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Attendee Participation Game Event Gamification Solutions

Attendee Participation Game (APG) Event Gamification Solutions

Use the Attendee Participation Game (APG) builder to create the following games for your virtual and in-person events:

  • Trade Show Passport games
  • Exhibitor Booth Passport games
  • Scavenger hunt games
  • Sales Kick-off gamification
  • Full event gamification

Players earn points for completing content-based challenges. Those points accumulate over time, giving the players rewards and status on the leaderboard for their efforts. Reward management can consist of leaderboards, drawings, instant prizes, and free prize wheel spins. 

Players can play as individuals or in teams. Gameplay takes place through our web-based player app or by scanning QR codes. 

Integrations and auto-login are available.

As of July 1, 2022 - Events that take place in less than 14 days require a Rush fee of $750.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the smallest plan 75 days?

Your subscription terms starts the day that you order SocialPoint. You will have 75 days to setup, test and run your game.  Most groups take 2-3 weeks to plan and launch their game. Some groups need more time to support internal processes and reviews.

Customers who opt for the annual subscription typically want to create an annual game or clear out the data and reuse the game multiple times during the year.

Can I use SocialPoint for a one to four day show or event?

Yes. The subscription term is for 75 days. So, you will have 75 days to plan, set up and launch your game.

How will players access the game?

There are two ways players can access the game:

  • Web based link
  • QR code

We provide you with a web-based link that players can access to play the game on their phones or web browser.

If you use digital kiosks, then the players will scan a QR code and enter either a cell phone number or email address to access the game.

My event is next week! How long does it take to get set up?

Our fastest response is over a weekend, but we don’t recommend it. Give yourself more time if you can.

After you order, you will get an email with a link to organize a kick-off meeting with our customer success team. That will get the ball rolling and help you get ready.

Simple games can be setup and launched in a few days or a few weeks.

Can we add our logo and use our own branding and colors?

You can theme and brand the following elements: 

  • Leaderboards: graphics, logos, and colors.
  • Prize Wheel: graphics, logos, and colors.
  • Player App: graphics, logos, and colors.
  • Challenges: Icon and challenge images.
  • Quizzes / Trivia: Graphics, colors, and Leaderboard.
  • Results Screens (Word Cloud, Photo Collage, etc.): Background image and theme.
What reward types are available?

There are four different reward types:

  • Raffle Wheel:  players who qualify for your drawing are loaded onto a prize wheel. Players are removed after they win a prize.
  • Leaderboard: There are three types of leaderboards: Team, individual or daily leaderboard.
  • Virtual Prize Wheel: Players who earn enough points can earn a chance to spin the virtual prize wheel to win prizes.
  • Instant Win Prizes: Once a player completes a specific challenge, series of challenges or earns enough points, then can win a specific prize.

Reward types vary by package.

How does team gameplay work?

There are two ways to organize Team Game Play.

Option #1 (Play as a group):  The team will be considered one player in our game.  Players will work together to complete all of the challenges.

Option #2 (Play as individuals): On the other hand, if your group is playing as individuals. We can roll the individual points into a team score.

What kind of support do you offer?

You will have the following support from us:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Brainstorming meeting
  • Ready-to-Launch meeting
  • Online help guides and videos
  • Live Chat (M-F 9AM – 6pm EST)
  • Email support