Virtual Prize Wheel For Trade Show Booths

Get more booth traffic! Our fun, attractive games draw in attendees who enter their own contact and qualifying data to play for prizes! After the show you get easily exported leads & performance metrics.

How Does it Work?

SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel Lead Capture

Capture Leads

Easily capture leads and survey responses with our custom lead capture and survey forms. Data is matched to prizes for personalized followup post event!

SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel Survey

Collect Survey Data

Use the survey to ask about marketing followups or gather powerful voice of the customer data. Data will be tied to the lead who entered the information.

SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel iPad

Spin to Win

Next, booth visitors will agree to the rules…you know the 19 page document that legal created? Then, they can spin the wheel. Woohoo!

SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel Prize screen

Discover Your Prize

The Final Prize screen shows the player what prize he/she won. Prizes can have sponsors, pictures and logos.

Train your booth staff to succeed with our Virtual Prize Wheel in your trade show booth

Is A Virtual Prize Wheel is Better than A Regular Prize Wheel?

Hey, it’s no secret: an old-fashioned prize wheel costs less than our Virtual Prize Wheel interactive game.  So why bother going digital?  Turns out there are many reasons our Virtual Prize Wheel is the real deal.  

Not only can you capture leads and drive booth traffic, but you can manage inventory and much more.

Virtual prize wheel helps collect more trade show leads in your booth

Capture More Leads

Let the attendees do the data entry for you by filling out custom data capture forms. The game is self-service and never needs a break. It will continue to capture leads even when your booth staff are busy and tired.

Customize our data capture forms and surveys to get the data that will help your business the most. Ask visitors to sign up for the newsletter, download a document and sign up for a meeting with your sales reps.

And with the new Lead Manager App (a free Companion App to our Virtual Prize Wheel game), your booth staffers can ask and record detailed lead info – and even start leads that did not play a game.

What will SocialPoint Mean to You?

More Leads

These fun, self-service stations capture leads when your booths staff are engaged in meaningful conversations. They continue to capture leads long after your booth staff get tired on day 3 of your trade show.

Faster Followup

There is no need to collect business cards from booth staff and data enter them.  Instantly download your lead and survey results into Excel. Then, start following up.

Smart Exhibiting

SocialPoint makes measuring your success quick and easy. We track the leads and survey results across events, so you can measure your impact by event.

How to Promote Your Virtual Prize Wheel For Even More Booth Traffic

When you include a SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel in your trade show booth, you’re going to get more booth traffic. People will be attracted to the cool-looking, moving digital screens, and the chance to win prizes. Follow some or all of the following 7 steps, to more aggressively promote your prize wheel game

How to Choose Prizes For Your Trade Show Prize Wheel Game

One of the biggest decisions for our clients who use our Virtual Prize Wheel game in their trade show booths is: What kinds of prizes should they give away? After seeing some clients struggle with this choice, I want to share with you some advice, so you can have a smoother experience and get more people into your booth. Here are 8 considerations when choosing prizes for your prize wheel:

SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel in Delta Vacations Trade Show Booth

SocialPoint offered a seamless, turnkey engagement opportunity for our event booth in which attendees and internal employees alike were excited to be part of such an interactive experience.

Nicole Anderson

Delta Vacations

Key Features

Capture Leads & Surveys

Let our prize wheel capture leads and surveys while you have meaningful conversations with existing customers.

Setup Reusable Configurations

Setup your lead capture forms, prize packages and virtual prize wheel configuration and then reuse it for multiple events.

Multi-Device Support

Use tablets, touch screens or a big red button to activate your prize wheel. Use one station or several based on your booth traffic.

Let Our Experts Help You

Our Interactive Producers help you plan your onsite experiences. Then, they will get everything setup and looking sharp for your events.

Performance Dashboard

Track performance across multiple days, locations and street teams all from a single performance dashboard.

Download Leads, Surveys & Prize Lists

Quickly download your leads, surveys and who won what prize into excel for quick follow-up. Then, send off personalized email followups before you get home.

Manage Prize Inventory

Keep track of your prize inventory so that you don’t give away prizes that you don’t have in stock.

Get Support When It Matters

Your dedicated interactive producer is just one phone call away. They will be there to help you trouble shoot any setup issues and help you where you need it.a

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