How to Play Virtual Trivia in Rounds with SocialPoint Online Trivia Platform

SocialPoint Virtual Trivia in Rounds Playing Trivia in Rounds is a popular way to create shared experiences and build virtual, remote teams. Learn how to set up and run these virtual trivia games with the SocialPoint Online Trivia Platform.

Most people play trivia to create shared experiences and encourage people to collaborate and work together. SocialPoint has upped its game here and has several new and improved experiences to help you run a trivia game in rounds. 

  1. Which game flow experience are you trying to create? 
  2. Features of SocialPoint for easy Virtual Trivia In Rounds 
  3. How do I set up my SocialPoint Online Trivia Game for Rounds? 
  4. How do I Run my SocialPoint Trivia Game in Rounds? 

Which game flow experience are you trying to create?

There are a few different game patterns that you might be trying to create. Most of you contact us because you want your game to follow this pattern: 

  1. Your Players will join a Zoom call (or Webex or any other video platform).
  2. You organize players into teams and assign a team captain who will submit answers for the group.
  3. Then, you push the players together in breakout rooms so they can create a fun team name and get to know each other. 
  4. You bring the players back to the main room to announce the round and get started on the game. 
  5. The players return to the breakout room to get ready for the questions. You start the auto-play feature so they can answer the questions in the round. 
  6. After the round, you bring the players back to the main room to see the leaderboard and learn the next category.
  7. Repeat the process until you are ready to wrap up the game.
  8. Wrap up the game by showing the final leaderboard and announcing the winner. 

Does that sound about right? Let me show you how to do this with the SocialPoint Online Trivia Platform. 

Features of SocialPoint for easy Virtual Trivia in rounds

  1. SocialPoint is an online trivia platform that automatically collects question responses, scores the game, and tabulates the leaderboard. 
  2. Team captains can create a unique team name for their team.
  3. SocialPoint pushes the questions and correct/incorrect status to the players and teams while hiding the leaderboard until you are ready to reveal the leaderboard.
  4. SocialPoint supports both manual gameplay and automated gameplay in rounds.

How do I set up my SocialPoint game to play in rounds?

Step 1: Setup Your Game

Follow SocialPoint’s trivia wizard. 

6 Pro Tips To Better Host Your Online Trivia Game

SocialPoint Host Your Online Virtual Trivia Game Online Live Trivia games allow you to create shared experiences with remote team members and virtual event attendees. The better you are at hosting, the happier your attendees will be! 

If you want to spice up your organization’s live online trivia game with the energy of a TV game show, you have two choices:

  1. Hire an outside presenter to host your trivia game, at a cost of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.
  2. Be Your Own Quizmaster using a virtual trivia platform like SocialPoint Live Trivia

There’s a very good chance you don’t have the budget to hire an emcee, or even if you do, you’d rather avoid the expense. But what if you’re not sure of how to host a trivia game? Read on, my friend. We’re sharing our best pro tips for hosting either a live, online trivia game or a live, in-person trivia game.

Customers come to us with a wide range of experience with trivia. Some of you are trivia hounds who play twice a week. Others are producers who are experts in live events. While others volunteered (or were “voluntold”) to help host a trivia game and want to do their best as host.

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