Scavenger Hunt Games

Create fun, branded scavenger hunt games for your team-building events, new employee orientation, guided tours, and campus orientations.
SOCIALPOINT® Scavenger hunt platform makes creating and launching virtual or in-person scavenger hunt games easy. Players scan a QR code and join the fun from any IOS or Android device.

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Show Organizers & Sponsorship Sales

7 Ways Our Digital Trade Show Passport Game Provides Exceptional Value
  • More Engagement: Digitally-minded show attendees have fun and win prizes while interacting with your sponsors’ brands, exhibits, booth staffers, and messages.
  • More Traffic: Sponsoring exhibitors get measurably more traffic and engagement that prove value to sponsors, increasing satisfaction and renewal.
  • Proven Sponsorship Value: Sponsoring exhibitors receive from you an actual list of the extra attendees that visited their booth, with their contact info, email addresses, and the activities they participated in their booth.
  • Sponsorship Tiers: Because our Digital Passport Game has multiple levels of challenges, you can offer different levels of sponsorships, giving attendees greater incentive to visit and engage higher-level sponsors. All within one activation.
  • Easier & Higher-Level Renewals: You can create a sponsorship that provides a measurable increase in leads, so exhibitors will renew next year!
  • Customization: Our Digital Passport is white labeled, visually customized to your event brand and theme, and even includes your sponsors’ logos as challenge badges.
  • Easier Sponsorship Implementation: With our intuitive game platform and experienced Customer Success team, it’s less work for you to provide a great sponsorship package to your key sponsors.

Supercharge Your Sales Kickoff!

Our APG game creates more engagement and networking, which boosts learning retention, that increases sales and your Sales Kickoff ROI

Step 1

More Engagement

Digitally-minded sales people have fun and win prizes in a friendly competition, while interacting with your sales training, support teams, and each other, in a more two-way form of communication.

Step 2

More Team Building

Your attending sales people are more motivated to seek out and talk with their sales peers, plus their colleagues from marketing, IT, HR, and more, increasing camaraderie and bonding while reducing turnover.

Step 3

More Learning Retention

Engaged sales people performing APG game challenges retain more key sales training about new products, sales methods, competitive advantages, marketing support, and more.

Step 4


Your more-motivated and better-trained sales people will have greater knowledge and skills to close more sales.

Step 5

Greater Sales Kickoff ROI

You have a more successful event that drives greater sales for less than 1% of the travel and event costs of your entire Sales Kickoff or National Sales Meeting.

How Our Scavenger Hunt Fits Popular Uses

Scavenger hunt team-building events create connection and bonding among team members as they play together.

  • Host ice-breaker activities that motivate people to get to know more teammates and know them better.
  • Build trust and relationships through problem-solving challenges that encourage working together and help employees and members communicate better with each other.
  • Reward employees and members with a great team-building event today to boost productivity and future success.
  • Increase employee, member, and student retention for greater friendships and success.
  • Create higher allegiance to the team, so everyone works harder towards organizational goals.

Use virtual scavenger hunts to create shared experiences that will bring the fun back into your virtual team-building activities.

  • Bring together remote teams for meaningful interactions at company events & orientations, even when you can’t be there in person.
  • Help remote employees and team members build connections and absorb company culture with an online scavenger hunt.
  • Get to know remote teammates better as they complete challenges that reveal more about themselves.
  • Host socially-distant interactions that let team members express creativity, skills, humor, style, and interests.
SocialPoint Virtual Trivia in Rounds

Welcome new hires with a fun virtual scavenger hunt that serves as a self-guided tour and onboarding training.

  • Greeting new hires with gamified onboarding helps increase employee engagement and long-term retention because it’s a fun way to learn about the company and its role.
  • Send players on a treasure hunt for a list of items that teach them about company culture, HR policies, tech tools, specific locations, and more.
  • Increase the value of your onboarding with things like knowledge checks (quizzes), problem-solving, and templates.
  • Networking-focused challenges boost team building, trust, belonging, engagement, productivity, & retention.
  • Help new hires get to know their team members as people beyond just their professional skills.
  • Customize your virtual scavenger hunt with your brand and custom challenges to align the game with your onboarding goals.
Be the final Survivor on Elimination Trivia

Transform your new student orientation into a self-guided tour with a scavenger hunt game that gets more students actively engaged.

  • Send players on a treasure hunt to explore your university campus together for prizes.
  • Combine riddles with specific locations to compel new students to learn where essential student resources are located.
  • Create challenges about campus highlights, student clubs, service centers, college history, and more.
  • Earn points for taking selfies and creating shareable social media content of students doing incredible things together.
  • Increase student retention as new students become lifelong friends who better understand the support your school offers them to succeed.
Elimination Survivor Trivia

Keep more attendees engaged in your meetings and events with fun activities and multiple ways to win prizes.

  • Boost networking among attendees, employees, and members for greater productivity and belonging.
  • Educate players on new products, trends, skills, partners, company direction, and support systems.
  • Improve relationships between your sales force and the team that supports them
  • Offer a stand-alone scavenger hunt or as part of the game that boosts participation at a multi-day event.
  • Great for sales kickoff meetings, annual meetings, customer and user events, conferences & private events.
Self-Paced Online Trivia

Keep more attendees engaged in your meetings and events with a virtual scavenger hunt for live and online attendees.

  • Create a scavenger hunt list of exhibitors that drives attendees to your show floor and boosts interaction with exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Choose from a simple-to-set-up brandable game, or add more interactive challenges to boost attendee engagement.
  • Our Booth Passport attracts and retains trade show booth visitors and motivates them to learn your whole story and product line.
  • The game helps you educate prospects, boost engagement, create interactive content, and capture lead data.
SocialPoint Digital Trade Show Passport

How Does a SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt Game Work?


Launch Your Game

Teams scan a QR code to open the scavenger hunt app in a mobile web browser. The team captain registers the team, and they can start the adventure or treasure hunt.


Play Together

Teams earn points for completing challenges. Typical examples are Check-ins, finding clues, riddles, posting photos, or completing trivia quizzes.


Celebrate & Recap

Use your wrap-up party to recap the day, show highlights in the photo galleries, share the leaderboard, and award prizes to the winning team!

Choose Game Challenges That Achieve Your Goals

Choose from 10 SocialPoint challenge types to tailor your Scavenger Hunt game to best fit your goals and objectives.

Post a Pic

Players take photos to earn points. Pictures are displayed in photo galleries.


Scan QR codes to check-in or complete a challenge.

Quizzes & Trivia

Create quizzes and trivia games to test a player’s knowledge. Use time limits to create additional pressure.


Get a feel for the room with one-word attendee submissions.


Give your players a voice and create polls that allow them to voice their thoughts.

SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt Challenge
Check-in Codes

Players find check-in code clues or answers riddles to complete a challenge.

Caption This Photo

Crowdsource photo captions and award bonus points for the best caption.


Incentivize your players to voice feedback by earning points.

Staff Scored challenges

Players earn points for completing non-digital activities. 

Challenge Bar Trivia

Setup a trivia bar in a physical location where players must visit to earn points.

Theme the Scavenger Hunt App with Your Branding

Your graphics team will love how they can integrate your graphics and art assets into SocialPoint. More than a logo and colors, SocialPoint allows you to design the following:

  • Scavenger hunt app graphics
  • Challenge badges
  • QR Code checkin pages
  • Photo Gallery
  • Raffle wheel
  • Leaderboards
  • Instant rewards
SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt Themes

Watch your Game Unfold

It’s game day! Once you’ve activated your scavenger hunt app, players can start the team-building exercise.

Join the Game

Bring players together to get started. Provide a QR code (or game URL) that they can scan to begin the game. You may pre-register players, or they can register when they open the QR code.

Track Progress

Track progress with the event dashboard, real-time leaderboards, and photo galleries.

Award Bonus Points

Track attendee participation and award bonus points to the best photos.

SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt App

Celebrate & Recap Your Scavenger Hunt Game

Bring everyone together for a final game debrief and prizes. Use the Socialpoint Photo Galleries, Leaderboards, and Prize Wheel to highlight the fantastic day.

Photo Gallery

Create a playlist of the best photos captured during the game and put them in your photo galleries for display screens or embed them on your website.

Final Leaderboard

Recognize the players and teams who earned the most points by showing the final leaderboard standings.

Virtual Prize Wheel

Everybody loves the Virtual Prize Wheel. Use the prize wheel to reward players and teams who won't make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Prize Drawing

Use the virtual prize wheel to randomly select players and teams who earned enough points or completed enough challenges

Benefits of SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt

  • Transform a predictable team-building exercise or onboarding training into a fun group experience.
  • Boost competition and networking with team gameplay, leaderboards, and prize drawings.
  • Use knowledge checks and trivia quizzes, visit specific locations, and find essential resources to improve the ROI of your game for onboarding and training.
  • Conclude a great day with easy-to-setup user-generated photo galleries highlighting the best player selfies from the fun day.
  • Create your game theme or choose one of SocialPoint’s 50+ fun game graphics and themes to personalize your virtual scavenger hunt’s look and feel.
  • Easy to set up and manage.
SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt Benefits

How does it work?

Once you signup for SocialPoint, you will be assigned a Customer Success Project Manager. This person will help you set up and bring your game vision to life.

SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt Customer Support



We work with you to establish a project timeline and review our Success Checklist to ensure a successful event.


Setup your Game

You create the graphics and content. We will configure your scavenger hunt app and load all the data.


Dry Run

We’ll help you get ready for the dry run and practice game. Then, you can make any additions and adjustments to the game.


Go Live!

We’ll help launch your game. Then, we can sit back and watch your players have fun!

Get Started on your own Scavenger Hunt Package!

Want to create a unique, branded scavenger hunt for your event? We are here to help you with easy-to-use software, pre-packaged trivia content (themes + questions), and support from our onboarding specialists.

Here are the key features of our Scavenger Hunt package:

  • Use of SocialPoint Attendee Participation Game software and access to our team for 60 days or 1 year.
  • Subscription term starts when you order.
  • Unlimited challenges.
  • Set up one 30-minute kick-off meeting with an onboarding specialist.
  • Set up one 30-minute brainstorming meeting.
  • Set up one Ready-to-Launch meeting with onboarding specialist.
  • Get additional support through email support, live chat and online guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SocialPoint for one day?


The subscription term is for 75 days. So, you will have 75 days to plan, set up and launch your game. You can use the game as much as you want during your 60 days.

How do players access the game?

The virtual scavenger hunt is web-based and works on any mobile device web browser. No App store! No mobile app to download!

Players access the game by scanning a QR code or clicking a link in an email. They will play the game on their phones (IOS, iPhone, or Android) in a web browser.

For conferences and events, attendees can play the virtual scavenger hunt game in event apps (or virtual platforms) that allow you to integrate outside URLs.

My event is next week! How long does it take to get set up?

After you order, our customer success team will contact you to organize a kickoff and your ready-to-launch meeting.

Suppose you are in a hurry. Let us know when you order. We charge a rush fee, but we can have you ready to go by next week.

Does SocialPoint come with a leaderboard?

Yes, it does. There are real-time leaderboards in the Player App and branded real-time leaderboards for the big screen. It works perfectly for a traditional scavenger hunt or a custom event. We have the following leaderboard options:

  • Top Overall Player
  • Top Team
Does SocialPoint work with Zoom and MS Teams?

Our customers use SocialPoint with the following video conference platforms:

  • Zoom
  • MS Teams
  • Webex
  • GotoMeeting
  • numerous Virtual Event platforms
How does team game play work?

There are two ways to organize Team Game Play.

Option #1 (Play as a group): The team will be considered one player in our game. Players will work together to complete all of the challenges.

Option #2 (Play as individuals): On the other hand, if your group is playing as individuals (Single Player mode). We can roll the individual points into a team score.

Do you have any themes we can use?

We have 50+ themes, including app backgrounds, challenge icons, leaderboard design, and virtual prize wheel design. Here are some examples:

  • City Theme
  • Summer Theme
  • Pub Theme
  • Adventure Theme
  • Tech Theme
  • Western Theme
  • Racing Theme
  • Spy Theme
Can we add our logo and use our own branding and colors?

Yes. You can change the color theme to include your logos, graphics, and colors in the game.

What kind of support do you offer?

You will have the following support from us:

  • Online help guides and videos
  • Live Chat (M-F 9 AM – 6 PM EST)
  • Kickoff meeting
  • Ready-to-Launch meeting

Scavenger Hunt Not The Right Game For You? We May Have A Better Fit

We offer a suite of interactive games designed to make your event more fun and engaging

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Scan QR codes with your phone’s camera to play and complete challenges while earning points. It’s a fun way to implement a team-building game, city scavenger hunt, employee onboarding, and much more.

Digital Trade Show Passport

Increase attendee engagement and provide proveable value to sponsors. Helps show owners drive traffic to specific places around their conference, especially sponsors’ booths. Players do challenges (such as check-ins, photos, trivia, and staff-scored), collecting points to rank on the leaderboard and spin a raffle wheel for prizes.

Live Trivia

Create a Live Trivia game show for training, remote team building, and corporate events. Includes 50+ game themes and 100+ trivia quiz packs to help you get started in minutes. Or, customize your game to match your brand and add your own trivia questions.

Interactive Trivia Games

Self-Paced Online Trivia

An online trivia game platform to quickly create and launch quizzes and trivia games for live or self-paced gameplay. Our variety of trivia game styles gives you the flexibility to create live trivia, survivor-style elimination games, trivia quizzes, and more.