Trade Show Booth Games

Drive booth traffic, capture leads and measure impact across shows.

Create games and activities that drive booth traffic, capture leads, and feed live display screens in your booth. Choose a new activation for each trade show or reuse the same game all year long. Measure your impact by comparing results across trade shows.

Increase Booth Traffic

SocialPoint customers report a 30-100% increase in leads.

Challenge Bar Trivia

A simple, fun game that pulls trade show attendees into your booth to play. It is great looking, fun, and offers the chance to win a prize and get on the leaderboard.

Virtual Prize Wheel

Booth visitors will line up for a chance to push the big red button on the spin-to-win Virtual Prize Wheel! A complete solution for capturing leads, tracking prize inventory, and comparing results across shows.

Exhibitor Booth Passport

Perfect game for exhibitors who want to incentivize trade show attendees to visit more places in your exhibit, see your full product line, and stay longer in your booth.

Digital Fishbowl

Capture leads, manage drawings and contests and measure your impact with an interactive kiosk solution that fits your regional shows and small booths.

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)


Booth visitors rated trade show games as the 2nd most effective tactic for attendee engagement.


67% of booth visitors prefer to learn about you via trade show games.


Only 7% of exhibitors use trade show games as an attendee engagement tactic.

Capture & Qualify Trade Show Leads With Games

When attendees line up to play our fun, interactive games that means more leads for you. We set up custom lead forms and custom surveys with your qualifying questions that attendees fill out before they play your game.

Your Booth Staffers Can Further Qualify Game Leads

Booth staffers can use our free companion Lead Manager app on their smartphones. Further qualify game player leads – or even start new leads. Take notes, rank leads, send follow-up emails from your booth. And skip badge scanners!

Real Time Analytics

Track your progress in real time with our dashboard reports. Identify opportunities for improvement and celebrate your success.

Download the data into excel for further analysis or loading into your CRM.

socialpoint dashboard and reports

Watch A SocialPoint Game In Action!

Click on the video to see for yourself how our interactive trade show games look great, draw a crowd, are easy to play, and engage your booth visitors.

Human Emotions

What makes our games and contests gather a crowd, and keep people engaged is how well our games play on peoples’ very human emotions. There are six key emotions that we see over and over driving people to keep playing.
SocialPoint Challenge Bar Trivia Winner

20 Reasons Why You Need A Trade Show Game

Adding a trade show game to your booth can make a surprisingly substantial positive impact on your company’s booth traffic, booth staffers’ success, company brand image, lead counts, lead data gathered, sales generated, R.O.I. - and much more.

“A game so attractive that it enables the company to keep customers on their stand”

Laure Hannetel, Starkey Hearing

SocialPoint Interactive Trade Show Game Guide

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Compare interactive trade show games to other popular promotional activities.