Author: Samuel J. Smith

Trade Show Game Prizes 2019: Top 7 Ideas From 100 Exhibitor Tweets

When you use our interactive trade show games to drive more booth traffic, you will likely also need prizes for your game winners. But what prizes are exhibitors offering now?

To find out, we looked at what booth prizes exhibitors recently promoted via their Twitter account. We found 100 tweets with a trade show prize offering from late 2018 until July 2019, and then categorized the prizes into 7 groups.

We share this survey as an idea-generator for you as you consider what prizes to offer in your own booth.

Custom Digital Spinning Wheel: 11 Ways To Customize Your Game

What exactly do you get when you buy a custom digital spinning wheel for your trade show booth or corporate events?

The digital spinning wheel part is easy to explain: you get a fun, crowd-gathering game that plays on iPads or a flatscreen TV, that you can use for awarding prizes or choosing names.

But the custom part – what exactly does that include?

With the SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel, you can customize how the digital wheel looks, how it awards prizes, and how it gathers data. Your 11 custom choices include:

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5 Simple Event Gamification Tactics for your next Sales Meeting or Customer Event

I don’t know about you, but personally, I have a hard time sitting in a general session listening to speakers go on and on and on. If I am not sitting near the front the whole thing turns into blah, blah, blah. And, my mind starts to wander.

However, if there is a way for me to participate in the session, I am much more likely to stay connected to the content and the message.  

That’s where event gamification can help tremendously. Event gamification creates a fun way to let attendees participate in the session.

14 Trade Show Booth Activity Ideas

Trade shows are a powerful marketing medium for lead generation, brand awareness, and relationship building.  But they can also be mind-numbingly dull, for both attendees and booth staffers.

What makes a booth boring?  Nothing does.  And by nothing, I mean standing around in your booth doing nothing.

With no activities in your trade show booth, attendees focus their attention instead where there is movement.  With no activities to host, your booth staffers retreat inside themselves or their smartphones.

Give Your Trade Show Passport Game an Extreme Makeover with Event Gamification

Many meeting planners have the trade show passport game in their toolbox of tricks to drive attendees to their trade show floor.  While some criticize the game as boring or out-of-date, the truth is that it seems to work.  

Perhaps it’s time to give the trade show passport game an extreme makeover?

What is the Trade Show Passport Game?

For those reading that don’t know this game, the trade show passport game is a simple game designed to get attendees to visit multiple exhibitor booths in exchange for a chance to win a prize. Attendees are given paper passports that they can get stamped at exhibitor booths. Once your card has been filled up, you can go enter the drawing.

Convincing Your Boss To Try Interactive Trade Show Games

The good news: You’ve discovered how interactive trade show games can boost exhibiting results with significantly more booth traffic and leads, and you’re eager to try games in an upcoming event.

The bad news: Your boss doesn’t share your enthusiasm.  At least, not yet.

As you would expect, we want to help you be persuasive about this.  Therefore, here are 5 points you can share with your boss, written from your perspective:

1. We Need An Activity To Maximize Trade Show ROI

We won’t get enough booth traffic without an activity. Just standing in the booth doing nothing will not bring in the visitors. Attendees have become too reluctant and time-starved to walk into every booth. We need a compelling activity to grab their valuable attention and pull them in. A popular activity will multiply our overall results far greater than their additional marginal cost.

13 Audience Participation Games for Corporate Events

When it comes to audience participation games, these are some of the questions that our potential clients bring to us in our first meetings. 

  • What are some simple and fun, games for audience participation?
  • How can you create audience participation games that are relevant to your content?
  • How can you create audience participation games that keep attendees engaged over multiple days of your corporate event?
  • If you are a speaker (or facilitator) trying to spice up your session, how can you implement these games yourself?
  • How an I use the data collected to make better business decisions?
  • What should I keep in mind when creating a game?
    • Create a simple game title or theme
    • Game rewards

    As you are considering these same questions, we thought it would be helpful to share a list of audience participation games and how they could work inside your event. Use this list to gather ideas for your own sales meetings, customer events and conferences.  The games are grouped into three different game families:

    • Interactive trivia games
    • Challenge (or Activity) based games
    • Spin to Win games

    trivia for event gamification

    Interactive Trivia Games

    Many people are familiar with trivia games, because they have either used them with their audience response software, played HQ or Trivia Crack on their phones, or have watched some of these games on TV. 

Event Gamification: 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Have you ever created an Event Gamification element for your event that didn’t work? Perhaps you felt like you followed the advice on other blogs or what was intuitive to you — but the game was still a bust.

Perhaps you are here because you are creating your first game and you want to learn from the experiences of others and not make a mistake.

With thousands of games under our belt, we have seen a lot of game patterns that work and several that do not work. Here are 4 common mistakes that we have seen (and heard about from others) regarding Event Gamification.

Best Trade Show Games – A 10-Point Checklist For Success

You or someone on your team has proposed that you host a game in your trade show booth. That’s great, because games can make your booth come alive. But what really makes a trade show game successful?

The best trade show games succeed for many reasons, which are given below in a 10-point checklist. Use it to compare ideas you’re considering.

But at the highest level, the best trade show games do two things: They appeal to attendees AND provide marketing benefits to exhibitors. Let’s look at both areas of value.

Choosing The Best Interactive Game When You Exhibit At Different Vertical Market Trade Shows

Savvy exhibitors know that exhibiting at vertical market shows can be the best strategy for improving trade show results.

These smart exhibitors understand which industries their most valuable customers come from – and then exhibit at shows were those valuable customers attend.

For example, if you sell a software product for professional services firms, you may exhibit at a big software trade show.  But once you know that ad agencies and engineering firms buy three times more than your average client, you can instead exhibit at shows where ad agency employees or engineers attend.