6 Reasons To Keep Exhibiting At B2B Trade Shows

In this increasingly tech-driven world, you may hear from colleagues who look at seemingly old-school trade shows and think, “Why should we continue to exhibit?”

Well, because trade shows continue to provide so much value to B2B marketers. Value that may be surprising at first glance.

So, in case you or someone from your team is feeling reluctant to pack their bags for a bustling three-day trade show in sunny Las Vegas, here are 6 reasons why trade shows bring unique value to your company:

1. Digital Marketing is no picnic

Yes, as a B2B marketer, you have a wide palette of digital marketing tools to employ. But access to tools doesn’t mean success is guaranteed. For example, many marketers have found social media to be hard to do for more than build awareness, lacking success at generating plentiful sales leads.  And social media is no longer free media – it’s now pay-to-play, and increasingly more and more pay.

22 Virtual Prize Wheel Game Examples

SocialPoint recently introduced 3-dimensional layered graphics to our popular Virtual Prize Wheel game.

We thought this would be a great time to share that product enhancement, plus share many other recent Virtual Prize Wheel examples. Our goal is to inspire you as you consider how to graphically portray your brand with our interactive games.

Our Virtual Prize Wheel is fully customizable to your brand.  There are three main areas for customization:

  • The prize wheel slices, which can have up to 5 colors and your choice of fonts
  • The center circle where clients often put their logo
  • The background image

Virtual Prize Wheel - configurable options

Most of the examples we will show you here focuses on the background image, as that is where you have the most opportunity for creativity and design. First, let’s start with the new 3-D looks:

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4 Ways To Better Care For Your B2B Customers At Trade Shows

One of top three trade show goals for B2B marketers is to strengthen key relationships. And no relationship is more valuable than their relationship with existing customers.

Yet, most exhibitors put greater effort into generating as many badge scans as possible, rather than creating a pro-active plan to take full advantage of their rare face-to-face time with multiple clients.

That’s a lost opportunity to boost sales and profits. You may be acquainted with some of the eye-popping economic stats that support focusing on retaining your customers

Educate Prospects, Qualify Buyers, Recruit Top Talent: Achieving 3 Different Goals With Trade Show Trivia Games

There is surprising versatility in achieving different business goals with our Challenge Bar Trivia game.  It all comes down into what your goals are, and writing your trivia questions to meet your specific goal.

For all our clients, our trivia game brings in more booth traffic and engages visitors. That’s reason enough for most clients to value it.

However, some of our clients have also realized 3 other major strategic business goals. They purposely sought those results by how they choose to write and set up their trivia questions:

Keep Attendees In Your Booth Longer With Interactive Trade Show Games

Interactive trade show games do a great job of driving more traffic to your booth.  But they can also keep that larger crowd of attendees in your booth longer, too.

Here’s how two of our interactive trade show games increase attendee dwell time:

Challenge Bar Trivia: Play It Again, Sam

fun trade show trivia game to attract customers

When your booth visitors play the “three strikes and you’re out” version of our Challenge Bar Trivia game, it can take up to 10 or more minutes as they answer up to 25 questions.  That fun experience keeps them in your booth for an extended period.  And as they answer questions, they learn about your products and services, plus get to know your booth staffers who helpfully give them hints on quiz questions.  They also can stay a longer time when they play the Game Show version of our trivia game.

5 New Digital Booth Activities With Our Improved Digital Fishbowl Game

Our award-winning game just got even better.

Our Digital Fishbowl Game won the Buyers Choice Award last year at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018, as an easy kiosk game that motivated attendees to self-enter their lead data to win a prize.

Now we’ve radically expanded the capabilities of this game to create engaging, big-screen digital content, too.

Here’s how it works:  As attendees enter their contact info on iPads or other tablet computers in order to win a prize, they also engage in one of 5 possible activities (listed below). It’s very quick for them to answer a question.  Their answers create digital content that displays on a large results screen.

6 Ways A Digital Fishbowl Is Better Than A Glass Fishbowl

A glass fishbowl is an icon of old-school trade show exhibiting. But it’s time to retire it — for something better.

Most likely you’ve seen an exhibitor put a glass fishbowl on their booth counter for visitors to toss in their business cards in the hope of winning a prize. Exhibitors draw a card for the winner, and keep all the cards as potential leads.

But, like rotary phones and carbon copies, using glass fishbowls to gather trade show leads leaves you at a severe disadvantage compared to what’s possible with today’s technology.

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How To Cross-Sell Customers At Trade Shows With Our Interactive Trivia Game

Maybe you exhibit at trade shows to boost awareness.  Or maybe your goal is to generate new leads.

But if your B2B company has been around for years, or you have considerable market share, your trade show goal may be all about maintaining and expanding your sales with your existing customers.

And while our Challenge Bar Trivia game can help you boost awareness and generate leads, it’s particularly adept at helping you cross-sell to customers you already have.

Three sad realities about repeat sales

Here are three sad realities about generating repeat sales at trade shows:

Why Technology Exhibitors Use Interactive Trade Show Games

Technology companies love exhibiting at trade shows:

  • If you thought tech companies would only market via the Internet or social media, consider this: The largest show in the country is CES – the Consumer Electronics Show!
  • Tech companies exhibit because tech buyers still want to see tech products and potential vendors face-to-face.
  • According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), Communications and Information Technology is the second-largest sector of shows, with over 1,000 to choose from!
  • Not to mention how many high-tech companies also exhibit at shows in other sectors, as new entrants and disrupters in traditional industries.

We are a good fit with tech exhibitors, whether it’s for a single large show, or as part of their annual show schedule.  While every exhibitor has their own objectives, they often tell us this is their motivation for choosing us:

1. Tech Exhibitors Require A High-Tech Activity To Match Their Brand

Tech exhibitors know they need to host an activity to stand out from their neighboring exhibitors. But, that activity can’t be a glass fishbowl to catch leads, or an old school prize wheel, or any other activity that works without the power on.  They need something tech-driven, to fit with their tech-centric products.  They understand their image will be tarnished if their booth attraction doesn’t match visitor expectations.