How To Write Effective Qualifying Questions For Your Trade Show App

trade show app questions

More and more exhibitors are ditching paper and instead using a trade show app to capture lead data from their in-booth conversations.  They often use the show’s provided lead retrieval app, or else use a rented or purchased lead retrieval app or trade show game to capture lead data.

While there are advantages to using a trade show app in terms of saving time entering and exporting data, too many exhibitors fail to go one more crucial step, and include valuable qualifying questions in their digital lead capture.

4 Ways To Boost Your Trade Show Giveaways Impact With Our Virtual Prize Wheel Game

Virtual Prize Wheel for trade show giveaways

Chances are you’ve used trade show giveaways to drive more booth traffic.  It’s a time-honored tactic that gets attention and lets attendees go home with a souvenir to remember you by.

But your giveaways can do even more to help increase your trade show results.  You can boost their marketing impact in 4 powerful ways, by combining your giveaways with our Virtual Prize Wheel.

Here’s how our Virtual Prize Wheel adds impact to your trade show giveaways:

1. Make your trade show giveaways more exciting to attract more visitors

When you show a colorful prize wheel on a big flat screen monitor, complete with photos of your big prize, it clearly signals to attendees that there’s a fun and beneficial reason to visit your booth.  Attendees get more excited to try to win a prize – even if it’s the same giveaways you would have given them anyhow!  And attendees love to smash the big button that drives the prize wheel on the screen.  As people spin to win, their enthusiasm and squeals attract attention from other attendees.  Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd!

How To Follow Up On Your Trade Show Leads Faster

faster trade show lead follow-up

Data suggests that only 18% of trade show leads are followed up after a show. Further, hot leads and warm leads turn cold the longer you take to follow up with those leads.

If you are B2B exhibitor – then you are probably doing the following:

  • Investing a sizable portion of your marketing budget on trade shows
  • Measuring your success based on leads captured and sales closed

Time is money, my friend. Speed is the name of the game. If you are struggling with trade show lead follow-up, then here are some strategies that will help you succeed.

1. Capture trade show leads digitally instead of with business cards

By capturing leads digitally, you can be ready to follow up with leads in minutes instead of the hours and even days it will take you to data enter the business cards manually.  To capture leads digitally you should use a badge scanner, lead capture app or a tool like our Digital Fishbowl. These tools will help you capture leads, ask qualification questions, and make notes.

Interactive Meeting Ideas: 5 Ways to Use a Virtual Prize Wheel in Your Event

5 Uses For Virtual Prize Wheel In Your Event

Note:  This is the latest post in our series of audience engagement posts.

Most corporate events end up with a stupifying sense of sameness, filled with a series of speeches, presentations, panel discussions, and uninspired trade show booths.

This can have the same hypnotic effect on attendees as the white lines on a highway, putting them into an unintended catatonic state.

So why not shake things up a little and create some fun, energetic activity with a Virtual Prize Wheel? Here are 5 ways to use a Virtual Prize Wheel in your event or trade show:

Capture Lost Overflow Trade Show Leads With Our Digital Fishbowl

Let me tell you a story about how our Digital Fishbowl saved us from losing potentially lost trade show leads during the busiest times in our own trade show booth. And why you should therefore consider adding one or more Digital Fishbowls to your own booths at your busiest shows, too.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: Day 1 at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018. 

Within less than an hour of the start of the EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 show, we had 13 visitors at the same time in our 10 x 20 booth!  Hooray!  Just one problem — we only had 4 staffers to talk to them all!

It was awesome to have so many interested visitors, but agonizing to see interested prospects ready to walk away.  Especially when you know (thanks to Exhibit Surveys) that the average cost per trade show lead is $283 each!

7 Reasons To Choose Your First Show To Try Our Interactive Trade Show Booth Games

7 reasons to pick your first show to try out our interactive trade show booth games

Are you ready to rumble?  Because not everyone is, at least not right away.

Most potential clients that contact us for the first time already have a specific show they want to use our interactive trade show booth games at. But a good number also are just doing research on promotional activities to boost their trade show results. They like our games, but now need to choose their first show to use them.

If you’ve reached the conclusion that our games will help your better achieve your trade show goals, but have yet to pick a show to try them out, here are 7 reasons that have motivated our other clients:

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Win The Game of Phones: Now Your Meeting Attendees Can Play Trivia On Their Smart Phones!

Audience Response App now includes Trivia game for events and meetings

Now that our SocialPoint Challenge Bar Trivia Game is available in our Audience Response App, you can win the battle for attendee’s attention, by giving them a fun experience on their smart phones!

How does adding Trivia to the Audience Response App work?

Now you can add trivia to your event flow and push the game to attendees’ phones in the same way that you push polls, word clouds, discussion topics and much more. Attendees play our “three-strikes” game answering as many questions correctly as they can.

Their scores will appear on the leaderboard that is shown on the big screen in the room or in hallways around the venue. The major visibility of the leaderboard drives huge competitiveness – and attendee participation.

4 Times When You Should Buy Your SocialPoint Trade Show Game On An Annual Plan

trade show calendar annual SocialPoint trade show game pricing

Recently SocialPoint added annual pricing to our interactive trade show games. We realized that there are 4 common situations where an annual plan makes better sense, because it lowers costs and eases workloads.

You might want to consider buying or upgrading to an annual plan on your SocialPoint trade show game if one or more of these 4 situations apply to you:

1. You want to lower the per-show cost on your SocialPoint trade show game

Because getting a SocialPoint trade show game customized for your first event is the most labor-intensive, your first event costs the most.  Upgrading from the First Event price to an Annual Plan (with the same configuration) costs an additional $3,000.

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How Fun Tradeshow Games Achieve Serious Marketing Results

Fun tradeshow games

Tradeshow games will make your booth a fun place to be on the business-like tradeshow floor.  But just because your attendees are having fun doesn’t mean you’re being silly on the company dime.  Quite the opposite!

Tradeshow games help you achieve serious marketing and sales goals, increasing the return on your marketing investment:

Tradeshow games help increase awareness of your brand

While tradeshows are a fantastic place to get your company brand in front of thousands of potential buyers – guess what – there are hundreds of other companies who had the same thought, and they are doing everything they can to get attendees’ attention.

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REGIONAL SHOWS: Fix Broken Lead Management and Measurement at Regional Trade Shows

Broken Regional Trade Shows Lead Capture Lead Management ROI Measurement

When you manage a large trade show program with 20, 50, 70, even over 100 shows, your regional trade shows pose several unique and significant problems – problems our Digital Fishbowl game solves:

Regional trade shows broken lead capture lead management ROI measurement

Let’s dive deeper into each of these regional trade show problems that the SocialPoint Digital Fishbowl game solves.

Regional Show Challenges & Digital Fishbowl Solutions         

1st Challenge: Field Sales Reps Not Forwarding Leads

When you “volunteer” your remote field sales reps to staff your booth at regional shows, they reluctantly participate.  Hey, it’s not really their job, but for most companies their sales reps are their best choice for engaging with local attendees.  It’s just that those salespeople will often not have your sense of urgency to get any leads they take back to you.