SocialPoint’s Digital Fishbowl Wins Buyers Choice Award at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018!

SocialPoint wins Buyers Choice Award at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018

SocialPoint exhibited for the second time at EXHIBITORLIVE and came away a big winner!  Our new product, the Digital Fishbowl, won a 2018 EXHIBITORLIVE Buyers Choice Award!

Judges loved how it fixes lead management & measurement problems at regional trade shows by capturing lead data to the cloud and ties into our free Lead Manager app when badge scanners are not available:

  • “This really is an all-in-one system that allows exhibitors to gather leads, issue a survey, and incorporate a game.”
  • “I love that unlike a traditional fishbowl, it bypasses a staffer having to enter lead information manually.”

Here’s our team celebrating in our booth (we’re a Minnesota company so this is how we show our excitement):

SocialPoint team at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 celebrates winning Buyers Choice Award

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Do I Have Enough Time To Customize An Interactive Trade Show Game?

Perhaps you planned to do a fun, interactive trade show game at your next show, but thought you had run out of time?

It’s no wonder, as the life of a trade show exhibitor is fraught with hundreds of details and tasks.  It’s easy to get behind. That, and you feared that you’d have to spend three months or so getting a game developed from scratch.

Well, I am here to share the good news with you: You DO have enough time to get a customized interactive trade show game!  That’s because we built a suite of interactive games on an easily customizable software platform.

Designing Your Island Trade Show Exhibit To Host All Phases of Your Clients’ Buying Cycle

We recognize that our trade show games, while a powerful addition to an exhibit, are by no means meant to take over your entire exhibit – especially with island booths.

What we’ve heard from our clients is that by adding our games, they get many, many more people into their island trade show exhibit, and which then produces larger visitor counts, all along the buying cycle.

Several of our largest clients have followed this buying-cycle exhibit design strategy, dividing their exhibit into up to 6 different areas:

How Our Booth Games Improve All 5 Steps of the Trade Show Lead Cycle

Just as there are 60 minutes to an hour and 4 seasons to a year, there are 5 steps to the trade show lead cycle:

  1. Attract
  2. Capture
  3. Convince
  4. Follow-Up
  5. Report

Every step of the cycle is key to generating leads that turn into sales and profits. That’s why we’ve designed our interactive trade show booth games to help facilitate each step:

1. Attract trade show leads

Attracting trade show leads is certainly the best-appreciated reason for using our trade show booth games. Attendees walk into your booth for the fun, the excitement, the cool-looking branded visuals, the chance to win prizes, and to compete for bragging rights. Our games will help you attract more attendees out of the aisle and into your booth.

Successful Interactive Trade Show Games In A 10 x 10 Foot Booth

10 x 10 foot trade show booth with trade show games

When you are in a 10 x 10 foot booth space, you have to work even harder to stand out from the crowd.  That’s because there are so many other 10 x 10 foot exhibitors, plus all the other exhibitors are in larger, presumably more attention-getting spaces.

That’s why adding an interactive trade show game to even your smallest booths makes a lot of sense.

Even in a 10 x 10 booth space, your game needs to reflect your brand, engage your target market, and advance your marketing goals.  However, there are specific issues to including an interactive trade show game to your 10 x 10 booth.  Here are those issues, and how to ensure your interactive game is a success:

How to Prepare Speakers to Use Audience Response Apps for Greater Attendee Engagement

The greatest advantage of event apps and audience response apps is to give your attendees a voice.

Instead of passing around microphones in a large audience of 1,000 attendees, an event app or audience response app can be used to capture hundreds of questions instantly from curious attendees.

Equally important – activities such as brainstorming can be scaled up to hundreds and thousands of participants with the same rich participation that you get from groups of 8 to 10 people. While these technologies are loaded with capabilities – it’s very likely that most of these technologies will be new to your speakers. This post provides a guide to help you prepare your presenters to use these tools in their presentations and workshops.

Realistic and Improved Lead Capture for Small Trade Shows Staffed By Field Sales Reps

We’ve had very similar discussions recently with several exhibitors who have big trade show programs with big booths, but also lots of smaller shows with 10 x 10 booths that they, as the trade show manager, never get to.  Those small shows are staffed by field sales people or channel partners who have no face-to-face contact with the trade show manager.

And while it doesn’t happen every time, far too often the sales people staffing the booth don’t send the leads back to the home office.

Fun Trade Show Games Ideas with Your Logo to Play in Your Booth

trade show games

Trade show games are a proven, yet dramatically underused activity to get more potential customers into your booth.  After hundreds of client game implementations, we know trade show games attract a crowd and get attendees engaged with your booth staffers.

But, if using games in your booth is a new idea for you, you understandably need more info.  So, in this article, I will share with you several kinds of games and game aspects to consider in your decision.

Fun Games to Play To Attract Customers

fun trade show games to attract customers

The first factor is that your game must be fun!  You want people to be magnetically drawn into your booth because you are hosting a game that looks like fun, that their friends have told them is fun, and that they can see people already enjoying to play. And, not just any people, but your target customers.  Be mindful that what you think would be fun as a 25-year old man may not be fun to your target audience of 45-year old women – or vice versa. Make it fun for your customers, not you.