Audience Response Solution

Live Polls, Surveys, Q&A and more for virtual meetings and events

Menu of Engagement Options

Basic Options

Create polls in seconds, capture questions from the audience, push those to the big screen (or a confidence monitor). Use the question moderator to monitor incoming questions.

Facilitation Options

Take your conversations and data capture to the next level with topic-based discussions. These tools are a great way to expand your audience engagement options from Live Polls into real idea generation and data capture.

Fun Options

All work and no play makes your virtual events dull. Break up the monotony with a Fun quiz, Hosted Live Trivia, or a Caption This Photo option.

Why SocialPoint?

  • More audience engagement options than other vendors.
  • Easy to setup and use onsite.
  • Works in virtual meetings or your event app
  • Capture valuable user generated data
  • Our Customer Success team will help you get ready

How audience response works


Share the link

Attendees access ARS through a web link or your event app


Start Activity

Push the poll, trivia game, Q&A, etc. to the attendees’s device.


Show the Results

Show the Live Results on the Big Screen

Live Polls

Discover what the audience is thinking in real time. Setup live polls ahead of time or on the fly. Polls are immediately visible in the audience response app. Results are shown on attendee’s devices and projected on the big screen.


  • Upto 5 Answer choices
  • Add Polls on the fly
  • Create Show Flow

Interactive Q&A

Let attendees ask questions anytime through the audience response app. Moderators can push questions to the big screen, confidence monitor or read them from a tablet. 


  • Confidence monitor (or big screen) display
  • New question alerts
  • Mark questions as skipped or answered

Topic-Based Discussion

Conduct virtual brainstorming sessions with small and large groups. Use topic-based discussion like an open-ended poll.  Prompt your audience for ideas, then allow attendees to vote for their favorites.


  • Capture ideas
  • Review the ideas in real time
  • Pick the best topics


  • Capture ideas
  • Moderate content
  • Edit comments
  • Share on the big screen or via the app
  • Set voting limits
  • Show / hide votes
  • Work on one topic or many.


Create feedback forms, research surveys and lead capture forms to capture data and insights form your audience. Use the data in single forms or multiple stage forms. Download the survey data into Excel.


  • Survey Builder
  • Required and Optional Fields
  • Re-order Quesions
  • Multi-Select Option
  • Store Result Sets
  • Download to Excel

Field Types

  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Number
  • Date
  • Select List
  • Multi-Select List
  • Likert Scale
  • Star Rating
  • Checkbox

Specialty Fields

  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Zip Code
  • International Phone Number
  • Terms and Conditions
  • GDPR Consent
  • State (Pre-populated List)
  • Country (Pre-populated List)

Word Cloud

Take the pulse of the audience and show the language they use on the big screen in a word cloud.  Sometimes there is consensus and sometimes not!


  • Counts each word sent
  • Format the out

Live Trivia


Start Trivia

Start the game. Attendees open phones.



Emcee pushes questions to attendee’s devices online or in-person.



Earn more points than your opponents to win the game.

Live Trivia Features

Several trivia options to help you personalize your game to create excitement and buzz in the audience

  • Theme your game with custom graphics, branding and colors
  • Use our question bank of 250+ pop culture, sports, movie and science questions or create your own trivia questions.
  • Play in Teams (Team Battle mode) or play as individuals
  • Create custom scoring, and assign points to questions based on difficulty

Hosted Live Trivia Game Types

Game Show Trivia

In this game, your emcee pushes questions out to the attendee’s phones.  The question appears on the big screen and the attendee’s devices. The emcee then closes the question. The app updates to tell players if they answered correctly or not. The emcee shows the leaderboard (for individuals or teams) then moves along to the next question.  This game works in a large conference or in a trade show environment with several small groups. The emcee can easily start and stop the game and pick the right number of questions for the game.

  • Emcee manages game play
  • Play on your phone
  • Emcee pushes questions to the attendee’s phones
  • Active questions appears on the big screen and the player’s device
  • Emcee picks the questions, order and timing of questions.
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings (or team rankings)

Elimination Game

In this game, players survive and advance by correctly answering trivia questions. Players win being the last person standing in this exciting game.

  • Play on your phone
  • The leaderboard shows the fastest answering players
  • The host drives the pace of play by starting and stopping questions
  • Game Control panel – shows the number of players and answers submitted

Team Battle

In this game, teams battle each other for supremacy. The players join a trivia game and select a team. Players help their team by correctly answering trivia questions. The team with the most points wins.

  • Play on your phone
  • The Leaderboard shows the team rankings
  • Even out the teams by selecting a max number of players for a team
  • Team gameplay works with several SocialPoint trivia games
SocialPoint Virtual Trivia Player App



Start Quiz

Host pushes quiz out to devices



Players answer questions at their own pace.



(Optional) Leaderboard shows where players stand in the game.

Quiz Features

Several trivia options to help you achieve your engagement and learning objectives

  • Shuffle Questions
  • Levels
  • Countdown timers
  • Scoring options
  • Show correct answers
  • Explanations
  • Images

Quiz Game Types

Countdown Quiz

In this game, the faster a player answers a question, the more points they earn. Dilly-dally and the players are likely to end up with no points. The leaderboards in these games are usually well differentiated.

  • Play on your phone
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings
  • Set the number of questions and time to answer
  • Create large question banks of possible questions
  • Randomizer will pull unique questions in a random order
  • Set number of gameplays 
  • Show correct answers and explanations

3 Strikes Game

In this game, players play until they get three questions wrong or complete the last level. This game works well for groups that want to reinforce key messages

  • Play on your phone
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings
  • Choose the number of levels and items per level
  • Create large question banks of possible questions
  • Randomizer will pull unique questions in a random order
  • Set number of gameplays 
  • Show correct answers and explanations

Two-minute Drill

In this game, players answer as many questions as possible in a fixed amount of time. Points multiply based on your streak of correct answers.

  • Play on your phone
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings
  • Set the game time, point values and max number of questions
  • Create large question banks of possible questions
  • Randomizer will pull unique questions in a random order
  • Set number of game plays

Multi-Quiz Game

In this game, the scores from several trivia quizzes are summarized to show a score across all games on a cumulative leaderboard. Quizzes can be self-paced or hosted by an emcee.  Players can earn prizes (such a prize wheel spin or entry into a drawing) or recognized on the leaderboard.

  • Play on your phone
  • Self-paced quizzes or hosted by an emcee
  • The Leaderboard shows individual rankings
  • Total scores across all quizzes
  • Organize smaller quizzes related to session content
  • One gameplay per quiz
  • Earn prizes for reaching a points threshold

Caption This Photo

Break the ice in your event with a fun Caption This photo exercise. Easily push the photo and prompt to the attendee’s devices, let them respond and show the results. 


  • Show caption
  • Pre-loaded templates
  • Branded Templates
  • Show name
  • Content Moderation
Caption This Photo Results Screen


Show Flow

Organize your audience engagement activities into a show flow.

Parallel Sessions

Setup audience engagement show flows to work in parallel sessions. (works in events and virtual meetings)

Save & Reuse Showflows

Reset the engagement activities in your show flow to use them at over and over again. 

Web-Based Access

Distribute your game through a web-based link, so players can access the game easily

Virtual Event Integration

Integrate into your online meeting or virtual event platforms

Event App Integration

Setup a web link inside your event app to create a congruent attendee experience

Dashboard Reporting

Provide leadership a pretty dashboard report highlighting the most important statistics from your game

Reporting and Data

Track participation & engagement by session. Download the data captured from all engagement activities.

Reuse at multiple events

Save time and money by reusing your show flow at multiple events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SocialPoint Showflow?

What is a SocialPoint Showflow?  The SocialPoint Showflow is a series of audience engagement activities organized to match your presentation. For example, perhaps you want to do a poll, topic based discussion, trivia game and then do Q&A.  In SocialPoint, you can easily setup and organize these engagement activities into a single show flow.  Then, you can easily push the next audience engagement activity to the attendees.

How does the Showflow work?  Each session can has one showflow. You have the ability to show and hide the active sessions. So, you can setup show flows for all of the sessions in your event, but perhaps you only want to active one show flow at a time.

How do people access the ARS App?

SocialPoint is a web based solution. Attendees may access Socialpoint via a web browser, event app or it may be embedded inside a website. Some send the links out in email, social media or link them to their company website.

Can I use SocialPoint in my virtual event?

Yes. You can use SocialPoint in your virtual event.  All you need to do is share the ARS web link with your attendees, then you can share the live results on the big screen.

Is there a limit to the audience engagement activities?

No. You can have as many audience engagement activities as you want.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions that I can create?

No, there is not a limit to the number of sessions. You are able to show/ hide sessions in your app.

Are individual responses anonymous?

Yes – unless you put in your name, all responses are anonymous.  Trivia is the only response that is not anonymous.

What is included with the SocialPoint Audience Response Solution?

There are three parts to the Socialpoint platform:

(1) The attendee participation app.  Attendees will access Socialpoint via a web link, through their event app or inside their virtual event platform. The host will push engagement activities (polls, etc.) to the attendees.

(2) Live Display Screen.  The live results can be pulled up in real time and shown on the screen.

(3) SocialPoint Event Admin Portal. In the SocialPoint admin portal you can modify the look and feel of your app and results screens. In addition, you can add sessions, show and hide sessions in the app and control the show flow of content.

With our show flow tool, you can build a sequence of live polls, hosted trivia games, surveys, Q&A, etc. that you can use inside of one or more presentations. It’s common to do live polls and Q&A. However, SocialPoint audience response solution gives you the flexibility to go beyond those basic tools to create a rich engagement.

What do I get when I purchase SocialPoint Audience Response Solution?

With Each plan you get the following:

  • One Audience Response App for your attendees.
  • One Hosted Live Trivia Game that you can change the questions.
  • Unlimited number of sessions and engagement activities.
  • Back end access to our Audience Response Builder tool.
  • Reporting Dashboard that shows you the data that you collected.

Finally, you get a customer success manager who will help you get setup and ready to thrive.  They will be a resource for you going forward.

What does the Customer Success Manager do?

You have 1,000 things to do and becoming an expert in SocialPoint isn’t one of them.  One of the reasons customers like us, is that we provide Customer Success managers to help you maximize results.  You will run your audience response solution, but our customer success team is like a short cut to help you get ready.

Your customer success manager will help you with three things:

(1) Plan your experience and make sure it’s ready on time.

(2) Help you maximize the tool.

(3) Train you on using the software, so you can go fast.

How many answers can I have in a poll?

Polls can have between 2-5 responses

How do I organize a Team Battle?

Step 1: Create the teams when you setup the game.

Step 2:  When players register they can join a team.

Step 3:  Show the team leaderboard on the big screen.

Step 4:  Run the game. All players will answer the trivia questions. The team score will be the sum of the individual scores.


Team balancing:  If you have a team that is larger (or smaller) than the others, you can limit the number of responses that the game scores from all teams to make the game more fair for everyone.


Audience Response Solution Not The Right Game For You? We May Have A Better Fit

We offer a suite of interactive games designed to make your event more fun and engaging

Interactive Trivia Games

Self-Paced Online Trivia

An online trivia game platform to quickly create and launch quizzes and trivia games for live or self-paced gameplay. Our variety of trivia game styles gives you the flexibility to create live trivia, survivor-style elimination games, trivia quizzes, and more.

Scavenger Hunt Games

Create fun, branded scavenger hunt games for your team-building events, new employee orientation, guided tours, and campus orientations. Teams earn points by completing challenges, checking into locations, posting photos, or completing trivia questions.

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Scan QR codes with your phone’s camera to play and complete challenges while earning points. It’s a fun way to implement a team-building game, city scavenger hunt, employee onboarding, and much more.

Digital Trade Show Passport

Increase attendee engagement and provide proveable value to sponsors. Helps show owners drive traffic to specific places around their conference, especially sponsors’ booths. Players do challenges (such as check-ins, photos, trivia, and staff-scored), collecting points to rank on the leaderboard and spin a raffle wheel for prizes.