How A SocialPoint Customer Used Twitter To Promote Their Interactive Trade Show Game

Trade show prizes for an interactive trade show game

One of the strengths of SocialPoint interactive trade show games is that they capture so much attention that they essentially promote themselves.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw some extra fuel on the fire.

Our client Syngenta PPM did a fantastic job using Twitter to promote their use of our Challenge Bar Trivia Game at the Pest World 2016 Show.  I’m sharing what they did to inspire you and reveal some of the smart things they did.

Let’s break it down, dividing their tweets between pre-show and at-show messages:

Pre-Show Promotional Tweets

Before the show, Syngenta sent four tweets.  The first tweet went out 11 days before the show started, announcing the Pest trivia game they would host in their booth, and a photo showing all the prizes attendees could win.  They also used the hashtag for the show, #PestWorld2016, as they did in all their pre-show and at-show tweets.

Pre-show promotional tweet by Syngenta


A week before the show Syngenta sent their second tweet.  This time, the image included a very gripping sample trivia question from their quiz that was sure to get people’s curiosity going! And, it’s a question that leads to people realizing they need Syngenta’s services even more than they thought.

Pre-show tweet featuring trivia game sample question


Five days before the show, they sent another pre-show tweet about their trivia game, this time with a big image saying “Pest Trivia! Think you’re a pest expert?  Test your skills at booth 517.” This is a time-honored strategy, pulling on people’s pride to get them to come try the game.

Pre-show message on Twitter challenging people to play their trivia game at show


The final pre-show tweet went out a day before the show started, with another gripping question, “How long can a cockroach survive w/o food?”  As with all their pre-show and at-show images, Syngenta uses their brand colors – with illustrations pre-show, and photos (with the booth and staffer shirts) at-show.

Pre-show tweet sent a day before the trade show starts


Notice that all four of these pre-show tweets include a link, that goes to a microsite promoting everything Syngenta PPM would be doing at Pest World 2016.  Included prominently on that page is this greater detail about the prizes attendees could win in their booth:

Game prizes and summary on pre-show microsite

At-Show Promotional Tweets

During the show, Syngenta sent out 5 tweets, with at least one every day of the show. These all showed activity in their booth, with happy attendees and proud staffers.  The first tweet on Day 1 shows two photos of an attendee playing the trivia game, and how other attendees can come win a treat.

Tweet sent the first day of the trade show from their booth with attendee playing the game


On Day 2 of the show, Syngenta’s tweet congratulates the first big prize winner, shows the winner and his prize, and reminds attendees to come play so they can win, too.

Big prize winner on the first day of the trade show


Syngenta does the same thing on Day 3, showing another prize winner.  They also keep including the show hashtag and their booth number.

Second day of the show prize winner from challenge bar trivia game in their booth


On the final day of the show, Syngenta sent out two tweets.  This first tweet shows two prize winners.

Two game prize winners on the final day of the trade show


For their final tweet – likely after the show closed, but on the final day, Syngenta showed 4 photos of happy and proud attendees interacting with the game and staffers in the booth.

Final tweet sent on the last day of the trade show with happy attendees in the booth


Syngenta did many things well with their Twitter promotional campaign about their SocialPoint Trivia Game.  Let’s summarize them – you can even use this as a checklist!

  • Repeated messaging before and during the show
  • Consistent use of company branding
  • Consistently used show hashtag and gave their booth number
  • Linked to more details about their Trivia game on a microsite
  • Asked intriguing questions that are in the Trivia game
  • Showed illustrations pre-show before they had attendee at-show photos
  • Showed lots of photos of happy attendees
  • Showed the prizes attendees could win and did win
  • Thanked by name the prize winners

Whether you use SocialPoint’s interactive trade show games or not, this is a great primer on how to promote via social media whatever activity you are doing to drive traffic in your trade show booth.  But it’s especially useful if you are using our games, as it leverages the use of human emotions (want to win the prize, want to show off knowledge) very well.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic with our interactive trade show games (and thus achieve your sales and marketing goals!), feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate excitement, crowds, and leads.

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