Attendee Participation Game

Connect attendees with what matters most. Your content.

Keep your attendees engaged with your content by letting them complete a series of challenges to win prizes. With over 25 different types of activities, you can build a game - or series of games - and keep your content and the attendee connected.

Unleash your Attendees

Let your attendees run wild in your booth - or throughout the conference hall. Our platform allows for in-app challenges, in-person kiosk challenges or staff scored challenges.

In-App Challenges

Attendees complete these challenges on their phone.

SocialPoint Challenge examples:

Complete a Survey

Create a Word Cloud

Question of the Day

Play Trivia

Submit an idea

Vote for an idea

Caption A Photo

Kiosk Challenges

These challenges are designed to attract visitors to your physical space.

SocialPoint Challenge examples:

Complete a Survey

Question of the day

Trivia game

Instant win game

Drawing entry

Staff Scored Challenges

Let your staff award points to attendees for completing challenges.

SocialPoint Challenge examples:

1 Point for every $1 donation

Watch a demo

Earn points for going on stage

Physical challenge

Arbitrary points

Earn points from another game

Instant Gratification for Increased Engagement

Reward attendees with a free spin of the virtual prize wheel after they earn X points. Attendees get excited after they discover the instant gratification that comes with winning prizes throughout the event - rather than just at the end.

Examples of the Attendee Participation Game

There are limitless possibilities when creating your own Attendee Participation Game. Below are a few examples.

Event Gamification

Create challenges that align with the event theme and all event activities such as…social event, content sessions, trade show, lounges, etc.

Trade Show Passport Game

Replace your paper “passport cards” and stickers with this game. Create challenges that encourage attendees to visit your top sponsors and reward attendees for visiting and engaging with their content.

Multi-Game Trivia

Add up the scores from several quizzes or trivia games. Players can win individual games or the cumulative game. Players who accumulate enough points earn spins on the prize wheel.

Appeal to More Players

Players stay engaged over a 2-3 day period because they can win an individual challenge, earn spins on the prize wheel, earn entries into the drawing or play a team game. Unlike typical event app vendor games that only reward the player with the most points, the Attendee Participation Game keeps players engaged by aligning activities to content and creating multiple ways to win.

Digital trade show games help B2B salespeople

Data from a recent event with Tax and Accounting Professionals. Imagine what the statistics would look like with your attendees!



Game Players


Challenges Completed


Prizes Won


Themed to your Brand & Event

Our game design is fully customizable, allowing you to to create seamless brand and event integration.

Measure Attendee Participation

All attendee data, game settings and analytics are accessible from a single platform. Follow up directly with leads, or export data to your favorite CRM.

Learn more about how the SocialPoint Attendee Participation Game can help deliver RESULTS at your next event.