How to Use Games and Gamification to Achieve Your Sales Kickoff Objectives

As a Sales or Marketing leader, you know that sales kickoff meetings (SKOs) present a unique opportunity to set goals, teach the team critical new skills, and build camaraderie. 

Gamifying your Sales Kickoff meeting creates a fun opportunity to engage your attendees around your event content and change behavior. 

The friendly competition will help your easily distracted reps focus. Individual and team leaderboards will provide them with recognition and bragging rights.

Drawings and instant rewards will help those in the middle of the pack stay engaged. 

How do you use games and gamification to achieve your SKO objectives? 

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Athletico Physical Therapy Scores Big with SocialPoint’s Event Games at APTA Conference

At Athletico Physical Therapy, newly-graduated physical therapists treat patients with orthopedic and other issues that require physical therapy. To find those new grads, Athletico and its new partner company, Pivot, need a strong recruitment program. Formerly of Pivot, and now Athletico’s Assistant Manager of Clinical Advancement, Trish Herford develops a continuing education group for physical therapists to help them improve their clinical excellence. Athletico provides courses, training, mentorships, and leadership opportunities to support therapists’ budding careers.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) — the largest physical therapy conference — is teeming with physical therapy professionals. While there, attendees have access to many continuing education courses, opportunities for innovation and collaboration between companies, as well as product testing and integration.

So, Athletico/Pivot hosted a recruitment booth at the 2023 CSM in San Diego. It’s where 14,000 physical therapists, physical therapy students, and vendors go to sell products or services to a physical therapy group. The 4,000 students who attended could access many continuing education courses and opportunities for innovation and collaboration between different companies. 

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40 Ideas to Make Your Sales Kickoff Meeting a Raging Success

Hosting a sales kickoff meeting (SKO) costs a pretty penny.

Sending even one salesperson to a sales kickoff in Chicago ranges from $500 to $2,000 for airfare, meals, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. That doesn’t even include event production costs (and inflation isn’t doing anyone any favors). 

Now, think of how many events you have attended that left you bored and zoning out. What a waste, right? That's not what you want for your 200-500 person sales team in Chicago.

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5 Ways to Amp Up Your Trade Show Passport Game with SocialPoint

Wandering trade shows to have your passport card stamped is like playing with a kid who jumps out to surprise you. The kid keeps doing it so much that you expect it and get bored with feigning surprise. Then the kid wonders why you don’t find it fun anymore. And you’re both annoyed with each other.

That is because it’s expected. It’s the norm. It doesn’t surprise and delight.

Most trade show passport games are pretty standard. The big shock is actually winning something from the drawing that filling your passport card qualifies you for. So, it doesn’t matter what you call it — Bingo, Treasure Hunt, or whatever — the game’s mechanics are still the same (and predictable).

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15 Best New Employee Orientation Scavenger Hunt Ideas

New employees are awesome! They breathe new life and energy into organizations. Recruiting and selecting the right people was a huge investment. You want to make sure that they stay and live up to your expectations.

Whether they are summer interns, new college graduates, or experienced employees, helping new hires get acclimated to your company and your processes will boost their morale, help them from feeling overwhelmed, and make them productive faster.

So, let’s make new employee orientation fun. Instead of a series of boring PowerPoint presentations, let’s create a fun new employee orientation scavenger hunt.

Here are our 15 best ideas for new employee orientation scavenger hunts.

How to Use SocialPoint’s Post-A-Pic Feature in Your Scavenger Hunt

Photos capture the magic of team building in scavenger hunts. Our photo gallery displays bring together all of those individual moments and turn them into a shared experience. 

SocialPoint’s new and improved Post-a-Pic feature makes it easy to capture those photos and turn them into a shared experience during your scavenger hunt recap and awards ceremony. 

Share the photos on a monitor or projection screen, or put them on your website. Or do both!

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6 Pro Tips To Better Host Your Online Trivia Game

Online Live Trivia games allow you to create shared experiences with remote team members and virtual event attendees. The better you are at hosting, the happier your attendees will be! 

Customers come to us with a wide range of experience with trivia. Some of you are trivia hounds who play twice a week. Others are producers who are experts in live events. While others volunteered (or were “voluntold”) to help host a trivia game and want to do their best as host.

Regardless of where you start, all of us could use some advice to help create a wildly successful trivia game.  Here’s some of the best advice that we have learned over the past two years to help you make your game a success. 

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