Our Top 10 Trade Show & Event Blog Posts of 2018

As the year draws to an end, we share with you our 10 most-read blog posts about trade shows and events published this year.  What topics and articles caught the eyes of your fellow event marketers?  Here they are, in order of most views from our newsletter readers:

#1: Best Trade Show Giveaways: 2018 Survey on Strategies, Features, Choices & Perceptions

Our most popular post reported on a survey we did asking exhibitors how they valued, chose, and use trade show giveaways.  The report featured charts, exhibitor quotes, and insights on getting the most results with these ever-popular trade show promotions. Click to read the article here.

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11 Things You Give Up With Lower Cost Trade Show Games

As a trade show manager, it’s understandable that you would want to get the best deal on the interactive trade show game you choose for your booth.  As you shop around, you may find some games that cost less than ours, and at first blush, appear to be similar enough.

However, if you choose a lower-cost interactive trade show game, you are very likely giving up more than you are getting.  Here are 11 things you get with SocialPoint trade show games that you give up with lower-cost alternatives:

15 Things Exhibitors Can Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving reminds us to slow down and appreciate the bounty of advantages and relationships we are fortunate to have. If you’ve been too stressed from exhibiting to recognize bright spots worthy of your gratitude, here are 15 worthy things to give thanks for:

Give Thanks for Things That Make My Life Easier:

  • TSA Pre-Check that saves me tedious hours a year at airports, plus helps me avoid missing flights to shows or home
  • Noise-cancelling headphones that turn my too-small airplane seat into an oasis of calm and save my hearing
  • Interactive trade show games that dependably drive more booth traffic, increase engagement, and capture leads
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    7 Common Mistakes Exhibitors Make With Their In-Booth Activities

    This blog post originally appeared on the CEIR blog.

    As a developer of interactive trade show games, we’ve participated with hundreds of exhibitors as they research, select, and execute their in-booth activities. And while we’ve seen many succeed, along the way we’ve unfortunately seen exhibitors repeatedly make the same 7 avoidable mistakes. I want to share those with you, so you can avoid them:

    1. Waited too long to start choosing their in-booth activities

    Because trade shows require an astounding amount of details, exhibitors are notoriously overworked and time-starved. As a result, some exhibitors wait until it’s almost show time before looking for an in-booth activity.  By then they are so anxious to have any activity in their booth, they jump on the first passable idea they find.  With better planning, they could have taken the time to brainstorm and select a better in-booth activity.  Even worse? They may have waited so long that they throw up their hands and do nothing.

    Major Exhibitors: 7 Benefits You Get From SocialPoint Interactive Tradeshow Games

    Is your company a major exhibitor? You certainly are if you:

    • Exhibit at multiple shows in island booth spaces, with your biggest booth 600 square feet or larger
    • Exhibit at 50 or more shows a year in booths of all sizes, likely some internationally
    • Your management considers trade shows and events the economic engine driving your company’s brand and sales, and invests accordingly
    • You value internal trade show experts and leading vendor partners so that your company does trade shows very well

    We are grateful to work with a number of major exhibitors who have expanded their use of our interactive tradeshow games over the years. They tell us they value our company and offerings because they benefit them in these 7 ways:

    1. Help achieve their key sales and marketing goals with our interactive tradeshow games:

    According to the 2018 CEIR Marketing Spend Decision Report, exhibitors’ top 3 reasons for exhibiting are to generate leads, build awareness, and meet with existing customers:

    Top 3 Reasons for Exhibiting at Trade Shows - 2018 CEIR Marketing Spend Decision Report

    Our interactive tradeshow games drive more booth traffic that increase all three of these top metrics. Our games are visually customizable to your brand, and represent your brand well. We help major exhibitors succeed at what matters to them most.

    8 Reasons B2B Salespeople Love Our Digital Trade Show Games

    While exhibitors choose our digital trade show games for their marketing impact, the group of employees they really affect the most is your B2B salespeople.

    Your salespeople play two major roles on both sides of trade shows. First, salespeople are often the biggest part of your booth staffing team. And second, exhibitors’ main exhibiting goal is to generate leads – which are handed off to their sales team!

    Let’s see how our games help salespeople in both these roles:

    B2B Salespeople love our digital trade show games as booth staffers because:

    1. Get more booth traffic

    The top reason exhibitors choose our digital trade show games is to drive more booth traffic.  The increased traffic helps salespeople staffing your booth, because they don’t have to work so hard to pull in attendees.  Remember, even though your salespeople may be excellent on the phone or in meetings may not be good at getting people out of the aisle and into the booth. Your salespeople will be so grateful to avoid having to hook all the attendees in.

    Harvard Research Correlates Events With Higher Revenue Growth

    A new research report from Harvard Business Review’s Analytic Services makes a bold claim: Greater use of events correlates with greater revenue growth.  That’s because already popular events are getting even more popular, as new technologies are making it easier to track event leads to sales.

    With a provable ROI, events have regained traction as a preferred marketing medium.

    Even high-tech companies that are central to the digital revolution, such as Salesforce, Yelp, Facebook & Instagram, heavily depend on events to drive sales growth, hosting hundreds of events all year round, and all around the world.