8 Reasons B2B Salespeople Love Our Digital Trade Show Games

While exhibitors choose our digital trade show games for their marketing impact, the group of employees they really affect the most is your B2B salespeople.

Your salespeople play two major roles on both sides of trade shows. First, salespeople are often the biggest part of your booth staffing team. And second, exhibitors’ main exhibiting goal is to generate leads – which are handed off to their sales team!

Let’s see how our games help salespeople in both these roles:

B2B Salespeople love our digital trade show games as booth staffers because:

1. Get more booth traffic

The top reason exhibitors choose our digital trade show games is to drive more booth traffic.  The increased traffic helps salespeople staffing your booth, because they don’t have to work so hard to pull in attendees.  Remember, even though your salespeople may be excellent on the phone or in meetings may not be good at getting people out of the aisle and into the booth. Your salespeople will be so grateful to avoid having to hook all the attendees in.

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Harvard Research Correlates Events With Higher Revenue Growth

A new research report from Harvard Business Review’s Analytic Services makes a bold claim: Greater use of events correlates with greater revenue growth.  That’s because already popular events are getting even more popular, as new technologies are making it easier to track event leads to sales.

With a provable ROI, events have regained traction as a preferred marketing medium.

Even high-tech companies that are central to the digital revolution, such as Salesforce, Yelp, Facebook & Instagram, heavily depend on events to drive sales growth, hosting hundreds of events all year round, and all around the world.

6 Ideas To Attract More Visitors To Your Trade Show Booth

Many of our exhibiting clients tell us they crave trade show ideas on how to attract more visitors to their booth. They want an attraction that makes their booth irresistible for attendees walking down the aisle.

Do you want to drive booth traffic, too? Here are 6 proven ideas you can consider:

Idea #1 To Attract Visitors To Your Trade Show Booth: Product Demo

Rather than make all their purchases over the Internet, buyers continue to go to trade shows because it allows them to see and touch real products in person. Leverage this strong advantage by demonstrating your products in your booth.  Show how your product solves real problems. Have a presenter constantly demonstrating your product, and even invite attendees to try your product themselves.  Just be sure to have your booth staff trained to perform the demo smoothly, especially if it’s a new product.

How A Lead Capture App Can Improve Your Trade Show Lead Follow Up

Trade show leads ignored by marketing and sales are squandered forever.

Fortunately, a lead capture app can be the keystone to improving your trade show lead follow up – and thus generating more sales and a higher trade show ROI.  But to get those improved sales results, you need to use your lead capture app to its full capacity.

Lead capture apps are most commonly rented from the trade show, or for a growing number of exhibitors, bought directly.  (SocialPoint provides a free, fully-featured lead capture app as a companion to our trade show games).

Attract Major Company Prospects With Tradeshow Booth Games

Maybe you think that tradeshow booth games are not professional enough to attract attendees who work at major companies?  Think again.

Sure, you’d expect small company employees would stop to play tradeshow booth games.  But wouldn’t enterprise-level prospects be too focused on business, too driven to engage with something that’s, well, fun?

Turns out employees from large corporations are people, just like you and me.  They just have thousands of fellow employees, that’s all.  As people, they love to have fun, win a prize, show their skill, and compete with friends. They do tend to have larger budgets – which can be very important for you as an exhibitor!

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Trade Show Lead Form Template: 4 Essential Sections To Include

For many exhibitors, lead generation is the number one reason to exhibit at trade shows.

But too many exhibitors only collect business cards, with a few tiny notes scribbled on the back. By the time they get back to the office they have trouble reading their notes and remembering conversations on the show floor.

That’s no way to generate a winning return on investment!

Make it easier on yourself and your booth staffers by following the advice below in building a trade show lead form.  This data can fit on a lead card you print on single sheet of paper. Or, if you use a trade show lead capture app, use these ideas to determine the fields you need in a digital form.

See 31 Trade Show Trivia Game Examples

trade show trivia game examples

We know our Challenge Bar Trivia game sounds pretty darn good to exhibitors looking to stand out:

  • Our fun trade show trivia game drives greater booth traffic, engages attendees with your booth staffers, teaches prospects about your products, and captures lead data.
  • Because our trivia game is built on a platform, we can customize it to your brand and game needs, within a couple of weeks, rather than the months it takes to develop a custom-built digital activity.

But perhaps you need to see more proof that we can deliver.  After all, seeing is believing!

In that spirit, we present to you 31 flavors of our trade show trivia game, to help ease your mind and help demonstrate the proven value we can offer you.

11 Examples of Crowds Drawn In & Engaged Playing A Trade Show Trivia Game

If the main reasons you are considering our trade show trivia game is to drive booth traffic and engage prospects, here are 11 examples of exhibitors drawing in a crowd, and keeping them engaged.  Our trivia game helped them increase lead counts and educated their prospects about their products and services.

The Biggest 2 Trade Show Giveaway Problems Exhibitors Have – And How To Solve Them

Solve major trade show givaway problems and get more booth visitors with the SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel game

Last month we published the results of our exhibitor survey about their trade show giveaway strategies, choices, and perceptions, which we wrote about here.  But that wasn’t all we learned.

While exhibitors were strongly positive about the advantages and benefits of using a trade show giveaway, they still had problems with them. Here’s how exhibitors ranked 5 problems experienced when offering a trade show giveaway:

Trade Show Giveaway Problems

What stood out to us right away is that of the top 2 problems exhibitors have experienced with giveaways, our Virtual Prize Wheel game can help exhibitors solve them both!

Managing Trade Show Lead Capture with Sales Reps in the Booth

Trade Show Lead Capture - 5 Tips If Your Have Sales People Staffing Your Booth

Trade show lead capture starts with your booth staffers gathering info with paper, an app, or even an interactive trade show game.  And chances are very high that your booth staffers will be all or mostly your sales reps.

So, to help you improve your trade show lead capture results, here are 5 tips on how to get the most from your sales reps staffing your booth.

1. Choose sales reps willing to do trade show lead capture

It’s only natural that some sales people love staffing trade show booths, while others dread it. The single best way to improve your trade show lead capture is to avoid staffing your booth with sales people who look at trade shows as an unwelcome chore.  They feel that working the booth prevents them from closing deals. Instead, staff your booth with willing reps who see trade shows as an opportunity to talk face-to-face to many more prospects in a few days then they ever could while sitting in their office.

Collecting Leads At Trade Shows When There Is No Badge Scanner

Trade show lead taking without a badge scanner - use a trade show game like this

When you exhibit at a major USA trade show, it’s a given that attendees will be given badges, and that you as an exhibitor can rent a badge scanner to scan those attendees. A badge scanner saves exhibitors time during in-booth interactions, allowing them to quickly gather attendees’ contact info, and at some shows, a few qualifying data points, too.

But what’s an exhibitor to do when the show doesn’t offer a badge scanner because the show:

  • Is too small?
  • Is international in a country with more stringent privacy laws?
  • Is in an industry with greater security issues?

You still want to gather lead info, and gather it quickly, even if there is no badge scanner.