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APG Event Gamification

Build audience engagement games for your multi-day virtual events, ongoing employee engagement and trivia tournaments.

Players earn points for completing content based challenges. Those points accumulate over time earning the players rewards and status on the leaderboard. Players can play as individuals and teams.

The Attendee Participation Game (APG) platform works best for Customers in these environments:

  • Multi-day virtual event engagement
  • Summer long programs (or similar time period)
  • Multiple game play

The 90 day option is best for teams that require additional planning and reviews.

The 90 day option is best for teams that require additional planning and reviews.

The Subscription starts when you place your order.  The SocialPoint team will contact you to schedule a kick-off meeting after your order is placed.


Choose a Game Type

Individual Game Play:  Players earn points by completing challenges. Once they earn enough points they can spin the prize wheel.  You determine the criteria for winning the game. Top player? Earn X points? etc.

  • When to use Individual Game Play: Always. Individuals always compare themselves to each other and their peers.
  • When to skip it:  Never.

Team Game Play:  Players join teams. Team progress is tracked on the team leaderboard. The individual’s points contribute to the team score.

  • When to use it:  Sales meetings and groups with natural competition among the teams.
  • When to skip it:  Team games need some tension to be successful. Sometimes unnatural teams don’t get enough buy-in from everyone to be effective.


Onboarding Services
  • Customer Success team will guide you through the process of getting your game ready.
  • Customer Success team will help you get ready to run your game. It’s pretty easy.
  • Use the Chat in our platform to contact your customer success team to get through any quick questions you might have.

*** SocialPoint will provide a default game template. You can use that template, modify the graphics or create your own graphics. ***

Branding Capabilities.

Pick the colors and themes and create graphics for the following game elements.

  • Game Theme
  • Player App (Web based)
  • Leaderboard Screen
  • Question Review Screen
  • Results Review Screen
  • Virtual Prize Wheel
  • Kiosk Tablets
  • Challenges


Game Configuration Options

  • Player Registration:
    • First Name, Last Name, Email and Cell Phone
    • Cell phone is used for password recovery

Challenge Configuration

  1. Pick a Challenge Type
    1. Trivia Challenge
    2. InApp Challenge  (ARS Activities)
    3. Staff-Scored Challenge  (Earn Points for completing offline challenges)
    4. Check-in Challenge (Enter pass phrase to earn points)
  2. Look and Feel
    • Icon (400 icon options from Font Awesome)
    • Icon Color and background color
    • Challenge Name
    • Challenge Description
    • Image
    • Instructions
    • Point Value
  3. Game Play Options
    • Individual Game or Team Gameplay
    • Mobile App, Kiosk or no-technology
  4. Game Rewards
    • Virtual Prize wheel spins
    • Enter a drawing
    • Custom Prize Rewards
    • Complete all challenges
    • Team Game
    • Daily Leaderboard

Activity Types:

  • Poll
  • Survey
  • Idea Generation
  • Word Cloud
  • Quiz
  • Live Trivia
  • Staff Scored Challenge
  • Check-in Challenge
  • Trivia Bar

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