J. J. Keller Takes 1,100 Leads At SHRM 2017 Using Challenge Bar Trivia Game, Nearly Double Their Goal

Challenge Bar Trivia game a good match for meeting J. J. Keller’s trade show goals

When Mike Monson, Senior Trade Show Specialist for J. J. Keller, wanted to boost attendance to his booth at one of his top 3 annual shows, he found more success than he expected with the Challenge Bar Trivia Game from SocialPoint.

As a leading supplier of workplace regulation compliance products and services, one of J. J. Keller’s top 3 markets is Human Resources, which for many years means exhibiting at SHRM in a 20 x 20 booth.  “We’ve exhibited at SHRM for a long time because SHRM is very influential in the Human Resources market,” said Monson.  “This year our goal was to reach as many attendees as possible.”

Monson knew that to increase his booth traffic and lead counts, he needed to do things differently.  “We needed a fun and challenging activity that would reinforce key points about J. J. Keller,” recalled Monson.  “While researching possibilities, I found SocialPoint, went to their website and thought, ‘This looks cool, it’s just what I want.’”

While SocialPoint offers several games for trade show exhibitors, Monson discussed their goals and audience with SocialPoint, and decided upon their Challenge Bar Trivia Game.  Monson explained, “Trivia offered good interaction time, reinforced our messaging, was fun, and for competitive individuals, it provided a challenge to get their names on the leaderboard.”

Results with Challenge Bar Trivia Game nearly double their pre-show goal

The game exceeded Monson’s high expectations. “While our pre-show goal was to get 600 attendees through our booth, we ended up with 1,100 visitors – nearly double our goal!” said Monson.  “Right away during the first day we had great traffic and meaningful engagement.  I was nothing but happy, thinking, ‘This is working out better than I hoped.’”

Monson added, “It didn’t take long that there were attendees lined up to play the game.  People would play the game as teams, even strangers!  How they interacted with each other was very fun, all the while the game reinforced several points about us we wanted people to leave with.”

And not only did Monson get nearly double the number of attendees, J. J. Keller had even more visits, because people kept coming back.  “I was amazed at number of attendees that played the game over and over.  Many came back each day.”  By the end of the show attendees answered nearly 5,000 questions – and learned more about J. J. Keller’s products and advantages in the process.

JJ Keller trivia winners at NSC 2017

Trivia game created dialog and interaction with booth staffers and attendees

The Trivia game not only brought in attendees, it helped facilitate meaningful conversations that converted into leads.  “The game allowed our booth staffers to start conversations with every attendee,” said Monson. “When a person was struggling with answers to the game, our staffers occasionally gave hints, building on the player’s own knowledge base, to get to the right answer.

“When a player got a question wrong, our staffers would hear an audible ‘ding’ from the game, and even shy people, once they got two wrong, it would crack the ice, and they were then more willing to accept our booth staffers’ assistance.  By the time they finished the game, our staffers were talking with them.  There would be a little down time between each question, so our staffers would ask what they were looking for at the show, and if we can help them.”

The show was a success from start to finish, even on the traditionally slow last day.  “There were very few times we did not have all 6 iPads with an attendee playing, and a booth staffer helping them. They were full most of the time.”

And even if people did not play the Trivia game, they were drawn in to become lead opportunities.  “Crowds draw crowds, so our booth staffers interacted with some attendees who became leads, even though they did not play the game.”

J. Keller leveraged attendees’ answers to Trivia questions in their post-show follow up

Monson continued to get more value from the Trivia game, even after the show.  “I sent a follow-up email to all attendees, that said something to the effect of, ‘By the way, these are the top 10 questions most frequently incorrectly answered by your fellow SHRM attendees.  These J. J. Keller products have the correct answers, that you could be using or posting at your company.  And for a limited time, you can get a 30-day free trial of our FMLA guide.’” Thus, Monson used the results of the Trivia game to demonstrate to his SHRM leads that they truly needed J. J. Keller’s products and services.

Mike Monson and J. J. Keller will use Trivia Game again

Monson is all-in on Trivia: “The Challenge Bar Trivia game worked so well at SHRM with our HR market, we will use the trivia game in our 20 x 20 foot island booth at the upcoming National Safety Council Show to help us with the safety market, another of our big three markets.

“I will likely try other SocialPoint games in the future, but for this summer I am happy with Trivia.  The other SocialPoint game modules may be better for other business models, but my market has many required regulations, and Trivia is a perfect fit to engaging this market.”

Smooth experience working with SocialPoint

While the results of the Trivia game were exciting, the experience working with SocialPoint was fortunately less stimulating.  “SocialPoint is very easy to work with,” said Monson.  “They were thorough, professional, and a good value.  They understand their product really well, and have enough experience with it, that when they predicted what would happen with the game in my booth, they were spot on.”

JJ Keller trivia game in island booth 2017


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