goal of these meetings is one part inspiration, one part education, and one part team-building. Leaders want to put their teams through the paces and get them invigorated and ready for an exciting and challenging year ahead. 

The agenda could look something like this.

52 National Sales Meeting Themes Actually Used In 2019

Need the best national sales meeting themes? Of course, you do, because the stakes are so high.

At your annual sales meeting you’ll have your entire high-powered sales force and senior management team all in one place. Likely making it the most visible event you’ll plan all year. But hey, no pressure!

We’re here to help you with proven sales meeting themes for today's business reality. We’ve gathered 52 national sales meeting themes that were actually chosen by your peers in 2019. Themes that multi-billion dollar corporations have recently invested big money in.

8 Essential Trade Show Booth Staffing Skills

You can exhibit at trade show filled with your best prospects, design a compelling display, host fun trade show games, but without capable trade show booth staffing, all is for naught.

To the throng of potential buyers who walk by and into your booth, your staffers are the face of your company. Your booth staffers must perform a wide variety of trade show activities well. If they can’t handle it, your whole company suffers in lost future business.

So, what must your booth staffers do well? For starters, avoid these 10 awful trade show activities.  Here are 8 essential trade show booth staffing skills they must master for your trade show success:

How To Pick Winners For Your Game Prizes & Giveaways At Events and Trade Shows

One of the most popular questions our clients ask is, “What is the best way to structure how we pick winners for prize giveaways in our game?” Our clients want to feel confident they are doing the right thing to make their trade show booth games or event gamification a success.

Since we build so many different types of games for many different kinds of events, we have seen a lot of good ideas and bad ideas on picking prize winners. Below I will share only the good ones!

Rewards, Recognition, or Both?

Usually, clients want to create a fair process and make players feel like they still have a chance at success.  A common fear is that the prize will appear out of reach after the first day.

7 Secrets To Successful Multi-Player Group Live Event Trivia Games

On Facebook recently, a friend of mine shared a photo of a conference room that made me cringe. It was a ballroom filled with tan chairs in rows.

I felt sorry for the 600 people who were going to be stuffed into those uncomfortable chairs in rows for hours on end listening to somebody ramble through 130 slides.

Contrast that with a friend of mine who is the VP of Marketing for a Manufacturing company. He is responsible for his annual sales meeting and wanted to pump up the energy in the room. He wanted cheering, excitement, and energy.

How SocialPoint Works with Your Event App

Your Event App + SocialPoint = Improved Attendee Engagement

Recently, I downloaded the Event App Bible from the thought leaders at the Event Manager Blog. (Get it here)

While we don’t make Event Apps, we always like to see what the more than 120 event app providers are doing — or not doing. This year, we were excited to see Attendee Engagement and Interactivity (top trend), Gamification (#4 trend) and Interactive Q&A (#10 trend) all rank so high on the chart.  Further, we were surprised to see that many of the Event Apps reviewed by the Event Manager Blog are missing capabilities that we offer.

The Biggest Overlooked Thing You Need To Succeed At Trade Shows

Because B2B marketers spend around 40% of their budgets on trade shows, exhibitors really want to know how to do shows well. And so, countless blog posts offer their advice on the key things you need to succeed at trade shows.

We’ve published our own version of that idea here, and we probably will again in the future. There have even been entire books telling you the same ideas, but in far greater detail.

Recurring tips on how to succeed at trade shows include:

  • Set trade show marketing goals and objectives in tune with your overall company goals
  • Find the right shows where your buyers attend
  • Manage your budget for greater return on investment
  • Design your trade show booth to capture attention and tell your story
  • Promote your presence before, during, and after the show with promotions
  • Select and train your booth staff to engage attendees and write up qualified leads
  • Manage your leads for quick fulfillment and distribution to your sales team
  • Repeated follow-up on your trade show leads
  • Measurement and reporting of your results to justify your budget and improve performance

These are all excellent tips, and you need to meet all these steps to succeed at trade shows.

Training Booth Staffers For Your Trade Show Trivia Games

Trade show trivia games pull more visitors into your booth, encourage them to stay longer, and teach them about your company and products.

But you can get even better results when you train booth staffers to fully leverage your trivia game in their visitor interactions.

Your training depends on what kind of trivia game you offer in your booth.  We have 5 different versions of trivia, so I will walk you through how to adapt your training for each style of our trivia games. If you use another kind of trivia game, you can use these ideas as inspiration.