Visit SocialPoint at EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 Booth #653 To See, Play & Win Interactive Trade Show Games

SocialPoint interactive trade show games in action

If you are attending EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 in Las Vegas from February 25th to March 1st, 2018, we’d love to see you there!  Stop by our booth and:

  • Experience for yourself the crowd-drawing power of our digital games!
  • See powerful interactive games you can get customized 14 days, not 14 weeks!
  • See our beautiful digital screens customizable to your brand and logo!
  • See which games are best for your big island booths and which work best for smaller regional show inline booths
  • Discover how our games also capture, convince, qualify, and report your trade show leads!
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    How Our Booth Games Improve All 5 Steps of the Trade Show Lead Cycle

    trade show lead cycle 5 steps

    Just as there are 60 minutes to an hour and 4 seasons to a year, there are 5 steps to the trade show lead cycle:

    1. Attract
    2. Capture
    3. Convince
    4. Follow-Up
    5. Report

    Every step of the cycle is key to generating leads that turn into sales and profits. That’s why we’ve designed our interactive trade show booth games to help facilitate each step:

    1. Attract trade show leads

    Attracting trade show leads is certainly the best-appreciated reason for using our trade show booth games. Attendees walk into your booth for the fun, the excitement, the cool-looking branded visuals, the chance to win prizes, and to compete for bragging rights. Our games will help you attract more attendees out of the aisle and into your booth.

    Top 10 SocialPoint Trade Show Game Innovations of 2017

    Top 10 SocialPoint Trade Show Game Innovations of 2017

    2017 has been a banner year for new and improved trade show games produced by SocialPoint.  We’ve added significant features to all our existing products, and introduced new products that give our clients greater choice and more benefits.

    Here are the top 10 innovations in 2017 to our creative suite of interactive trade show games:

    1. Timed Trivia Game:

    We added the capability to our Challenge Bar Trivia Game to set the total time that attendees get to play.  Usually exhibitors limit attendees to 60 seconds to answer as many questions correctly as they can. This was asked for by clients who wanted to get more attendees through their booth.  Now clients can set up our Trivia game 4 ways: as Timed Trivia, 3 Strikes and Your Out, have attendees compete head to head in our Versus game, or our next innovation:

    Why You Need To Make Time For Audience Engagement

    make time for audience engagement

    Not including time for audience engagement in your events and presentations might have worked in the past, but today’s audiences have higher expectations of being involved with learning and interacting.  So, you need to make the time!  Just consider how audiences have become more hands-on in reaction to major recent changes:

    20 years ago – Internet searches and YouTube videos:

    About 20 years ago was created, kind of when the Internet got really popular. Today, when my friends or my brother and I have an argument about who’s the best sports athlete we don’t just guess – we Google search it to see who is right.  And, we Google it on our smart phones. You probably do that, too.  And when I need to fix the dishwasher, rather than call a plumber, I go on YouTube to find videos. You probably do that, too, and so do your audiences. Do-it-yourself videos have changed your attendees’ behavior.

    5 Ways to Create Audience Participation in Presentations

    5 Ways to Create Audience Participation in Presentations

    How many presentations have you attended that could have been delivered more effectively as an email?

    You know the drill.

    The speaker unleashes a tidal wave of PowerPoint slides with graphs and charts going every which way.  It’s hard to pay attention. They rarely ask questions or solicit feedback to involve the audience.  To add insult to injury many speakers will read the slides.

    That’s bad. Really bad.

    You don’t have to be that person!  Follow the suggestions below to get your audience involved and help them pay attention to you!

    Successful Interactive Trade Show Games In A 10 x 10 Foot Booth

    10 x 10 foot trade show booth with trade show games

    When you are in a 10 x 10 foot booth space, you have to work even harder to stand out from the crowd.  That’s because there are so many other 10 x 10 foot exhibitors, plus all the other exhibitors are in larger, presumably more attention-getting spaces.

    That’s why adding an interactive trade show game to even your smallest booths makes a lot of sense.

    Even in a 10 x 10 booth space, your game needs to reflect your brand, engage your target market, and advance your marketing goals.  However, there are specific issues to including an interactive trade show game to your 10 x 10 booth.  Here are those issues, and how to ensure your interactive game is a success:

    Faster Trade Show Lead Follow Up: 6 Tips For Better Results

    faster trade show lead follow up

    Why should you follow up on your trade show leads fast? Because if you don’t, your chances of winning the sale plummet drastically. According to, 35–50% of sales go to the vendor that responds to leads first!

    That means if you contact your leads second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or later, you are fighting over 50 to 65% of the pie with all the other potential vendors – except for the first responder!

    So, what can you do to ensure you have fast trade show lead follow up?

    How to Prepare Speakers to Use Audience Response Apps for Greater Attendee Engagement

    Preparing speakers and presenters to use Audience Response Systems and event technolgy for greater attendee engagement

    The greatest advantage of event apps and audience response apps is to give your attendees a voice.

    Instead of passing around microphones in a large audience of 1,000 attendees, an event app or audience response app can be used to capture hundreds of questions instantly from curious attendees.

    Equally important – activities such as brainstorming can be scaled up to hundreds and thousands of participants with the same rich participation that you get from groups of 8 to 10 people. While these technologies are loaded with capabilities – it’s very likely that most of these technologies will be new to your speakers. This post provides a guide to help you prepare your presenters to use these tools in their presentations and workshops.

    Realistic and Improved Lead Capture for Small Trade Shows Staffed By Field Sales Reps

    improved lead capture for small trade shows combines game with lead retrieval app

    We’ve had very similar discussions recently with several exhibitors who have big trade show programs with big booths, but also lots of smaller shows with 10 x 10 booths that they, as the trade show manager, never get to.  Those small shows are staffed by field sales people or channel partners who have no face-to-face contact with the trade show manager.

    And while it doesn’t happen every time, far too often the sales people staffing the booth don’t send the leads back to the home office.