4 Ways To Boost Your Trade Show Giveaways Impact With Our Virtual Prize Wheel Game

Virtual Prize Wheel for trade show giveaways

Chances are you’ve used trade show giveaways to drive more booth traffic.  It’s a time-honored tactic that gets attention and lets attendees go home with a souvenir to remember you by.

But your giveaways can do even more to help increase your trade show results.  You can boost their marketing impact in 4 powerful ways, by combining your giveaways with our Virtual Prize Wheel.

Here’s how our Virtual Prize Wheel adds impact to your trade show giveaways:

1. Make your trade show giveaways more exciting to attract more visitors

When you show a colorful prize wheel on a big flat screen monitor, complete with photos of your big prize, it clearly signals to attendees that there’s a fun and beneficial reason to visit your booth.  Attendees get more excited to try to win a prize – even if it’s the same giveaways you would have given them anyhow!  And attendees love to smash the big button that drives the prize wheel on the screen.  As people spin to win, their enthusiasm and squeals attract attention from other attendees.  Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd!

2. Leverage your trade show giveaways to capture more lead data

Ever have an attendee walk into your booth, grab your giveaway, and leave? It’s your trade show booth, not Halloween!  You can set up our Virtual Prize Wheel on one or more iPads, where attendees enter in their contact data, answer a few qualifying survey questions, and then hit the button on-screen to win their prize.  Now you are capturing your booth visitors’ valuable lead data, uploaded to the cloud, immediately available to you, even if you’re not on-site!

3. Enhance your brand while offering trade show giveaways

It’s common to customize your trade show giveaways by printing or embossing your company logo on them, or by choosing giveaways in your company colors.  The best giveaways are thematically linked to your marketing message, helping attendees better remember your company and benefits. You can go one step further with our Virtual Prize Wheel game, because we customize the screen visuals to your brand.  You can pick the wheel and background screen colors and font, add in your company logo and brand images, plus any show-specific images or messages. Plus, the Virtual Prize Wheel adds a patina of modern cool to your brand, especially compared to a regular prize wheel.

4. Better manage the proportion given of major and minor trade show giveaways

While a pile of $5 giveaways can bring in some people, offering a bigger prize will entice even the most jaded attendees to walk in. But you don’t want to give those valuable prizes to everyone, lest you go broke.  With our Virtual Prize Wheel, everyone can spin the wheel to have a chance at a big prize that your feature on your game graphics, but you can set the proportion of big prize winners to whatever you want.  Let most attendees win smaller prizes, yet get more attendees in.

Trade show giveaways work, which is why exhibitors continue to use them. But with our Virtual Prize Wheel, your giveaways will drive even more traffic, facilitate lead data capture, and enhance your brand.  So you get more leads, sales, and profits from your trade show investment.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games like the Virtual Prize Wheel, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

How To Follow Up On Your Trade Show Leads Faster

faster trade show lead follow-up

Data suggests that only 18% of trade show leads are followed up after a show. Further, hot leads and warm leads turn cold the longer you take to follow up with those leads.

If you are B2B exhibitor – then you are probably doing the following:

  • Investing a sizable portion of your marketing budget on trade shows
  • Measuring your success based on leads captured and sales closed

Time is money, my friend. Speed is the name of the game. If you are struggling with trade show lead follow-up, then here are some strategies that will help you succeed.

1. Capture trade show leads digitally instead of with business cards

By capturing leads digitally, you can be ready to follow up with leads in minutes instead of the hours and even days it will take you to data enter the business cards manually.  To capture leads digitally you should use a badge scanner, lead capture app or a tool like our Digital Fishbowl. These tools will help you capture leads, ask qualification questions, and make notes.

2. Identify the appropriate trade show lead follow-up options before your event

Keep trade show lead follow-up simple.  I recommend that you pick up to 4 options to follow up with a lead.  Here are the four that I would use: (1) Have a Sales Rep Contact for a demo or call. (2) Add to Newsletter. (3) Send Product Info. (4) Send a Whitepaper or e-book.  Depending on your organization’s sophistication, you can add more.  In fact, we can embed this question into our interactive trade show games – so the attendee can self-identify where they fit in the follow-up process.

3. Create a trade show lead follow-up plan

Document and communicate your follow-up plan before the event. On our team, we use our Lead Capture App to ask qualification questions, make notes and rate the leads onsite.  This helps us prioritize follow up. Here’s what we do when we exhibit:

  1. Any requested e-literature fulfillment documents are sent right from our lead capture app.
  2. Sales reps get the Sales Qualified Lead with any notes from the show for calls and immediate personalized follow-up.
  3. Newsletter additions get a thank you for visiting our booth (sent via our newsletter platform) with a key message recap and a photo of our booth and team.
  4. Product information leads get an email from Marketing with any product information. These leads are nurtured until they go to sales.

4. Ask for a work email and direct phone number

Your trade show lead follow-up is going to be stalled when you don’t have the appropriate work email or the direct phone number of the lead you are trying to call.  Be sure to ask for a direct phone number for follow up.  If you can, do not let the leads enter generic email addresses or free email addresses from providers such as Yahoo! or Gmail.

5. Map your data capture fields to your CRM / email system follow-up fields

This might sound obvious, but make sure whatever digital data you are capturing in your booth maps to the fields in your CRM or email system for easier follow up. And DO IT BEFORE THE SHOW. This will save you time when you upload the data into your CRM after the show.

6. Get your leads into your CRM or email follow-up system right after the show

Time is money. Be sure to assign someone to upload the trade show lead data into your CRM.  Even if they are tired from a long show … make sure they do it right away!  This is a top priority, because those valuable leads will get cold fast.

7. Follow-up leads while still in your booth

Look, we all know that leads won’t read your email while they are at the show. However, you can cross a task off of your list if you can send them the lead while right there at the show.

  1. PRO TIP: Be sure to copy the lead into your CRM
  2. PRO TIP: If you use links to documents, make sure you have a tracking ID on them so you can see if the lead opened the email and clicked on the link

8. Let SocialPoint help you with a complete lead capture and fulfillment system

Using our interactive trade show games, you can capture leads that are in your booth. Then, you can use our Lead Capture App to add supplemental information to the lead and send e-literature right in the booth. Our Project Managers will help you stay on task and get the results that you want.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

Interactive Meeting Ideas: 5 Ways to Use a Virtual Prize Wheel in Your Event

5 Uses For Virtual Prize Wheel In Your Event

Note:  This is the latest post in our series of audience engagement posts.

Most corporate events end up with a stupifying sense of sameness, filled with a series of speeches, presentations, panel discussions, and uninspired trade show booths.

This can have the same hypnotic effect on attendees as the white lines on a highway, putting them into an unintended catatonic state.

So why not shake things up a little and create some fun, energetic activity with a Virtual Prize Wheel? Here are 5 ways to use a Virtual Prize Wheel in your event or trade show:

1. Team Up A Real Golden Ticket – And A Virtual Prize Wheel In Your Event

Golden Ticket Winner Idea For Your Events

Remember the exciting anticipation of seeing who would win the Golden Tickets in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? You can do the same thing in your event.  Either hide one or a few Golden Tickets around your event, or tape them under the seats at a special session.  Ask people to check to see if they have the Golden Ticket, and the crowd will go wild.  Then the winner or winners are brought onstage to spin the Virtual Prize Wheel for a chance to win a few select prizes.

2. Pick a Prize after Achieving a Milestone

You have employees or members you need to recognize for having reached an important organizational milestone (years as an employee or member, sales achieved, certification, achieving a career goal a monumental number of times).  Rather than give them all the same prize, you can have them come on stage and spin the Virtual Prize Wheel in your event to win their prize.  (You can make them all worthwhile prizes, with one exceptional prize – more about picking prizes here.) This adds more drama and excitement to a required yet sometimes less interesting part of your event.

3. Pick a Player to Come on Stage To Answer Questions

We also have seen companies use the Virtual Prize Wheel at their all-employee meeting to choose which attendees will be put on stage to answer questions.  So instead of putting prizes on the prize wheel, they put employees’ names on it. As another attendee spins the wheel, the crowd excitedly watches to see whose name pops up – is it their name, or one of their friends?  Who is going to have to answer the questions in front of the crowd? Companies use the Virtual Prize Wheel in this way to get event attendees more excited and engaged.

4. Spin to Win with Big Button to Drive Booth Traffic

Trade show booths are too often a dull affair.  Bring more excitement – and booth traffic – with a “Spin To Win” prize drawing.  Our Virtual Prize Wheel can be activated by attendees smashing a big button – a satisfying motion that will have attendees lining up to play. Once this greater number of attendees are in your booth, your staffers can talk with them to discover their challenges and propose potential ways your company can solve them.

5. Lead Capture Solution with Lead Capture and Survey Forms

You can also a Virtual Prize Wheel to do more than offer a prize, but to also capture lead data.  The chance to win a prize will encourage attendees to self-enter their contact data, plus answer a few survey questions that help you determine their potential lead value.  You can have more than one Virtual Prize Wheel in your event or booth set up to simultaneously capture lead data from hundreds of people over the course of your event or show.

If you’d like to see how you can create more engaging and interactive content using the wide variety of choices within our SocialPoint Audience Engagement System, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate greater attendee engagement at your events and trade shows.

Capture Lost Overflow Trade Show Leads With Our Digital Fishbowl

Let me tell you a story about how our Digital Fishbowl saved us from losing potentially lost trade show leads during the busiest times in our own trade show booth. And why you should therefore consider adding one or more Digital Fishbowls to your own booths at your busiest shows, too.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: Day 1 at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018. 

Within less than an hour of the start of the EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 show, we had 13 visitors at the same time in our 10 x 20 booth!  Hooray!  Just one problem — we only had 4 staffers to talk to them all!

It was awesome to have so many interested visitors, but agonizing to see interested prospects ready to walk away.  Especially when you know (thanks to Exhibit Surveys) that the average cost per trade show lead is $283 each!

This was the peak traffic moment, but not the only time all our staffers were already fully engaged while show attendees were continuing to stop at our booth.  Every day we had sustained busy periods.

Fortunately, we had a secret weapon: The Digital Fishbowl

The Digital Fishbowl is a modern take on the old-school glass bowl fishbowl, with a few great twists:

  • Whereas visitors dump their business cards into a glass fishbowl to enter a prize drawing, the Digital Fishbowl improves that by having visitors self-enter their own contact data, so that data goes into the cloud and is immediately accessible by you and your marketing team.
  • Visitors can get an immediate lead response and digital download of your product literature.
  • The Digital Fishbowl lets you also ask visitors to answer one or more qualifying questions, so you can prioritize lead follow up post-show.
  • The Digital Fishbowl presents a more modern image and can be designed to match your company’s brand look and messaging.

We introduced the Digital Fishbowl at the EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 Show, and it won the Buyers Choice Award for best new product.  Judges liked most of all how it helped solve lead management issues with regional trade shows.

But this benefit of saving otherwise lost trade show leads during peak traffic time?  We didn’t even realize that until after the show, when we looked at the analytics reports that come with our games:

SocialPoint retained overflow leads with Digital Fishbowl at ExhibitorLive 2018

We saw how high the Digital Fishbowl lead counts peaked.  The activity in the green box was during the times we were beyond staffer capacity. The purple box is the time we could handle the traffic and were demonstrating the Digital Fishbowl to attendees ourselves. (Green and purple boxes added for emphasis.)

Our booth staffers were engaged in the back of our inline booth, in conversations with visitors and demonstrating our other interactive trade show games.  We simply couldn’t get to some of the people standing in the aisles wanting to talk.

But our Digital Fishbowl did – it was on the booth corner, atop an iPad kiosk with a “PLAY TO WIN” graphic. Attendees could self-enter to win Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones.  And so they did, again and again. It wasn’t until we saw the analytics that we realized the Digital Fishbowl was quietly gathering lead after lead after lead!

Imagine not losing overflow trade show leads during busy times!

Has this story struck a chord with you?  Do you have shows where your booth staff is right-sized for most of the show, but unable to handle the traffic flow during peak trade show hours?  Have you watched potentially valuable trade show leads walk away?

How Many Trade Show Leads Do You Lose In Peak Traffic Times

Then consider adding one or more Digital Fishbowls in your booth.  The cost for an annual plan (unlimited shows for one year with the same game configuration) is $3,000 – that’s just $250 a month.  And whether you have one or three or ten or however many iPads, it still costs the same for our software.  Imagine that – the monthly cost for the Digital Fishbowl ($250) is less than the cost for the average trade show lead ($283)!

Two Digital Fishbowls In A 10 X 20 Trade Show Booth

Here’s how adding two Digital Fishbowls could look in a 10 x 20 trade show booth, with one on each corner.  The kiosks pictured have our SocialPoint graphics; you source your own kiosks and customize them with your own brand colors, logos, and messages.  We will load up game graphics used on the iPads to match.

20 foot inline trade show booth with 2 Digital Fishbowl kiosks for overflow lead capture

Four Digital Fishbowls In A Small Island Trade Show Booth

Here’s how adding four Digital Fishbowls could look on the corners of a 20 x 20 island trade show exhibit.  Those 4 Digital Fishbowls can scoop up trade show leads whenever your staff is too busy, or your attendees are too shy to engage with a staffer directly:

Island trade show exhibit with 4 digital fishbowl kiosks for overflow lead capture

Multiple Digital Fishbowls In A Large Island Trade Show Booth

Here’s how adding even more Digital Fishbowls could look in a larger island show booth, with one on each corner and even fishbowls in the middle of one or more sides:

Large island trade show exhibit with multiple digital fishbowl locations

Trade shows are a great marketing medium because they allow you to meet prospects face to face.  But there will often be times that they number of interested visitors far outnumbers the number of your booth staffers.  For those times, have one or more Digital Fishbowls at the ready, to capture and qualify trade show leads that would have otherwise been lost.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games (such as the Digital Fishbowl), feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

7 Reasons To Choose Your First Show To Try Our Interactive Trade Show Booth Games

7 reasons to pick your first show to try out our interactive trade show booth games

Are you ready to rumble?  Because not everyone is, at least not right away.

Most potential clients that contact us for the first time already have a specific show they want to use our interactive trade show booth games at. But a good number also are just doing research on promotional activities to boost their trade show results. They like our games, but now need to choose their first show to use them.

If you’ve reached the conclusion that our games will help your better achieve your trade show goals, but have yet to pick a show to try them out, here are 7 reasons that have motivated our other clients:

  1. A big show: At your bigger shows you not only need the booth traffic to make them a success, but your larger show budget can more easily absorb the cost of the interactive trade show booth games. Big industry shows are very often the place we get used first – but they’re not the only place.
  2. A very competitive show: Our games can help you stand out when the competition is stronger.  You know the shows – where exhibitors can’t get by just waiting for attendees to wander in, or because the show attendees are so valuable that exhibitors up their game to get their attention.
  3. New brand or marketing message: In makes it easier to integrate a new interactive like our game when you’ve already got your team focused on making a change to your trade shows. You have your new brand or marketing message going into exhibit graphics, so they’ll match the game.  And, when you’ve got a new brand or marketing message, it’s more motivation to use a flashy game to call more attention to it.
  4. Non-mission critical show: This is more for the cautious type.  Some of our clients want to try our games, but don’t want to risk implementing a new activity when the stakes are high. If this is you, pick one of the least important shows on your schedule, which will still let you can see how well our games boost results.  Perhaps your next regional trade show?
  5. Summer show:  When you have dozens of trade shows to execute, adding a promotion in the middle of the busy season is even more difficult. So instead, try out our interactive trade show booth games in the Summer, when you’re less busy than the Spring or Fall trade show season.
  6. Willing sponsor: Do you have an exec responsible for one or more shows who is more eager to try new marketing ideas? It makes things go easier when you have the person approving the plan – and the budget – on board with innovation.
  7. Your next show: There’s no time like the present! As Nike says, “Just do it.” Because we customize your game with our own configurable software platform, we can implement a game for you in just two weeks.

If one of these choices made you think, “Aha!”, let us know you’ve got a show in mind, and we can start planning how we can bring the crowd-drawing, lead-count boosting power of our games to your booth! Click here to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate excitement, crowds, and leads.

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Win The Game of Phones: Now Your Meeting Attendees Can Play Trivia On Their Smart Phones!

Audience Response App now includes Trivia game for events and meetings

Now that our SocialPoint Challenge Bar Trivia Game is available in our Audience Response App, you can win the battle for attendee’s attention, by giving them a fun experience on their smart phones!

How does adding Trivia to the Audience Response App work?

Now you can add trivia to your event flow and push the game to attendees’ phones in the same way that you push polls, word clouds, discussion topics and much more. Attendees play our “three-strikes” game answering as many questions correctly as they can.

Their scores will appear on the leaderboard that is shown on the big screen in the room or in hallways around the venue. The major visibility of the leaderboard drives huge competitiveness – and attendee participation.

And because our Trivia game is built into our Audience Response App, it works on smart phones and iPads, on Android or Apple IOS. It’s a solution for the “Bring Your Own Device” era.  So now there’s no need to rent and set up rows of iPads to give your attendees the fun and learning of trivia.

How does adding Trivia makes your meeting or event even better?

Gamification increases engagement learning.  For example, according to HR Dive, “84% of trainers surveyed agreed that gamification in training helps improve knowledge retention and employee performance.”

Our trivia game is addictively fun – people who complete the game usually hit the “Play Again” button to try and increase their score. When attendees play our trivia, they are learning about whatever you want them to learn about, because you write the questions.  So, while they are having loads of fun, you are getting tons of engagement and learning.  And it’s measurable.

That’s because we can group the questions into learning topics, so you can measure post-event which topics attendees know well, and which topics require additional training.  You can even view how individual attendees replied and scored on the trivia game, all in the same platform as their other Audience Response App interactions.

What kind of results are our clients getting with trivia?

Already, our clients have hosted five events with between 300 – 500 attendees that used trivia within our Audience Response App in their events. Each event is averaging 2,000 game plays and 14,000 questions answered by attendees.  The attendee engagement is amazing! In addition, we have used trivia in hybrid events – where we had over 1,000 people playing and over 40,000 questions answered. So – we are pretty confident in trivia’s ability to scale to large audiences!

It’s been a common complaint for meeting planners that they have to fight with smart phones for attendees’ attention. Now, with our Trivia game built into your event’s Audience Response App, you’ll not only win that fight, you’ll win the Game of Phones!

If you’d like to see how you can create more engaging and interactive content using the wide variety of choices within our SocialPoint Audience Engagement System, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate greater attendee engagement at your events.

4 Times When You Should Buy Your SocialPoint Trade Show Game On An Annual Plan

trade show calendar annual SocialPoint trade show game pricing

Recently SocialPoint added annual pricing to our interactive trade show games. We realized that there are 4 common situations where an annual plan makes better sense, because it lowers costs and eases workloads.

You might want to consider buying or upgrading to an annual plan on your SocialPoint trade show game if one or more of these 4 situations apply to you:

1. You want to lower the per-show cost on your SocialPoint trade show game

Because getting a SocialPoint trade show game customized for your first event is the most labor-intensive, your first event costs the most.  Upgrading from the First Event price to an Annual Plan (with the same configuration) costs an additional $1,500 to $2,000, depending on which SocialPoint trade show game you get.

So, you get an even better value if you expect to use the same game configuration at 5 to 6 or more events. Every show beyond that is free.  You can lower your cost per show substantially as you keep using the game at more events.

2. You do many shows with a similar audience

Exhibitor Magazine says the average exhibitor does 44 shows a year, while Skyline Exhibits says 18.  Either way, that’s a lot of shows, just for the average. And what if you are above average? At ExhibitorLive 2018, we talked to dozens of exhibitors who said they do 50, 100, and even a few who do over 200 shows a year.  With such a large show schedule, there will certainly be subsets of shows in your schedule large enough to use the same game configuration 5 times or more a year.

3. You’ve tried a SocialPoint trade show game and like it

You bought our interactive game for your show, enjoying the smooth experience of customizing and training to use the game.  At the trade show you experienced the substantial increase in booth traffic, fun engagement, and leads at your show.  You saw the export of so many leads and shared with your team the graphic and data analytics that documented your success. These are good things worth repeating!  And since you’ve already paid for your first event, you only have to pay an additional $1,500 (for the Digital Fishbowl Game) or $2,000 (for the Virtual Prize Wheel or Challenge Bar Trivia) to upgrade to the annual plan.

4. You lack the time to invent new promotions for every trade show

There’s no need to reinvent the (Prize) wheel!  Most likely, you lack enough time to devise, research, price, buy, set-up, train, and execute a new promotion for every show.  It makes it a lot easier to have a known quantity as part of your trade show routine.  Not only does it make life easier for you, but every time you use our game again, you get even better at maximizing your impact and engagement.

Getting more booth traffic, leads, and contact data is excellent.  Getting all of that at a lower cost per show and with less effort on your part, even better!  If you find these situations apply to you, contact us about getting an annual plan on a new or already implemented SocialPoint trade show game.

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How Fun Tradeshow Games Achieve Serious Marketing Results

Fun tradeshow games

Tradeshow games will make your booth a fun place to be on the business-like tradeshow floor.  But just because your attendees are having fun doesn’t mean you’re being silly on the company dime.  Quite the opposite!

Tradeshow games help you achieve serious marketing and sales goals, increasing the return on your marketing investment:

Tradeshow games help increase awareness of your brand

While tradeshows are a fantastic place to get your company brand in front of thousands of potential buyers – guess what – there are hundreds of other companies who had the same thought, and they are doing everything they can to get attendees’ attention.

A tradeshow game grabs and holds attendee’s attention.  They want to see what that crowd of people already playing are doing.  They want to win prizes.  They want to compete.  They want to see how well other people are scoring.  They want to test their skill.

All these reasons compel attendees to enter your booth and play your tradeshow game.  And in the process, attendees become more aware of your company brand (especially if the game is designed to match your brand colors, fonts, images, and logos, like ours do).

Tradeshow games help generate more leads

The fun of tradeshow games – and the potential to win prizes and bragging rights – drives greater booth traffic, filling your booth with more attendees who then become leads.  And not just names, but true leads.  Your booth staffers can talk to the greater number of booth visitors, and, by asking qualifying questions to determine which attendees are leads worth pursing after the show.  Here’s a story about one exhibitor who nearly doubled their tradeshow leads with games.

Our interactive tradeshow games also allow you to build qualifying questions right into the digital forms attendees fill out before they can play – giving you another way to rank your leads.  And with our free companion Lead Manager App, your booth staffers can write notes and further rank your leads, right in the booth.

Tradeshow games help strengthen relationships

Attendees are on the defensive when walking a tradeshow floor. There are hundreds of companies vying for their attention, time, and potential business.  So, attendees have their guard up. They are reluctant to engage with exhibitors, because they don’t want to be hounded post-show.

That’s where tradeshow games help you build relationships.  Attendees who are having fun in your booth playing games are grateful to your company for the fun – and view your booth staffers more as friends than adversaries.

And even if they weren’t initially willing to engage with your booth staffers, we’ve found that when attendees play our Challenge Bar Trivia game, they become friendlier by the end of the game.  That’s because attendees who are struggling with answering trivia questions rely on booth staffers to get answers.  We call it the digital icebreaker, and it does wonders for strengthening relationships with attendees.

Tradeshow games help generate sales

When tradeshow games help generate more leads and stronger relationships with those leads, it’s only natural that, if sales is your goal, then you will also increase the sales from those leads.  Depending on your company’s usual sales cycle, you can see the boost in sales as your tradeshow leads close.

Be sure to track the results of your tradeshow leads. Remind your sales team to keep in touch with these valuable tradeshow leads you’ve generated.

Tracking the sales results from your tradeshow leads is easier when your booth staffers taking the leads are the same people following up the leads.  But that’s not that common.  The other way to better track your tradeshow leads is with a web-based CRM system.  If you don’t have one, consider getting it!

Tradeshow games increase your tradeshow ROI

When you as a tradeshow exhibitor are deep in the thousands of details executing your tradeshow program, it’s easy to lose track of measuring your results.  And for many exhibitors, return on investment (ROI) is the ultimate metric.

We’ve seen exhibitors generate substantially higher ROI with our tradeshow games.  They drive significantly more booth traffic, leads, and ultimately sales.  All while spending only a fraction more on their exhibiting costs.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our fun interactive tradeshow games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

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REGIONAL SHOWS: Fix Broken Lead Management and Measurement at Regional Trade Shows

Broken Regional Trade Shows Lead Capture Lead Management ROI Measurement


When you manage a large trade show program with 20, 50, 70, even over 100 shows, your regional trade shows pose several unique and significant problems – problems our Digital Fishbowl game solves:

Regional trade shows broken lead capture lead management ROI measurement

Let’s dive deeper into each of these regional trade show problems that the SocialPoint Digital Fishbowl game solves.

Regional Show Challenges & Digital Fishbowl Solutions         

1st Challenge: Field Sales Reps Not Forwarding Leads

When you “volunteer” your remote field sales reps to staff your booth at regional shows, they reluctantly participate.  Hey, it’s not really their job, but for most companies their sales reps are their best choice for engaging with local attendees.  It’s just that those salespeople will often not have your sense of urgency to get any leads they take back to you.

1st Digital Fishbowl Solution: Attendees Self-Enter Data to Play Games, Leads Saved To The Cloud!

Now you are no longer dependent on sales reps returning trade show leads, because your booth attendees enter their contact data into our Digital Fishbowl game themselves!  They provide their name, email address, and answers to any qualifying questions you want.  When they type their answers into our games on iPads, their data is instantly synced to the cloud – where you immediately have access to it, even though you are far away from your remote shows.

2nd Challenge: No Badge Scanners At Small Shows

While badge scanners are expected at larger shows, frequently regional shows are too small to invest the time to source and provide a standard badge scanner for lead capture.  Without the badge scanner, the lead gather process bogs down for your remote sales person, who doesn’t want to take the time to gather and forward business cards.

2nd Digital Fishbowl Solution: SocialPoint Lead Manager App Free With Game

Not only does our games gather leads from attendees, but we also provide for free our Lead Manager App to give willing booth staffers a smart phone or iPad app they can use to capture and qualify your regional trade show leads. No badge or badge scanner required! So, your lead capture can be covered at every show, no matter what.

3rd Challenge: No Lead Data to Judge ROI

Your booth staffers may be closing sales from the leads they gathered (but did not send you) at your regional shows.  But if they don’t give you the lead contact data, there’s no way for you to attribute future sales to those regional trade shows.  So, you could have 10, 15, 20 or more shows that you have no idea what their ROI is. Without ROI data you can’t make good decisions on what shows to cut, keep, or expand. You’re stuck guessing which shows are worth keeping.

3rd Digital Fishbowl Solution: Now Get Lead Data and Analytics on Each Show

Now you’ve got the data to decide! Since you get game player contact info and potentially lead data via our Lead Manager app, you have viable data to track leads to sales, and then sales to costs for each show’s ROI.  You can make evidence-based decisions on your future show selections. You can say yes or no to shows with confidence.

4th Challenge: Paying for Badge Scanners Unused By Reps

You pay about $500 or $600 per show for badge scanners, even if you only get a few dozen leads per show.  That adds up to thousands and thousands of dollars for your entire regional show schedule.  It’s somewhat worth it if your booth staffers use the badge scanners and return the leads.  But it’s throwing money away if they don’t.

4th Digital Fishbowl Solution: Get Lead Manager App For Free With Our Games

If you hate paying for badge scanners that likely won’t get used, get our Digital Fishbowl game instead.  With an annual Digital Fishbowl pricing, your price per show will end up less than paying for badge scanners, plus you’ll get our Lead Manager app included for free. Our Lead Manager App syncs to our games to let booth staffers see the lead data captured by our game.  It also syncs to cloud data that provides contacts photos, social media profiles, and company profile.  And it allows staffers to further quality leads with more questions, 5-star rating, photos of business cards, and notes.

5th Challenge: Want More Leads at Regional Shows

Separate from the lead management and measurement problems #1 to 4 on this list, any trade show marketer is eager to increase lead counts at all their shows. You want more leads to help improve your odds at a more profitable trade show ROI. More leads make everyone happier, from the sales reps to your boss to your boss’s boss!

5th Digital Fishbowl Solution: Game Attracts More Traffic

Even before we enhanced our interactive trade show games with our Lead Manager App, our games were coveted for their magnetic ability to drive booth traffic and significantly boost lead counts. Our Digital Fishbowl adds digital images and style to the old trade show business card collecting fishbowl. Actually, our Virtual Prize Wheel and Instant Win games can also pull in more booth traffic, but the Digital Fishbowl is best suited to the booth staffers you typically get at regional trade shows.

Are you ready to take control of your regional trade show leads?

Imagine getting back all the leads from regional trade shows that now disappear into the wind.  Imaging knowing which regional shows produce the best leads and are the most profitable.  No more regional show black hole! Now you are in control again. Our Digital Fishbowl game gives you all that and more.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our interactive trade show games, even for your hard-to-manage regional trade shows, feel free to ask for a meeting to discuss your trade shows with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate excitement, crowds, and lead data you can measure and report.

Real-Time Analytics: Measure, See and Report the Success of Your Trade Shows and Meetings

Trade show and event game analytics reports in real time

Analytics to the rescue!

Now there’s no more guessing how well your trade show or meeting performed.  With our real-time analytics and downloadable data exports, you’ll know how well your interactive trade show game and audience response app did, during and after the event.

With our analytics you’ll be able to:

  • Track your progress in real time with our dashboard reports
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and celebrate your success
  • Download the data into excel for further analysis or loading into your CRM

Here’s a guide to our built-in, real-time analytics and reports you’ll get with SocialPoint:

Analytics included with SocialPoint’s Interactive Trade Show Games

Challenge Bar Trivia Analytics Dashboard

Analytics - Trade Show Trivia Game Dashboard

What it tracks:

Our Challenge Bar Trivia game includes a wealth of stats and charts that report in real time key metrics about attendee participation in your game:

  • How many people played your game at least once, total number of games played, and the total number of questions answered by all game players. (In the example chart you can see 500 people played a total of 786 games and answered 8,152 questions – that’s engagement!)
  • Counts players who played the game once, twice, three time, and so on.
  • Compare game activity levels across days of the show (In the example chart you can see the game playing counts dip at lunch time, and that day 2 had bigger activity spikes than day 1.)
  • Counts of game players by day, and percent of correctly and incorrectly answered questions.

How it helps you:

  • You can share the analytics charts and detailed data with your boss, who will love having proof of the number of booth visitors, lead counts, and level of engagement with questions answered
  • You can better forecast booth staffing needs based on game activity charted hour by hour.
  • You can evaluate the performance of your entire show schedule by comparing game activity levels across different years, or different shows in the same year.
  • For those who want to dig deeper, you can view another included report on number of correct questions by group of trivia questions. If you set up question groups by product or booth station or sponsor, you can then report the number and percent of questions answered correctly by question group to your different stakeholders.
  • You can also export individual player’s answering success by group, and then target your follow up to attendees based on topics they performed worst on – and thus need more training.

Virtual Prize Wheel Analytics Dashboard

Virtual Prize Wheel trade show game - analytics

Virtual Prize Wheel game analytics measurement reports

What it tracks:

Our Virtual Prize Wheel game reports in real time key metrics about attendee participation in your game:

  • Depending on how you set up the Virtual Prize Wheel, see charts and get counts on how many times the wheel was spun (in the first example, without lead capture, 153 spins; in the second example, with lead capture, 977 spins and leads captured).
  • Compare game activity levels across the day or days in the show (In the first example chart you can see several times of higher activity, with the biggest spike at 2 pm; in the second there is a plateau of activity from 10 am to 1pm).

How it helps you:

  • You can share the analytics charts and detailed data with your boss, who will love having proof of the number of booth visitors, lead counts, and prizes won.
  • You can better forecast booth staffing needs based on game activity charted hour by hour (in the second example the extended plateau of lead activity from 10 am to 1 pm was likely because the game was at capacity and could have generated more leads with more iPads loaded with games).
  • You can evaluate the performance of your entire show schedule by comparing game activity levels across different years, or different shows in the same year — especially if you purchase annual pricing.
  • When the Virtual Prize Wheel is set up to capture lead data, you can also download what each person won (not shown here) and customize your follow up by mentioning their prize in your post-show fulfillment letter.

Digital Fishbowl Analytics Dashboard

Digital Fishbowl trade show game and lead capture

Our Digital Fishbowl game reports in real time key metrics about attendee participation in your game:

  • See charts and get counts on how many times a lead self-entered their contact data and completed a survey (in this example 91 leads and 90 surveys).
  • Compare lead activity levels across the day or days in the show (in the example chart you can see three peak times at a three-day trade show, with the first day highest).

How it helps you:

  • You can share the analytics charts and detailed data with your boss, who will love having proof of the number of booth visitors and lead counts.
  • You can better forecast booth staffing needs based on game activity charted hour by hour. You can see during the spikes how having the Digital Fishbowl helps an exhibitor capture leads that would have been lost when all booth staffers were occupied.
  • You can evaluate the performance of your entire show schedule by comparing game activity levels across different years, or different shows in the same year.


Analytics included with SocialPoint’s Interactive Meeting Solutions

Social Media Wall & Hub Analytics Dashboard

Analytics - Social Media Wall

What it tracks:

Our Social Media Wall comes with built-in analytics, including a continuously updated chart that shows you all kinds of metrics about your event’s activity on Social Media.  It includes:

  • How many tweets and photos and videos were created using the event’s hashtag.
  • Histogram that graphically charts the social media activity by date and time across your event, so you can see high and low activity points.
  • Counts of shares via Twitter, Instagram, and if you host a private event and want to track it, even across SMS and MMS.

How it helps you:

  • You can share the analytics charts and detailed data with your boss or event sponsors, who will love having proof of the level of engagement and interactions.
  • You can make changes to your meeting design based on what you learn from the social media analytics, creating more “Instagrammable” moments or podium calls to action to encourage people to move from 1 or 2 participant activities each to 4 or 5 each.


Audience Response System App Analytics Dashboard

Audience Response Systems - analytics reports measure results

What it tracks:

Our Audience Response App helps you keep track of the overall engagement and the topics of most interaction.  It includes:

  • How many times meeting attendees asked a question, responded to a discussion or poll, or took a survey.
  • Counts of audience response across all the same metrics, but broken out by each session or activity you hosted

How it helps you:

  • You can share the report with your boss or event sponsors, who will love having proof of the level of engagement and interactions.
  • You can view the detailed answers and feedback from your event attendees (not shown here) to guide your organization’s decision making
  • You can also export individual attendee’s responses by session and provide that feedback to the speakers and presenters.

When you are initially considering an interactive trade show game or meeting app with SocialPoint you are understandably more focused on improving your attendee counts and engagement.

Yet, once the event is over, you’ll be very happy to have these visually clear analytic reports and deep dive data exports to share your success and provide insights into how to be even more successful at your next event.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our interactive trade show games, and boost audience engagement with our interactive meeting apps, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate excitement, crowds, and engagement