Challenge Bar Trivia Game for Trade Show Booths

The Challenge Bar trivia game is a digital, self-service game that pulls trade show attendees into an exhibitor’s booth to play. It is great looking, fun, and offers the chance to win a prize and get on the leaderboard. Which drives higher lead counts for exhibitors!

Your Brand.
Your Content.

The game has colorful, attractive screens that are easily customizable to include your logo, graphics and match your colors.
Create a question bank that highlights your products, benefits, and company. Some clients even highlight trends in their industry. Each question helps a visitor learn something new about your company.
Game configurations can be saved and reused for other shows.

Different Games for Different Experiences.

Three Strikes

Attendees play until they get three questions wrong. The further that they go, the more points each question is worth. Exhibitors love this game, because questions are selected and sorted randomly.

On the Clock!

You are on the clock! So, answer as many questions as possible until time runs out. For bonus play, you can double the points as players keep getting answers correct. Great for quick activations without a leaderboard.

Game Show

Each player answers the same questions at the same time. A host chooses the questions, the order and how long they appear on the iPad. You can change the point value for each question to add more suspense.

Countdown Quiz

Create a sense of urgency, by putting 12 seconds on the clock. Attendees need to answer each question before time expires! The faster you answer, the more points you earn.

Drive Booth Traffic

People love to see their name in lights. The leaderboard creates a compelling visual beacon that pulls visitors into your trade show booth from the aisles.
Once a visitor sees their name on the leaderboard, they often take pictures to show their friends. You can expect some of them to return to make sure they still occupy a top spot.

Capture More Leads

Let the attendees do the data entry for you by filling out custom data capture forms. The game is self-service and never needs a break. It will continue to capture leads even when your booth staff are busy and tired.
Customize our data capture forms and surveys to get the data that will help your business the most. Ask visitors to sign up for the newsletter, download a document, and sign up for a meeting with your sales reps.
All of the data will be instantly available to your booth staffers with our Lead Manager App. Then, they can make notes, rate leads, and further qualify the contacts.

Challenge Bar Trivia Game Helps J. J. Keller Nearly Double Their Trade Show Lead Goal

Educate Booth Visitors

Trivia games are an excellent way to educate attendees without needing to rely on your booth staff, signage, or printed materials. Based on our experience, attendees will answer between 3,000 and 5,000 questions in a typical trivia game. Some clients will get more than 20,000 questions answered.
Often booth visitors discuss the question content with people around them (including your booth staffers!) when they don’t know the answer.
With our post-event reporting and analytics, you can easily track game performance.

Key Features

Custom Lead & Survey Forms

Use our custom lead and survey forms to multiply the amount of data that you capture. Our trivia game capture leads and surveys while you have meaningful conversations with existing customers.

Visual Leaderboard

Stimulate friendly competition and peer rivalry by showing top scores and rankings on this large visual leaderboard. We can configure the leaderboard to incorporate your event themes and branding.

Collaborative Game Play

Attendees play a single trivia game standing alongside each other. The format encourages collaboration & dialogue among the players because each person has a random set of questions.

Shuffle Questions

The game shuffles and randomizes the questions after each game, so each game is unique. This way, when two people are playing side by side – they can’t cheat!

Show / Hide Correct Answers

Decide if you want to show or hide the correct answers. Decide to show or hide the correct answers in the game. It’s good to show the answers when educating booth visitors is the goal. However, some clients opt to hide the correct answer to keep people guessing.

Dashboard & Reports

The dashboard highlights booth traffic patterns and high-level game statistics. Reports break down game, question and player performance. Categorize questions into groups such as learning objectives for reporting.

Reusable Configurations

Save some energy and hassle by creating a game configuration that you can use at multiple trade shows or corporate events.

Multi-Language Support

For multi-lingual groups, you can run the game in English, French, German, or Italian. Plus you can set up multi-lingual question banks in the same game.

Download & Follow-up

Quickly download your leads and survey data. Then, send off personalized email follow-ups before you get home.

Learn more about how you can use the Challenge Bar Trivia game to achieve your exhibiting goals.