8 Tips For Choosing Prizes For Your Trade Show Prize Wheel Game

What to consider when choosing prizes for your trade show prize wheel game

One of the biggest decisions for our clients who use our Virtual Prize Wheel game in their trade show booths is: What kinds of prizes should they give away? After seeing some clients struggle with this choice, I want to share with you some advice, so you can have a smoother experience and get more people into your booth.

Here are 8 considerations when choosing prizes for your prize wheel:

1. Offer a Big Prize!

A big prize gets attention, and gets people to stop by your booth.  Even though they know they probably won’t win it, just the chance to win a valuable prize will motivate them to play.  You are playing on their greed, so go big.  And you can give away more than one, too!

2. Offer Multiple Levels of Prizes

Since visitors know they won’t likely win the big prize, have many other prizes to win.  This is the promise of a prize wheel: that there are many possibilities they can get.  Offer one or two big prizes, a few more medium prizes, and lots of less valuable prizes so everyone wins something.  If you are at a show where every attendee can mean huge potential sales, then have even more of the most valuable prizes to get more traffic.

3. Make Your Big Prize a Trendy or Luxury Item

Not only should your big prize be eye-catching, it should also be something people want, but usually won’t splurge on. Everybody has an iPad, but not everyone has a drone (not yet, at least!). Getting a higher-end version of a common item (like a Yeti Cooler) works, too.

4. Give Away Branded Giveaways

If you are giving hundreds of items, you can buy them imprinted with your logo and marketing message.  Attendees not only get something they want, but they take your logo back home or to the office with them.  This can be anything from t-shirts to phone chargers to backpacks to sports bottles to notebooks to … you get the idea.  According to our survey about trade show giveaways, having a giveaway imprintable with your company logo is the most wanted feature for giveaways.  Read more about what giveaways work best by clicking here.

5. Choose Prizes Based On Your Campaign Theme

You may have a marketing campaign based on a specific theme in your booth, and thus give away multiple prizes that reinforce that theme.  So if your theme is a beach vacation, you could give away beach towels, sandals, sunglasses, and a trip, just like one of our clients did.

6. Give Away Your Products

If your products are low-cost enough, make them some of the prize wheel offerings. Or, give a discount for your products as a prize.  This will give you an idea of your lead quality – how much interest attendees have in winning that prize, and if they redeem the prize, you can track the sale to the trade show.

7. Consider Smaller (Sized) Prizes

Storage comes at a premium in your trade show booth, so consider giving away smaller-sized prizes.  One of our clients gave away 250 Starbucks gift cards – that took almost no space. (And considering the caffeine addiction of most trade show attendees, that’s also a popular prize!) Smaller prizes are easier for attendees to carry home, too.

8. Consider Your Buyers’ Demographics

Think about the kind of person you are trying to entice – what are their levels of sophistication and income, what generation do they come from, what things matter to them in their career and life?  A prize that would be fantastic for one audience may be ho-hum for another.

Whether you use a regular prize wheel or our Virtual Prize Wheel game to get more traffic in your trade show booth, these 8 tips will help you select the prizes that will best fit your audience, get more people into your booth, and have them go home happier to have stopped in your booth.

You may have reached this page via a Google search because you wanted advice on how to choose prizes for a prize wheel, but were not yet considering using a prize wheel for your company’s trade show booth.  If that’s the case, click here to read 17 reasons why you need a trade show game.

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