Booth Passport

Incentivize trade show attendees to visit more places in your exhibit, see your full product line, and stay longer in your booth.

Attract + Retain Trade Show Booth Visitors, Motivate Them To Learn Your Full Story

Move Attendees Through Your Booth

Use our Booth Passport to move attendees through your booth (or booths), so they will understand your complete product offering.

Drive Attendees To Booth Hot Spots

Use the Booth passport to drive traffic to your presentations, reception desk, hospitality area, and sponsorship activations.

Educate Booth Visitors About Your Products

Use Trivia Games and Quizzes that entertain and educate your booth visitors.

Reward Booth Visitors For Completing The Journey

Use leaderboards, drawings and prize wheels to create fun rewards and recognition for game players.

Set Up Your Booth Passport To Best Fit Your Marketing Strategy

  • Keep It Simple: Make your set up as simple as possible with check-in or kiosk-only challenges.
  • Boost Engagement: Add engagement with challenges that teach about your products and differentiators.
  • Demo Full Product Line: Require attendees to complete check-ins at all the product stations in your single island exhibit.
  • Create a Flexible Journey: Allow attendees to choose where they visit, by only requiring check-ins at a portion of your booth stations, such as product demos, presentations, needs analysis, hospitality, and interactive activations. Lets attendees visit according to their phase in the buying cycle.
  • Highlight Multiple Booths: Require check-ins at multiple exhibits across one trade show, when your company has multiple booths, divisions, or partners across a show floor.
  • Promote Presentations and Sponsored Sessions: Alert and motivate attendees to visit activities you sponsor (such as breakfasts or receptions) or to see presentations by your company executives or subject matter experts.
Challenge Bar Trivia for Exhibitors

Design Your Booth Passport Game to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Choose from a menu of challenges and activities types to tailor your booth passport game.

Check-in Codes

Setup check-in codes in physical and digital locations.

QR Code Checkin

Setup kiosks where attendees need to visit to complete challenges.

Quizzes and Trivia

Create quizzes and trivia games to test a player’s knowledge.

Post a Pic Photo Challenge

Invite players to snap a pic to complete a challenge. And, create instagrammable moments for bonus points!


Incentivize your players to voice feedback through earning points.


Give your players a voice and create polls that allow them to voice their thoughts.

Word Cloud

Get a feel for the room with one-word attendee submissions.

Caption This Photo

Crowdsource Photo Captions and award bonus points for the best caption.

Offline Challenges

Challenges that must be completed outside of the game.

Benefits of SocialPoint Booth Passport

  • Drive more traffic to your booth.
  • Retain attendees in your booth longer, so they build a stronger relationship with you.
  • Make it easier for attendees to follow the “customer journey” through your booth.
  • Help attendees better understand your full product offering.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell existing customers.
  • Keep attendees away from your competitors’ booths.
  • Create interactive challenges for more interaction and “teachable moments” with attendees than a paper passport.
  • Design your passport game to best fit your marketing strategy with our flexible passport game platform.
SocialPoint Digital Trade Show Passport
SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt Dashboard

Reporting and Analytics

  • Post-show follow-up list of all attendees who visited your booth, including what parts of your booth they visited, for better sales follow-up after the show.
  • Discover what product areas and parts of your booth are most popular with reports that show check-in counts by station, and also attendee answers to available challenges such as polls, surveys, trivia games, and word clouds.

Themed to your Brand & Event

Your graphics team will love the way they can integrate your graphics and art assets into SocialPoint. More than a logo and colors, SocialPoint allows you to design the following:

  • Background graphics
  • Trivia graphics
  • Prize wheel graphics
  • Name wheel
  • Instant rewards
  • Kiosk graphics
Virtual Trivia | Play anywhere | Leaderboard, mobile app and iPad app

“Everything ran very smoothly and the participation far exceeded expectations. Very happy with the game and outcome.”

Join the organizations using SocialPoint

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7 Ways Our Booth Passport Is Better Than A Paper Booth Passport

1Look more modern to your booth visitors with a digital game

5Booth check-ins can be contactless and even staffer-less

2Analytics can prove traffic counts to areas in your booth and provide contact names for sales follow up

6Avoid hassles and costs of designing, shipping, printing, and distributing paper

3Increase engagement and dwell time with booth visitors

7Don’t waste paper overprinting, or get stuck unable to give everyone passports

4Can make changes at the last minute

SocialPoint Digital Trade Show Passport Success on Phone

How does it work?

Once you signup for SocialPoint, you will be assigned a Customer Success Project Manager.  This person will help you get setup and bring your game vision to life.

SocialPoint Scavenger Hunt Customer Support



We work with you to establish a project timeline and review our Success Checklist to ensure a successful event.


Setup your Game

You create the graphics and content. We will configure your game and load all the data. 


Dry Run

We’ll help you get ready for  dry-run and practice game. Then, you can make any additions and adjustments to the game.  


Go Live!

We’ll help launch your game. Then, we can sit back and watch your players have fun!

Get started on your own Booth Passport package!

You want to create a fun booth experience that attendees will remember.  We are here to help you with easy-to-use software and support from our customer success team.

Here are the key features of our Booth Passport package:

  • Use of SocialPoint Attendee Participation Game software and access to our team for 60 days or 1 year.
  • Your Customer Success Team member will run a kick-off call, brainstorm meeting, Dry run meeting and Launch meeting with you.
  • Your Customer Success Team member will configure the software and load your initial game content (graphics, challenges and prizes).
  • You will have access to the back end to make updates, changes and additions as required.
  • Get additional support through online guides and live chat.
  • Integrations: An API is available for Registration, Auto-Login and Rewarding points
  • Download all lead and game data for marketing followup

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SocialPoint for a one to four day show or event?

Yes. The subscription term is for 75 days. So, you will have 75 days to plan, set up and launch your game.

How do players access the game?

We provide you with a web-based link or QR Code that players can access to play the game on their phones or web browser.

If you use kiosks, then the players will enter either a cell phone number or email address to access the game through the kiosks.

My event is next week! How long does it take to get set up?

After you order, you will get access to the software within a few hours. Then, our customer success team will contact you to organize a kick-off meeting and your ready-to-launch meeting.

If you are in a hurry. Let us know when you order.  We can have you ready to go by next week.

Can we add our logo and use our own branding and colors?

Yes. You can change the color theme to include your own logos, graphics and colors in the game.

What kind of support do you offer?

You will have the following support from us:

  • Online help guides and videos
  • Live Chat (M-F 9AM – 6pm EST)
  • Customer Support during the process
  • Optional: Dedicated remote support during your event.

Exhibitor Booth Passport Not The Right Game For You? We May Have A Better Fit

We offer a suite of interactive games designed to make your event more fun and engaging

Challenge Bar Trivia

Attract and educate a crowd of prospects with trivia questions about your products. Easily customizable to your brand, or use our pre-designed templates. Leaderboard keeps players coming back. QR code scan to play on own phones. Players enter in own contact info!

Virtual Prize Wheel

Attendees actually line up to enter their own contact info to play for your prizes! Use our graphic templates or customize to your brand! Prize manager software keeps track of your prize inventory. After the show, you get easily exported leads.

Name Picker & Raffle Wheel

Make a spectacle out of picking winners for your drawings and contests. Name Picker selects multiple winners at once, while the Raffle Wheel randomly picks one name from your list. A great way to gather a crowd – and a downloadable list of leads.

Digital Trade Show Passport

Increase attendee engagement and provide provable value to sponsors. Helps show owners drive traffic to specific places around their conference, especially sponsors’ booths. Players do challenges (such as check-ins, photos, trivia, and staff-scored), collecting points to rank on the leaderboard and spin a raffle wheel for prizes.