The Secret Formula for Getting Social Media Walls “Right”

Social Media Event Walls

Most of us are familiar with the way Social Media has affected our lives, our businesses and the way we’ve come to communicate. Brands, big and small, are taking advantage of the reach and credibility that a simple Tweet or Instagram post has when people see a branded message from someone they know in their own network. It is what unifies us to stand behind (or in some cases avoid) a cause.

In any event, Social Media gets us pumped up and causes us to form sincere attitudes and opinions.  (One picture of a sad puppy in need of a home and I’m ready to sign the adoption papers!)

Creating “Warm & Fuzzy” Brand Advocates with Photo Sharing

Event Photo Sharing

You do it.  I do it.  We all do it.  There’s really no shame in it, so why deny it?

We are obsessed with taking photos and videos!  (Why is it that saying that always sounds just a little creepy?)  Maybe even more than the actual act of taking them, we are obsessed with sharing them with others Online.

Where does this incessant need to capture and share the events of our day-to-day lives come from?

I’m not naïve enough to believe that my life is so interesting that people sit around all day waiting for me to upload my next Facebook pic or YouTube video.

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