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SocialPoint Virtual Trivia Online

Inject fun into your next virtual event with Virtual Trivia

SocialPoint Trivia is the perfect solution for a virtual trivia night, virtual happy hours, virtual staff meetings, virtual town halls, virtual training sessions, or a virtual conference. 

If you order before 4:30pm EST (M-F),  our Customer Success Team will get you setup and working on your game on the same day. You will be able to play as many games as you wish during your subscription term.




  • Play as many times as you want.
  • Choose from 14 trivia themes.
  • Upload your logo on any screen.
  • Access to a database of 1000 trivia questions.
  • Gameplay works in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and any video conferencing software.
  • Instant scoring on your branded leaderboard.
  • Give bonus points to the fastest players to answer a question.
  • Play as individuals or play in teams.
  • Players join via a web link so that they can play on their phone or browser. No downloading!
  • Use “Auto-Play” to control the pace of gameplay.
  • One trivia game template (Live Trivia or Self-Paced).
  • Onboarding Specialist will help you get ready for your first game.
  • Design your own theme and upload your own graphics.
  • Create your own trivia questions.
  • Integrate with your virtual event platform for auto-login.

Note:  X Players = Maximum number of players for each gameplay.

Do you need to manage multiple games and multiple users?

See Virtual Trivia Unlimited Plans


Web-Based Access

Distribute your game through a web-based link, so players can access the game easily

Play Online

Broadcast your game through Zoom, Webex or another streaming platform.

Show Correct Answer

Show the players’ responses and the correct answer.


Setup Leaderboards to recognize individual champions or high performing teams

Question Variety

Mix our pop culture questions with your own trivia questions to create a fun game.

Custom Branding

Use our graphics and graphic templates or design your own. 

Choose a Template

Live Trivia:  Use this template when you want everyone to play trivia together.  The game allows you to push questions to the screen and to player’s devices. Players play on a web link on their computer or phone.  Scores are tabulated in real time and shown on the big screen or your monitor!

  • When to use Live Trivia: When you want to play together on a zoom call, Webex, GoToMeeting or similar platform.
  • When to skip it:  If your broadcast has high latency (10 seconds or more), when you aren’t sure if you can get everyone together at the same time.

Self-Paced Trivia:  This template allows players to play and advance the questions on their own pace.  You can use count down timers, levels, showing the correct answer or an explanation to keep people engaged in this type of trivia.

  • When to use it:  Newsletters, On-demand recordings, when it’s not practical to get everyone together or your broadcast has high latency.
  • When to skip it:  When you want everyone to play together.


  • Configure Leaderboard with your branding.
  • Pick from our templates or create your own.
  • Leaderboards can also be used for showing questions and reviewing questions.


Trivia Questions
  • Get your game ready fast using questions in our database.
  • Or, Create your own trivia questions about your products and services.


Onboarding Services
  • Customer Success team will guide you through the process of getting your game setup.
  • Schedule a 15 minute meeting with Customer Success to rehearse your game. It’s pretty easy.
  • Use the Chat in our platform to contact your customer success team to get through any quick questions you might have.

*** SocialPoint will provide a default game template. You can use that template, modify the graphics or create your own graphics. ***

Branding Capabilities.

Pick the colors and themes and upload your custom graphics for the following game elements:

  • Player App (Web based)
  • Leaderboard Screen
  • Question Review Screen
  • Results Review Screen


Game Configuration Options

  • Player Registration:
    • Name
    • Lead Capture Mode: First Name, Last Name, Email and your own lead capture fields. 
    • PIN Code (Pre-load Players)


Question Configuration

  1. Using SocialPoint’s questions:
    1. 850 Total Questions
    2. Question Categories: Holiday movies, Holiday trivia, New Year’s Trivia, Art and History, Animals, Sports, TV, Movies, Music, Pop Culture, Geography and Science
  2. Create Your Own Questions or Use Ours
    • Question Types: Multiple Choice (4 answer) or True / False
    • Category: Use Categories to group questions for reporting and turning questions on or off. 
    • Enter questions manually or automatically upload the questions.
  3. Show/Hide Correct Answers  (Self-Paced trivia only)
    • Display the correct answer along with the original response
    • Show an explanation for the correct answer if available 
  4. Images
    • Show an Image in the question. 


Question Point Value

  • Stage Directed (Live Trivia):  You set the point value
  • Stage Directed (Elimination Game): You set the points
  • Self-Paced (3 Strikes) Points assigned by level
  • Self-Paced (Timed Game): You set the base points.
  • Self-Paced (Timed Quiz): You set the max points
  • Self-Paced (Quiz): You set the points.

You can read the full Terms of Service, Data Processing Addendum and  Data Privacy Notice below

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