How To Improve Trade Show Lead Capture and Retrieval

Use this guide to capture and manage your trade show leads so you generate more sales and get full value from your trade show investment

Avoid Lead Retrieval Mistakes

It’s unfortunately far too easy to make mistakes with trade show lead retrieval. That’s because lead retrieval systems and booth staffers are often different from show to show, and because it’s not something you manage every day.

Follow Up With Leads Faster!

Data suggests that only 18% of trade show leads are followed up after a show. Speed is the name of the game. If you are struggling with trade show lead follow-up, then here are some strategies that will help you succeed.

Write Good Qualification Questions

While many exhibitors are now capturing leads with a trade show app, too many exhibitors fail to go one more crucial step, and include valuable qualifying questions in their digital lead capture.

Manage Lead Capture With Sales Reps

Your sales reps can be the best and biggest part of your trade show booth staffing team. But there are also challenges and issues more likely when sales reps staff.  Learn to prevent these pitfalls from harming your trade show ROI.

Trade show lead taking without a badge scanner - use a trade show trivia game like this

Shows Without Badge Scanners

What’s an exhibitor to do when the show doesn’t offer a badge scanner because the show is too small, is in a country with more stringent privacy laws, or in an industry with greater security issues? There is still a good way to gather lead data digitally.

Boost Follow Up With A Lead Capture App

A lead capture app can be the keystone to improving your trade show lead follow up – and thus generating more sales and a higher trade show ROI. But only if you use it to its full capacity by customizing it to your needs.

Essentials To Include In Your Lead Form

Gathering business cards nor standard lead retrieval system settings will let your staffers gather complete leads.  Make it easier on your booth staffers — and sales reps following up — by building a concise, yet complete trade show lead form.

Commonly Lost Trade Show Lead Data

Trade show games are not all just, well, fun and games.  They also help solve serious business problems, such as capturing data about your trade show leads that was getting lost before.

Broken Lead Capture At Regional Shows

When you manage a large trade show program with 20 or more shows, your regional trade shows pose unique and significant problems. Most importantly, your field sales reps don’t forward you the leads, so there’s no way to judge the value of each regional show.

Island trade show exhibit with 4 digital fishbowl kiosks for overflow lead capture


During your busiest show floor hours, valuable prospects who walk into your booth won’t wait for long. What if you could capture those leads, even when all your booth staffers are busy?

Improve The Trade Show Lead Cycle

Every step of the trade show leads cycle is key to generating leads that turn into sales and profits. That’s why we’ve designed our interactive trade show booth games to help facilitate all five steps.

Leverage Our Lead Manager App

SocialPoint’s Lead Manager app is a free companion to our games for even better trade show lead capture.  The Lead Manager app has 9 features to help booth staffers gather even more valuable and qualified lead data.

Digital Fishbowl Game With Lead Capture

The Digital Fishbowl provides exhibitors another fun way to digitally collect leads at a trade show.  Attendees enter in their own data because they want to win a prize.  Attendees also fill out digital surveys and declare their interest level, helping qualify leads.

High Quality Leads With Prize Wheel

Train your booth staffers to take higher quality leads while using SocialPoint’s Virtual Prize Wheel by using these proven strategies before, during, and after your booth visitors spin the prize wheel.


Your booth visitors will give you their own contact info before they play our games because:

  • They want to win prizes
  • They want to have fun
  • They want to prove their skill or knowledge
  • They want to do better than their friends

Leverage the power of interactive games to capture more trade show leads!