Virtual Trivia Questions

If you are looking for trivia questions for your game night, trivia quiz, or virtual trivia night game, SocialPoint has you covered.

Rather than create trivia questions for your game show, get a head start SocialPoint’s trivia game content. Save yourself time, so you can concentrate on creating the best trivia experience for your group.


SocialPoint has many popular trivia categories:

  • Pop Culture trivia questions (TV Shows, Music, and Movies)
  • Sports Trivia questions (Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and more)
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Science
  • General Knowledge trivia (mix and match across all categories)


Plus, we have business questions in the following categories:

  • Communication Skills: Active Listening, Conflict Resolution, Non-Verbal Communication, Effective Presentation Skills, Time Management Skills and Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Skills:  Decision Making, Delegation, Coaching and Mentoring, Negotiation, Sales Management Simplified, Stress Management
  • Sales Skills: New Sales Simplified, Challenger Sale, Spin Selling, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Getting to Yes, Never Split the Difference, Crucial Conversations


Choose from over 100 Ready-to-Play trivia games. Or, build your own trivia game from our database with over 3,000 trivia questions that you can mix with your trivia questions.

Each set of trivia questions has the following characteristics:

  • 20 or 40 multiple choice trivia questions and answers with ONE correct answer.
  • Explanations for some questions.
  • Grouped into fun trivia game themes
  • All
  • TV and Movies
  • Culture
  • Sports
  • Team Building
  • Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my own trivia questions?

Yes, you can create your own trivia questions!

You are welcome to add your own trivia questions to ours OR create your own question set.  You can add trivia questions to an excel spreadsheet and then upload them all at once.

What type of questions can I create?

You can create the following types of trivia questions:

  • Multiple Choice with 2,3 or 4 answers
  • True / False
Can I add photos or videos to my questions?

Yes, you can add photos to your questions.  Photo questions work on mobile and iPad.

Videos are allowed on Self-paced games. The videos are shown before the player sees the question.   (We don’t recommend videos for Live Virtual Trivia. It’s easier to show the video through the Zoom call instead of having each player try to load the video and play it.)

Can I add Explanations to my questions?

Yes, you can add explanations to your questions! The explanations will show when the correct answer is shown.