Collecting Leads At Trade Shows When There Is No Badge Scanner

Trade show lead taking without a badge scanner - use a trade show game like this

When you exhibit at a major USA trade show, it’s a given that attendees will be given badges, and that you as an exhibitor can rent a badge scanner to scan those attendees. A badge scanner saves exhibitors time during in-booth interactions, allowing them to quickly gather attendees’ contact info, and at some shows, a few qualifying data points, too.

But what’s an exhibitor to do when the show doesn’t offer a badge scanner because the show:

  • Is too small?
  • Is international in a country with more stringent privacy laws?
  • Is in an industry with greater security issues?

You still want to gather lead info, and gather it quickly, even if there is no badge scanner.

Here are some choices you have:

1. Gather business cards (at peril to your ROI)

Gathering business cards from your booth visitors is the default choice, employed by many exhibitors.  It is an easy choice, because it costs nothing, and business cards usually provide accurate contact data.  But because of how easy it is to gather business cards, exhibitors can overlook two fatal flaws they have:

  • First, business cards have no room for booth staffers to record what they discussed with the lead – such as what their key challenges are, what they are looking to fix, what their main buying criteria are, what the booth staffer offered as a solution, and what the agreed-upon next steps are. Without that key qualifying info, your leads are much more likely to be ignored by the sales reps following up on them, wasting your significant trade show investment.
  • Second, business cards are paper, and transferring lead info gathered from paper takes work. That means that too often, the business cards gathered at that trade show will remain with the local sales person, and will never get reported back to a centralized marketing group. That means your marketing team can’t track which trade shows produced profitable sales, and can’t maximize your trade show investment.

2. Gather lead data with an interactive trade show game

With an interactive trade show game, your attendee provides their contact data in order to play (for fun, to win a prize, or for bragging rights if they score high enough). Our games can be set up to require as little contact data as needed (such as contact name and email address) or more data points as desired. A second screen can ask other qualifying questions, such as how the lead wants to be followed up, and where they are in the buying process.

The fewer the questions, the faster the lead gathering process, and the quicker the attendee can go on to the fun part of answering trivia questions, or spinning a virtual prize wheel, or entering in a contest to win a prize right away (Instant Win) or in a drawing at the end of the show (Digital Fishbowl).

Exhibitors get their lead data simultaneously uploaded to the cloud, so they have access to their lead data, even if it’s at a small show across the country or across the ocean. No pocketed business cards!

3. Use their own lead capture software 

Exhibitors can also outfit their booth staffers with a for-pay software or app not affiliated with the show, that gathers lead data.  Even better, we have a free companion app called Lead Manager that ties into our games, so you don’t have to data enter the info supplied by the game players. Our app lets booth staffers record further notes and qualifying data with their booth visitors who play our games.

Our Lead Manager App even syncs the leads’ email addresses to pull down the leads’ social media profile, company profile data – even the leads’ profile photo from social media.

So, if you are at a show without a badge scanner, you’re no longer at a loss. With all the data your booth staffers can gather with a digital trade show game, you gather even more lead data than with a badge scanner, plus with the added value of the greater booth traffic and engagement the game provides. And of course, a digital game helps you far exceed the lead qualifying data that you could ever get with a business card.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

8 Tips For First Time Trade Show Exhibitors


Exhibiting at trade shows – how hard can it be? You just show up and talk to people, right?

Actually, exhibiting is surprisingly harder than it looks.  That said, trade shows still remain very popular (and even keep growing) because they can produce great results when done right.

If you’re exhibiting for the first time, we want to help shorten your learning curve with these 8 tips you need to succeed:

1. Know what your goals are for exhibiting

Everything you do at trade shows should support your main sales and marketing goal. So if you don’t know why you’re exhibiting, there’s no way to succeed. Discover or decide if your trade show goals are (most likely) to boost brand awareness, generate sales leads, or strengthen key relationships, or something else. (This advice is good, even if you are not first time trade show exhibitors.)

2. Design your trade show exhibit to achieve your goals

See how important knowing your goals are? Now you can design your booth to support your sales and marketing goals. Design big branding structures and graphics for building awareness, lots of workstations for sales leads, and meeting spaces for strengthening reseller, prospect, and client relationships.  Some exhibitors design booth spaces for all buying phases in one large exhibit.

3. Use promotions to drive traffic and help visitors remember you

Promotions, whether they are interactive activities or giveaways or entertainment, entice attendees to visit your booth, give your booth staffers a way to start a dialog, and help attendees remember you after the show.  Pick trade show giveaways that are of different value levels to fit each lead’s value, can be imprinted with your logo, and are useful to your target market.

4. Capture the right attendee lead data

Even for first time trade show exhibitors, the most valuable outcome of trade shows is the leads they take in their booth.  You can make your leads even more valuable when your booth staffers and lead management systems are aligned to capture attendee data that will matter to your sales force.

5. Consider a game to boost trade show results

According to trade show industry research, interactive games are one of the best ways to attract attendees, but one of the least used – giving you an opportunity to outshine your competitors.  If you need more reasons to consider a trade show game, here are 17 reasons.

6. Plan for technology and its content in your booth

It’s official: Millennials are the largest generation in the United States workforce. That’s perhaps the most compelling reason why most trade show exhibitors integrate technology into their exhibit design and attendee engagement. So take some time to plan how you will use tech in your booth, and how you will create content to run on that technology.  Just make sure you don’t use tech for tech sake, but instead choose tech that is easy for staffers and attendees to use and enhances your in-booth conversations.

7. Follow up on your trade show leads fast

Your trade show leads are worth more than their weight in gold, and quickly lose their value over time. So, follow up on your leads quickly! It’s easily the biggest mistake exhibitors make, new or veteran. Quickly get the materials appropriate to each lead post-show, and quickly get your best leads into the hands of the right sales people.

8. Measure and report your trade show results to management

Trade shows cost a lot of money – they can often be the largest marketing expense for a B2B company.  Your boss and your Chief Financial Officer are eager to hear how well your first show (and all subsequent shows) produced results. So you need to measure if you met your trade show goals, and then give your boss a short report with easy-to-understand charts and pictures.

I am excited for you as first-time trade show exhibitors. There is nothing like the rush you will get from meeting face-to-face with a stream of customers and prospects over several days. Do the show right, and you will create significant value for your company.  Good luck!

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

Best Trade Show Giveaways: 2018 Survey on Strategies, Features, Choices & Perceptions

best trade show giveaways survey

Because exhibitors use our Virtual Prize Wheel to manage awarding their trade show giveaways, in the summer of 2018 we surveyed exhibitors to find out:

  • What trade show giveaways are working best now?
  • What do exhibitors seek when selecting giveaways?
  • What value do giveaways bring exhibitors?

Whether you call them premiums, swag, tchotchkes, or simply gifts, giveaways are as ubiquitous at trade shows as aisle carpet, banner stands, and lanyards.

But just because trade show giveaways are everywhere doesn’t mean they are being used to their full potential. Use our survey insights to get more from your trade show giveaways.

Best Trade Show Giveaways STRATEGIES: Offer Multiple, High, and Low Values

Exhibitors were given in the survey the choice of 7 strategic uses of trade show giveaways.

At 53%, the most popular giveaway strategy was, “We offer multiple levels of giveaways, and give the more valuable gifts to our best leads.” Survey participants further explained why they use that strategy:

  • “I think that you need to have giveaways that are cheap and out front for everyone but when customers spend the time to come in to the booth and discuss our product that we have other giveaways like a Yeti mug or something a little more valuable to give them.”
  • “I am an advocate of having one small (under $1) giveaway that is good for the “trick or treaters”, and then several levels of giveaways for our better customers, but these are used to motivate a behavior such as interaction with our exhibit content or something.”
  • “We like to offer small items to those that just stop by, but for those willing to provide information, we up the offering and add a drawing incentive.”

trade show giveaways 2018 survey - strategies

At 39%, the second-most popular giveaway strategy was, “We offer a chance to win one big item.”

At 36%, the third-most popular giveaway strategy was, “We offer valuable giveaways to get more traffic, but require attendees to provide info or watch a demo to get them.” All three of the exhibit quotes above that have multiple levels of giveaways also require some interaction for the higher levels.

At 33%, the fourth-most popular giveaway strategy was, “We bring one kind of low-cost branded giveaway and want as many people as possible to get them.” This is almost the same number of people who chose the exact opposite strategy as the #2, choice, raffling off a single high value giveaway!

Individual exhibitors also shared their own favored strategies on how they used trade show giveaways:

  • “At large shows, we offer different giveaways every day to draw repeat traffic. Use them at every show. Our audience expects and appreciates swag.”
  • “Best reserved for target audience and to be used as a conversation starter; wouldn’t leave them on a table for the general attendee population.”
  • “We do a product demo to get visitors in our booth and do a raffle for a larger prize. This is a great way to draw people while educating them and offering an incentive to stay.”
  • “In the manufacturing industry, we go to trade shows attended by engineers who prefer useful, practical giveaways that they can use on the job.”

Best Trade Show Giveaways FEATURES: Imprinted With Logo, Valuable, Useful, Trendy

We asked exhibitors to indicate which of 12 potential features did they want when choosing their trade show giveaways.

By far and away, at 92% of exhibitors agreeing, the most popular feature was, “Can be imprinted with our logo.” This most-desired feature has kept a huge custom-imprinted giveaway industry very busy!

At 61% and tied for the second-most popular giveaway feature were, “Perceived as valuable” and “Useful to our target market.”

At 56%, the fourth most popular trade show giveaway feature was, “Trendy.”  Exhibitors want something new that attendees haven’t already bought for themselves.

At 53% and tied for fifth place were, “Low cost” and “Tie into our marketing message.”  One survey respondent agreed with both:

  • “We’re always looking for the best item that ties into our brand but is also cost efficient. We’ll spend more on premium items and save them for the right events but it’s hard to find low-cost, unique items that everyone doesn’t already have a million of.”

You can find exhibitors’ other preferences for trade show giveaway features in the chart below:

trade show giveaways 2018 survey - features

Top Trade Show Giveaways CHOICES: Stuffed Toys, Hats, Yeti Cups, T-Shirts, Electric Fans

Exhibitors who answered the question, “What was this year’s most successful trade show giveaway for you?”, had many replies, some duplicated.  More than one exhibitor favored stuffed toys, hats, Yeti mugs, T-shirts, and electric fans.

Here are their favorite giveaways, which often were useful, technical, or tied to their brands:

  • “Hot/cold pack fire truck”
  • “Stress reliever character”
  • “Propeller fan that can be powered and attached into a smartphone powerport”
  • “Battery powered fans”
  • “Safety kit”
  • “Wellness gift bags”
  • “Lip balm with a carabiner attached”
  • “Flashlight pens”
  • “Vintage T-shirts, lighting ice cubes”
  • “Bluetooth trackers (tiles)”
  • “Stuffed animal toy”
  • “Pop Sockets”
  • “Micro fans that connect to your cell phone”
  • “Starbucks gift cards, power banks, bags”
  • “Warm chocolate chip cookies used as a demo of how well our heaters work”
  • “Stuffed mice that have our logo on them (we are an ultrasound company that images on small animals i.e., mice)”
  • “Socks”
  • “Photography package”
  • “A pen with a mophead that cleans a screen, and has a stethoscope decoration on it — our target audience is nurses, and they love it – actually visit our booth to request it year after year”
  • “Yeti travel mug”
  • “Chocolate truffles”
  • “USB multi-port adapters”
  • “Mini flashlights”
  • “Branded echo dot for qualified leads”
  • “Hats”

Top Trade Show Giveaways BENEFITS & PERCEPTIONS: Help Attendees Remember Post-Show, Drive Traffic, Start Conversations

In our survey about exhibitors’ perception of trade show giveaways, their responses were overwhelmingly positive. They agreed far more with potential benefits than disadvantages.

trade show giveaways 2018 survey - perceptions

At 83%, the most popular reason for exhibitors to favor giveaways was, “Trade show giveaways help booth visitors remember us after the show.”

Individual exhibitors gave many similar justifications for using giveaways:

  • “I believe it helps the viewer retain information from the booth. Good memories will promote good feedback and word of mouth.”
  • “I see the value in giveaways – as a brand-building opportunity.”
  • “I think giveaways should remind attendees about our company (& hopefully thinking of us first when they have challenges, to know we have the solution). Something useful in their everyday activities within their organization.”
  • “I think trade show giveaways work best when they are branded and tie into the marketing message and theme of your booth. It needs to reinforce the exhibitor’s brand and remind the attendee of that single message you want then to take away from your booth. Everyone is competing for attention at trade shows. Your message has to be singular, strong, hard-hitting, and remembered after the show. This can only be accomplished by pulling that message through as many advertising and marketing channels as possible. The giveaway is no exception and can be a powerful tool in helping good prospects become good customers after the show.”

At 75%, the second-most agreed upon reason is that “Trade show giveaways help booth staffers start conversations.” This is a surprisingly overlooked benefit of giveaways. Think about all your shy booth staffers needing help getting a dialog going.  Trade show giveaways can be their security blanket!

At 72%, the third-most agreed upon reason is “Trade show giveaways are worth having.” As one exhibitor memorably wrote:

  • “Giveaways are the nuclear power to our trade show results.”

At 70%, the fourth-most agreed upon reason is “Trade show giveaways drive traffic to our booth.”  Tellingly, several exhibitors said, in nearly identical words, how they value both driving traffic and starting conversations, the number 2 reason for giveaways. This is a good indicator of how giveaways provide value:

  • “They’re a good driver to the booth and we’ve had good conversations.”
  • “They bring attendees to our booth and help get conversations started.”
  • “They draw attendees to the table and are conversation starters.”
  • “Giveaways are a way to draw peoples’ attention to our booth so we can initiate a conversation.”

The most-agreed upon negative perception, held by 31% of survey respondents, is that “Trade show giveaways only attract trick-or-treaters.”

Interestingly, one individual exhibitor accepts treat-or-treaters as an acceptable price to pay:

  • “Giveaways can be a great draw to a booth if it is cost-effective and has high perceived value. Fun, colorful and trendy items work well. We do get some trick or treaters but that’s OK too. Our brand and logo are still getting out there.”

Trade show giveaways are an essential part of most exhibitors’ exhibit marketing. Trade show giveaways help attendees remember their brands post-show, and help exhibitors drive booth traffic and start conversations. Popular giveaways are imprinted with the exhibitors’ logos, are useful, valuable, and tie into their marketing messages.   I hope you’ve been inspired by this survey report to make changes for the better with your trade show giveaways.  You might consider how our Virtual Prize Wheel boosts your trade show giveaways’ impact.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, (and better manage your trade show giveaways with our Virtual Prize Wheel), feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

3D Exhibits’ Booth Design With SocialPoint Trivia Game Creates Best Problem For Merck Animal Health

Merck Animal Health booth designed by 3D Exhibits with SocialPoint trivia game

When Merck Animal Health Conference & Event Manager Amy Gregory called her boss just after the start of the 2018 Veterinary Meeting and Expo, and said, “We have a problem,” it made her 3D Exhibits Account Executive George Furman surprised — and at least a little nervous.

But then Gregory told her boss they actually had the best kind of problem: “We need to bring in more staffer talent, because our booth is so swamped, we can’t handle the traffic!”

What made the Merck Animal Health booth so busy and the talk of the show was an award-winning design from 3D Exhibits, and a crowd-stopping trivia game from SocialPoint.

Merck Trivia Game Attracts, Engages Over 3,000 Trade Show Attendees At One Show

“In years past, Merck had a large space but not nearly as much traffic,” said Furman. “There were people participating, but nothing like the rush at this show.  Merck was 50 feet inside the doors, and attendees didn’t get past their booth.”

Over the 4-day show, 3,400 people played Merck Animal Health’s trivia game, answering 35,804 questions, a tremendous amount of traffic and engagement. Attendees played a timed version of SocialPoint’s Trivia, competing on iPads. While all attendees received a Merck-branded T-shirt, players with the 10 highest scores were displayed on a leader board –especially appealing to very-competitive veterinarians.

Trivia game crowded trade show booth Merck Animal Health

After the first show’s results, Merck Animal Health expanded their planned use of the trivia game from 2 shows up to the entire year.  They had similarly high player numbers at WVC 2018.

The Merck Animal Health Exhibit was designed with 3 main areas. In the front there was a reception desk on the left, and on the right an activity area that included a long counter with 8 mounted iPads to play trivia.  In the back of the booth was space and components for engaging with more qualified attendees.  “The Trivia game – and the chance to gain recognition on the game’s large leaderboard — helped gather in attendees, then provide them with high-level education about Merck products,” said Furman. “Most were satisfied to win a shirt. Some attendees that became more interested from what they learned from the game were ushered to the back of the booth to further engage with Merck staffers.”

As a result of the new exhibit and interactive trivia game, Merck increased their requests for post-show email follow up by 21%.  Moreover, 90% of attendee survey respondents learned something new about Merck while visiting the exhibit.

Merck Animal Health Exhibit Wins Award For 3D Exhibits

3D Exhibits’ design for Merck Animal Health is something special.  3D Exhibit’s design for Merck Animal Health won a Hermes Creative Award, Platinum Trophy.

The Merck design incorporates a sweeping curved hanging sign that made the brand more approachable and the exhibit inescapable.  Underneath, a large SocialPoint Challenge Bar Trivia leaderboard continuously updated the names and scores of the top 10 players. “SocialPoint’s trivia game leaderboard seamlessly integrated into the exhibit design,” said Sam Hersee, 3D Exhibits Interactive Technology Project Manager. “Our team easily blended the orange and green brand colors for Merck Animal Health’s two products, Nobivac® and Bravecto®, into the leaderboard graphics.”

The Merck Animal Health exhibit design, including SocialPoint’s interactive trivia game leaderboard screen, was so compelling that 3D Exhibits even made its photo the front page of their company website:

Front page of 3D Exhibits website -- big photo of Merck Animal Health

3D Exhibits Gets Quick, Complete Game Solutions From SocialPoint

As a major exhibit house, 3D Exhibits often sources and creates interactive activities for their client’s exhibits. “We usually build custom interactives, but for this show we had minimal time to do this. SocialPoint’s solution was off-the-shelf with the customization we needed.” explained Hersee.

Merck Animal Health trivia leaderboard with top scorers

“Two trusted sources recommended SocialPoint, so we reached out to them, said Furman. “We laid out needs, and SocialPoint provided something very intuitive to the solutions that were required.”

“Working with SocialPoint was an easy, pain-free experience,” said Hersee. “They gave us good talking points to help the client realize the value trivia could have in educating their booth visitors. I really like the SocialPoint solution, it’s a wrapped-up solution with bow on top, and it can customize with options.  Everything we wanted, SocialPoint already had accounted for.”

“SocialPoint is very helpful,” concluded Hersee.  “We came in, hemming and hawing about what we wanted, but SocialPoint steered us to a better idea.  SocialPoint’s games are very finished, well thought out, and complete, with a lot of feature options.  We’re happy that with SocialPoint’s help we were successful.”

5 Ways Show Owners Deliver Value to Sponsoring Exhibitors with a Trade Show Game

Cisco Live 2018 private trade show trivia game

It’s no surprise: Many larger B2B companies have also become small trade show owners.  These big companies host their own trade shows to provide their partners, vendors, distributors, and end user customers an opportunity to learn best practices, see what’s new, discover what’s available, and to network.

We have recently helped private shows, such as Cisco Live and private events hosted by Allianz, Thermo-Fischer Scientific, and Thomson-Reuters, by setting up trivia games for attendees to play on the show floor.  These trade show games provide show owners 5 ways to deliver value to their sponsoring exhibitors:

1. Drive More Traffic To The Show Floor

Show attendees who want to have fun competing and win prizes go to the spot on the floor where they can play the show’s trivia game.  Once there, attendees branch out to see what the show’s exhibitors have to offer. All the exhibitors win.

2. Another Way To Promote Sponsoring Exhibitors

Sponsoring exhibitors get their name and logo built into the game, which is then seen by attendees who play the game or see messages promoting the game. This provides another way for increasing sponsoring exhibitors’ brand awareness among the show attendees, who are their key target market.

3. Encourage Visits To Sponsoring Exhibitors

It’s amazing how a well-written trivia question not only challenges the knowledge of attendees, but also teaches them, too.  The compulsion to win prizes causes attendees to learn about exhibitors’ products. Because the sponsoring exhibitors provide the questions about their companies for the trivia game, the attendees learn something about the sponsoring attendees – which can be something that prompts attendees to then go visit them.

4. Quantify Value Created To Sponsoring Exhibitors

After the event, the show owner can provide our analytics about the game to each sponsoring exhibitor.  The post-show analytics indicate how many attendees answered questions about each separate sponsoring exhibitor, to prove impact on awareness.  This is a rare feat among show sponsorship choices – a sponsorship that is completely measurable.

5. Quantify Awareness of Sponsoring Exhibitors’ Key Messages

There’s another, perhaps even more valuable metric supplied by our trivia game’s analytics: Sponsoring exhibitors can test awareness of specific brand messages or capabilities, and then post-show, know how well known those items are by the percent of attendees who get the questions right.  Almost all the attendees answer the question about your brand position correctly? You’ve got great brand equity.  Barely any attendees answer the question about what your new product can do correctly? You’ve got work to do.

Corporations that are also small private show owners are looking for ways to boost traffic and provide measurable value to their sponsoring exhibitors. By using our interactive trivia game, show owners can do all that, and make their show floor a more lively and fun place, too.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

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How To Choose An Interactive Trivia Game For Your Trade Show Booth

Choosing an interactive trivia game for your trade show booth

If you are reading this blog post, you are probably considering an interactive trivia game for an upcoming trade show (or a series of trade shows).  This post will outline 5 different trivia games we offer and help you select the best one for your booth. Each version is made to better help you achieve your trade show goals of booth traffic, awareness, and engagement.

Interactive Trivia Game Overview

All of our interactive trivia games include game play on iPads and Leaderboards. In addition, you should assume that the branding and game theme will be based on your branding.  All games tie into our data and analytics backend to measure player performance, content understanding and measuring learning objectives.

1. Three Strikes and You’re Out Trivia Game

Booth visitors try to advance through 5 different levels answering between 3-10 questions per level.  They play until they get three wrong answers or the questions run out. This is our first version of trivia and our most popular.

How this game will help you:

  • Excellent for teaching booth visitors and attendees your content.
  • Non-timed game encourages attendees to talk more with your booth staffers.
  • Longer game play draws a crowd at the booth.

Unique features that you will like:

  • Questions are randomized so each time you play the questions are different.
  • Levels that allow people to advance.
  • Game play ends after you answer all questions or three incorrect answers

What people say about this trivia game version as compared to the other versions:

“Some booth visitors will do anything to figure out the answers – including asking their neighbor or looking on another person’s iPad.”



2. Timed Quiz (New Summer 2018)

Booth visitors earn points for answering interactive trivia game questions quickly – the faster they answer, the more points they get for a right answer.  If you have ever played bar trivia this game, then you have an idea of how this game works.

How this game will help you

  • Encourages booth visitors to answer quickly and then move onto the next activity.
  • Excellent alternative to testing when you need to evaluate content.

Unique features that you will like:

  • Questions are randomized so each time you play the questions are different.
  • Set the number of questions.
  • Show correct answers.

What people say about this trivia game version as compared to the other versions:

“I like this game because it moves people through the booth faster and the scoring has a lot fewer ties.”

The timer creates added pressure to answer quickly”

3. Game Show (Updated for 2018)

Multiple booth visitors join the same game and answer the same questions at the same time. This interactive trivia game requires a host who will push questions to the tablets.  Scores from that round are recorded on a leaderboard.

How this game will help you:

  • With the host, you can position the game as an “event” in your booth.
  • More attention-getting than other versions of trivia.

Unique features that you will like:

  • Host picks the questions and the number of questions.
  • Question point values can be setup in advance.
  • Easy to reset the game for the next round of players

What people say about this trivia game version as compared to the other versions:

“The client was super excited about this game because it drew a crowd to watch people play to see who would win.”

4. Timed Game (Two Minute Drill)

Booth visitors get a fixed amount of time to answer as many questions as they can. Think about it as a two-minute drill: How many questions can you answer in two minutes? Players earn more points for getting on a scoring streak and answering multiple questions in a row correctly.

How this game will help you:

  • Allows you to limit the total time of the interaction.

Unique features that you will like:

  • Questions are randomized so each time you play the questions are different.
  • Set the number of questions
  • Streak scoring rewards players for getting multiple questions correct in a row.

What people say about this trivia game version as compared to the other versions:

“The client liked this game because people moved through the booth quickly.”


5. Quiz

Perfect interactive trivia game for events where you want attendees to answer questions in a particular order.

How this game will help you:

  • Allows you to move attendees through a series of questions in a particular order.

Unique features that you will like:

  • You set the order of the questions. All questions are the same and in the same order.
  • Questions can have different point values.

What people say about this trivia game version as compared to the other versions:

“This is a good game for street teams or small activations, where there is only 1-2 players playing at once.”

Bottom Line

Our interactive trivia game is a proven activity for getting trade show attendees into your booth.  But exhibitors have different reasons for exhibiting and different plans for how they want to engage prospects in their booth.  That’s why we’ve configured our trivia game to be activated in these 5 versions you to select the version that best fits your trade show objectives.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

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8 Preventable Trade Show Lead Retrieval Mistakes

trade show lead retrieval 8 common mistakes to prevent

It’s unfortunately far too easy to make mistakes with trade show lead retrieval.

That’s because trade show lead retrieval systems and booth staffers are often different from show to show, and because it’s not something you manage every day.

But because trade shows leads are some of the most valuable sales and marketing investments your company makes, it’s so worth your time to prevent making these mistakes.

Here are 8 preventable trade show lead retrieval mistakes we’ve seen our trade show game clients make.  We’ve even made some of these mistakes ourselves (fortunately not anymore)!

1. Not capturing trade show lead data

This is the most basic mistake you can make: You exhibit at a trade show, but don’t capture the lead data at all!  Sometimes this is because your staffers are interacting with attendees, but don’t have any formal way to gather lead data.  Sometimes (such as at regional trade shows) it’s because your booth staffers gather business cards, but don’t send the leads back to the central office.  Sometimes it’s because there are more booth visitors looking around your booth than you have staffers to handle.

2. Not qualifying leads

Your sales team is often overwhelmed by the flood of leads that arrives in their lap right after a trade show. If the leads aren’t qualified and prioritized by lead quality, then your reps will make calls to some poor-quality leads.  After a few discouraging conversations, some sales reps will assume ALL the leads are the same poor quality and stop calling ANY of those show leads.  But if your booth staffers qualify the leads (hot, warm, cold), and capture that rating with your trade show lead retrieval system, then your sales reps will first call the hot leads.  They’ll be rewarded with more sales, and you’re generate a higher trade show ROI.  Our Lead Manager app lets you quickly rank leads from 1 to 5 stars.

3. Asking too many, too few, or the wrong questions

There is a balancing act to asking booth visitors the right amount of questions. Ask too few, and you won’t be able to tell if they are a good lead, and if they are, what matters to them.  Ask too many questions and you risk making them feel like they’re visiting The Spanish Inquisition.  If you ask the right questions first, your booth staffers can recognize poor quality prospects quickly and disengage, rather than continue asking them more questions that wastes everyone’s time. Here’s some more tips on writing questions for your trade show app.

4. Not getting enough contact data with your trade show lead retrieval

One area that you should err on asking more questions are to get contact data, if you are not getting that info from a badge scan.  While you may or may not need their physical address, you will definitely need their phone number and email to let both sales and marketing do effective lead follow up.  But hey, you don’t need that fax number anymore, so that’s a plus! Booth visitors will more willingly give up their contact data when they play a trade show game.

5. Not taking notes or comments

Trade show lead retrieval isn’t all about multiple choice questions.  Often the best insights you can capture are a few sentences that tell the story about what problems your booth visitor is facing, and what they liked best about your potential solution. Too many booth staffers skip writing notes, either because they don’t want to take the time, or they lack the time, or they are only gathering business cards that lack space to write sufficient notes or comments. Don’t be like them.  Write notes.

6. Not identifying next steps

At the end of each conversation with booth visitors, your booth staffers may think it’s time to go on to the next lead.  But there’s an essential step: Record by writing a note on the lead form or a checkbox on a list of choices what the next step with the lead. That way, your marketing team knows if they should send a certain product brochure, and your sales team knows to set up a requested demo or meeting.

7. Not training staffers to use each show’s trade show lead retrieval system

At each show you could use the trade show’s supplied lead retrieval app, or lead capture machine, or a paper lead form, or another lead management app. Each system has different ways of capturing lead data.  Plus, you will likely have new booth staffers, and new data you want to capture.  That means you need to train your booth staffers for every show on how to use the lead retrieval system.

8. Not getting captured trade show lead data quickly to sales and marketing

You didn’t capture all those trade show leads just so they could sit in a box on the corner of your desk.  You’ve got to quickly get those leads into play.  Marketing needs the lead data fast to fulfill product literature requests, and sales needs their hot and warm leads so they can convert those leads into sales. Here are a few tips for getting trade show leads fulfilled faster by sales and marketing.

Trade show lead retrieval isn’t the easiest thing you’ll tackle today, but it isn’t rocket science, either. With some planning, experience, and by following these tips, you can avoid making costly lead management mistakes and therefore boost your trade show ROI.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

17 Reasons Why You Need A Tradeshow Game

trade show game with leaderboard and happy winner

It seems like such a little thing, adding a tradeshow game to your booth.  Just an idea you are considering to make your trade shows a little better.

Yet, adding a tradeshow game to your booth can make a surprisingly huge positive impact to your company’s booth traffic, booth staffers’ success, company brand image, lead counts, lead data gathered, sales generated, R.O.I. — and much more.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why do I need a tradeshow game?”, here are 17 reasons a tradeshow game will make your trade show program vastly better:

1. A tradeshow game drives more booth traffic

Driving more booth traffic is the top reason clients tell us they want a tradeshow game. Attendees walking the trade show floor become a little jaded after the third or fourth aisle, and so they gravitate towards a game as a way to win a prize, enjoy themselves, and re-start their bored minds.  So a game gives you more traffic in your booth.

2. A tradeshow game gets shy people out of the aisle

One way tradeshow games drive more booth traffic is that games pull in shy people that would otherwise pass you by.  A game gives a shy attendee a way to enter your booth without having to engage a booth staffer about product right away.  With our interactive games, the game itself becomes the initial focus of conversation, fanning the flames of an eventual lead.  We call this the digital ice breaker.

3. A tradeshow game helps your booth staffers

News flash: booth staffing is harder than it looks. Many booth staffers lack the will and skill to reach out into the aisle and drag attendee after attendee into your booth.  So they don’t, and all those potential leads keep walking down the aisle.  Your average booth staffer gets bored quickly, and disengages from even trying after a while.  But with a tradeshow game bringing in more traffic, your booth staffers don’t have to work hard to pull in attendees.  So your booth staffers will stay engaged all show, and be more willing to staff future shows.

4. A tradeshow game makes your booth fun

Simple as it sounds, a fun booth is a good thing. When your booth is fun, attendees are more likely to walk in, more likely to talk to your staffers, more likely to stay in your booth longer.  And with all those people having fun in your booth, other attendees will want to join in, because nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.

5. A tradeshow game enhances your company image

One of the top 3 goals for companies exhibiting at trade shows is to boost or change their company image.  So if you want to change perception of your company from a stuffy, stodgy, fuddy-duddy company to a fun, modern, approchable company, try our digital tradeshow games.  Attendees enjoying themselves playing games are creating positive memories and associating them with your brand, updating their perception with every spin of the wheel or trivia question they answer.

6. A tradeshow game increases attendee engagement

We hear a lot of exhibitors tell us they want to increase engagment with attendees in their booths. Which is one strong reason why our Challenge Bar Trivia game is our most popular: because trivia keeps attendees in the booth longer, and fosters a dialog between the attendee playing and the booth staffer giving them hints and clues. And the most valuable part of that attendee engagment? Educating buyers about your products…

7. A tradeshow game educates buyers about your products and services

All tradeshow games can attract and entertain booth visitors, from mini golf to a pop-a-shot.  But few games do this: Our trivia game educates attendees about your products and services as they play. That’s because we customize our game with your own trivia questions. Questions that challenge your booth visitors to guess about the capabilities, strengths, benefits and advantages of your company, your products, and your intangible services that are so hard to promote.  Attendees gladly learn all this to win prizes and high-score bragging rights.

8. A tradeshow game cross-sells to existing clients

Again, this is another strength of our Challenge Bar Trivia game that few other games can offer.  When companies exhibit at a trade show populated by mostly their customers, they want to make them aware of all the other products they sell that their customers could also buy.  However, the exhibiting company’s own sales rep may not have educated their existing clients of these other products.  With a well-written set of trivia questions, exhibitors can cleverly cross-sell their broad product offering to their existing clients attending the show.

9. A tradeshow game gets more impact from your trade show giveaways

Trade show giveaways are extremely popular, but often their full value is not obtained by exhibitors. Rather than just set them out on the table or shelf, or hide them away from quick hands, exhibitors can integrate their giveaways into a fun, promoted prize wheel game that gives them more drawing power and helps increase lead capture data. Let’s talk more about lead data:

10. A tradeshow game gathers more lead data

It may sound surprising to pair up the fun of a tradeshow game with the nerdiness of capturing more lead data, but it’s so true.  Tradeshow games (playing for fun, prizes, and bragging rights) provide the incentive for attendees to share their contact data.  Not only that, but they will also answer a few qualifying questions that help you prioritize them for faster lead follow up.  And with our Lead Manager app, you can also get your leads’ photo, social media profiles, and company profiles. You can gather leads easily at shows even if the show doesn’t offer a badge scanner.

11. A tradeshow game can include analytics to prove your trade show success

Again, this is a surprisingly nerdy advantage from our tradeshow games: analytics.  After each show you get charts and graphs that report how much activity your games had.  These analytics are great for sharing with management to demonstrate success.  And when you use our games show after show, you get great data to compare the traffic, engagement, and leads amongst your entire show scheule.

12. A tradeshow game jumpstarts all phases of your attendees’ buying cycles

At the start of this article I wrote how little the idea of a tradeshow game seemed.  Yet here is an extremely important strategic value tradeshow games provide: Many island exhibitors design their exhibit around the entire buying cycle of their booth visitors. Adding a tradeshow game helps bring in more traffic, that can then, after the game, be directed to expand engagement at all phases of their buying cycle.  Here’s more about that, with expanatory infographics.

13. A tradeshow game recovers otherwise lost leads from small booths at regional trade shows

Another surprisingly valuable strategics advantage our digital tradeshow games can offer is helping you regain control over your regional trade shows. Often these shows are staffed by field reps who won’t send back any leads they gathered, so you can’t drive sales, prove the show’s value nor judge which regional shows are worth keeping.  With our Digital Fishbowl game, you get those regional show leads immediately, allowing you to follow up on leads, track sales, and intelligently evolve your regional show schedule.

14. A tradeshow game retains otherwise lost leads during busy show times

As exhibitors, we’d all like to magically have the exact number of booth staffers needed to talk to the varying flow of attendees.  The reality is that we bring as many staffers we can afford – which is usually too few during the busiest times of the show. Potential leads can’t find an open booth staffer to talk to, and they are too impatient to wait.  You can still retain some of these otherwise lost leads with our Digital Fishbowl game.  Attendees will provide their contact and qualifying data for a chance to win a prize, and you retain leads that would otherwise be lost.

15. A tradeshow game generates more sales leads

It’s only natural that as you get more booth traffic, more of that booth traffic turns into leads. (Here’s a story of one exhibitor that nearly doubled their lead goal with tradeshow games.) And for many exhibitors, lead generation is the top reason for exhibiting at trade shows. Our clients regularly tell us they boost lead counts from 30% to 100%.  These leads saw a demo of your products and services in your booth, so they are more likely to close than leads from other marketing sources.

16. A tradeshow game can increase your trade show ROI

When you boost lead counts from 30% to 100%, but only increase your overall trade show budget by hundreds or a few thousand dollars (our games cost less with an annual plan), you can significantly boost your tradeshow ROI.  We even hear from clients how they replaced a more expensive, and less effective promotion with our tradeshow games, actually saving money while boosting results.

17. A tradeshow game quickly creates a proven, customized promotion

When you are tasked with managing many trade shows, plus often many other marketing activities like social media, web site upgrades, lead management, and more, then it becomes problematic to plan and create a new promotion for your important trade shows. Who has the time? Fortunately, our tradeshow games are easily customized in 2 weeks on our configurable interactive game software platform.  You quickly get a proven promotion that delivers results at your shows.

I hope you now realize that when while looking for a fun promo idea for your tradeshows, in considering tradeshow games you have uncovered a gem of an idea that will significantly boost your results in a myriad of ways.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive tradeshow games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

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How To Write Effective Qualifying Questions For Your Trade Show App

trade show app questions

More and more exhibitors are ditching paper and instead using a trade show app to capture lead data from their in-booth conversations.  They often use the show’s provided lead retrieval app, or else use a rented or purchased lead retrieval app or trade show game to capture lead data.

While there are advantages to using a trade show app in terms of saving time entering and exporting data, too many exhibitors fail to go one more crucial step, and include valuable qualifying questions in their digital lead capture.

That’s understandable, as it takes time to customize the app with your company’s qualifying questions, and there is suspicion that the booth staffers still won’t use them. Yet getting answers to qualifying questions is so worth the effort!

Here’s how to write qualifying questions for your trade show app – questions that will advance your business goals and that your booth staffers will actually use.

Write as few qualifying questions for your trade show app as possible

Nothing is as daunting to a booth staffer than a laundry list of questions to get answers for, when they’re faced with restless booth visitors who are itching to resume walking the show floor. Give your booth staffers too many questions and you won’t get answers for most of them. Or, you’ll get annoyed prospects and more data than you can actually use.

Instead, only ask questions that will help your sales people prioritize and engage with their leads, and that your marketing team will use to select marketing follow up.

What kinds of questions to include in your trade show app

Ask your sales management to supply the 3 to 5 questions they would want to ask a prospect to define their needs and to rate how qualified they are.

These questions are the select few that veteran sales people know will help understand each lead’s specific needs and determine which of your product offerings are best. Answers that will help determine what market segment prospects belong to.  Answers that will determine the rate and level of sales and marketing follow up.

These questions can be about which of the product families they are interested in, the level of their consumption of your product type, or the date of an upcoming event that is driving their purchase.

Chances are, your sales and marketing team will brainstorm a list of 10 or more questions.  Once you have that list, be ruthless about eliminating questions that are secondary, and keep questions that will truly be used to understand, qualify and prioritize leads.

Getting BANT answers without asking BANT questions

Perhaps the most popular formula for qualifying leads is called BANT: Budget, Authority, Need, Time.

  • Budget: Does your lead have the budget set aside to buy your product already?
  • Authority: Do they have the authority to make the purchase?
  • Need: Do they have a strong need to buy your solution?
  • Time: How soon do they plan to make the purchase?

Questions that revolve around answering these questions are great to ask – except they can also make your booth visitors recoil.  Work with your sales team to write questions that help to reveal budget and need (some size or use amount parameter, their vertical market, the key problem they are trying to solve) without having to directly ask the budget question.

How to format answer choices for your trade show app

When you can, make your qualifying questions multiple choice that booth staffers can simply check a box to define the answer.  Even better, those same question and answer choices are already being used by your sales and marketing team in your database, so you have apples-to-apples comparison to other prospects and can quickly import the show’s lead capture data and use it right away.

For example, you can rate each lead’s quality and simultaneously define follow up activity with one question that asks the next follow up step:

  • Have a Sales Rep contact for a demo or call
  • Add to newsletter list
  • Send product info
  • Send a whitepaper or e-book

Reevaluate your trade show app questions for every show

Hopefully you can use the same questions and answers at every show and save yourself time in making changes.  But verify you can use them every time.  Your company may have introduced a major new product or be exhibiting at a different vertical market show.  For both of these reasons you would benefit from asking new questions on your trade show app.  Fortunately, you won’t have to spend as much time as the first time.

Adding effective qualifying questions to your trade show app may seem like a small thing, but it can produce oversize results for the effort.  A few easily answered questions will vastly improve your ability to prioritize and follow up on leads, boosting your results and trade show ROI.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads

4 Ways To Boost Your Trade Show Giveaways Impact With Our Virtual Prize Wheel Game

Virtual Prize Wheel for trade show giveaways

Chances are you’ve used trade show giveaways to drive more booth traffic.  It’s a time-honored tactic that gets attention and lets attendees go home with a souvenir to remember you by.

But your giveaways can do even more to help increase your trade show results.  You can boost their marketing impact in 4 powerful ways, by combining your giveaways with our Virtual Prize Wheel.

Here’s how our Virtual Prize Wheel adds impact to your trade show giveaways:

1. Make your trade show giveaways more exciting to attract more visitors

When you show a colorful prize wheel on a big flat screen monitor, complete with photos of your big prize, it clearly signals to attendees that there’s a fun and beneficial reason to visit your booth.  Attendees get more excited to try to win a prize – even if it’s the same giveaways you would have given them anyhow!  And attendees love to smash the big button that drives the prize wheel on the screen.  As people spin to win, their enthusiasm and squeals attract attention from other attendees.  Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd!

2. Leverage your trade show giveaways to capture more lead data

Ever have an attendee walk into your booth, grab your giveaway, and leave? It’s your trade show booth, not Halloween!  You can set up our Virtual Prize Wheel on one or more iPads, where attendees enter in their contact data, answer a few qualifying survey questions, and then hit the button on-screen to win their prize.  Now you are capturing your booth visitors’ valuable lead data, uploaded to the cloud, immediately available to you, even if you’re not on-site!

3. Enhance your brand while offering trade show giveaways

It’s common to customize your trade show giveaways by printing or embossing your company logo on them, or by choosing giveaways in your company colors.  The best giveaways are thematically linked to your marketing message, helping attendees better remember your company and benefits. You can go one step further with our Virtual Prize Wheel game, because we customize the screen visuals to your brand.  You can pick the wheel and background screen colors and font, add in your company logo and brand images, plus any show-specific images or messages. Plus, the Virtual Prize Wheel adds a patina of modern cool to your brand, especially compared to a regular prize wheel.

4. Better manage the proportion given of major and minor trade show giveaways

While a pile of $5 giveaways can bring in some people, offering a bigger prize will entice even the most jaded attendees to walk in. But you don’t want to give those valuable prizes to everyone, lest you go broke.  With our Virtual Prize Wheel, everyone can spin the wheel to have a chance at a big prize that your feature on your game graphics, but you can set the proportion of big prize winners to whatever you want.  Let most attendees win smaller prizes, yet get more attendees in.

Trade show giveaways work, which is why exhibitors continue to use them. But with our Virtual Prize Wheel, your giveaways will drive even more traffic, facilitate lead data capture, and enhance your brand.  So you get more leads, sales, and profits from your trade show investment.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games like the Virtual Prize Wheel, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.