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Event Suite

The SOCIALPOINT(R) Event Suite makes it easy for organizations and teams to set up and roll out SOCIALPOINT solutions quickly. 

Why SocialPoint Event Suite:

  • Utilize more than one SocialPoint product.
  • Manage multiple concurrent SocialPoint projects.
  • Organize SocialPoint solutions by event or project.
  • Quickly set up proofs-of-concept in a few minutes.
  • Use the SocialPoint API for Auto-Registration, login, etc.
  • Manage user access to projects.
Manage a Portfolio of Games for several different events 
  • Quickly create games for a wide variety of events.
  • Configure lead capture forms, surveys, branding, game features, and trivia questions for each event.
  • Copy and reuse game configurations.


Game Modules Included in Plan
  • Trivia  (Live Trivia, Virtual Trivia and Self-Paced Trivia)
  • Virtual Prize Wheel
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Attendee Participation Game
  • Digital Fishbowl


Enterprise Ready:
  • Team Management
  • Role-Based Access
  • Audit Logs
  • GDPR Ready
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Security
Team Management

Assign users access to the projects that they need to manage. Use Role-based access to ensure that each user has access to the events and features that are appropriate for that user. 

Key Features:
  • Add, Update and Delete Team Users
  • Key Roles for Users
    • Organization Administrators: Create events, manage users, review access logs, and set up integrations.
    • Event Admin: Manage events and event solutions. Review dashboards, download data, etc.
    • Event Tech: Access to set up links with a pin code.


Audit Logs

Keep track of the actions your users took in the system. What features did they access, data download, or features deleted. 

GDPR Ready

SocialPoint helps you support your internal GDPR compliance efforts. 

  • Easily add your GDPR notifications and consent checkboxes to all lead forms on all games in the system. 
  • Quickly delete the data for an individual user or all the personal data in a single event.
  • Audit logs keep track of user actions on any system data and features.
Basic Customer Support
  • Customer Success Team will onboard customers and help them set up the first event in each event. 
  • Provide remote support via chat and 
  • Online videos and help files are available on to help users easily set up games. 

All Socialpoint solutions support the following:

  • Use of rich graphics and branding
  • Ability to change colors, fonts and font sizes in solutions.
  • Configuration to adjust screens to the appropriate screen size (or responsive) if required.

You can read the full Terms of Service, Data Processing Addendum and  Data Privacy Notice below

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