Interactive Meeting Solutions

Use the resources below to discover how to create attendee participation experiences and interactive meetings that people will love. Regardless of your technology choices, the resources below will help you develop an awesome plan to deliver maximum impact.

Why Do People Come to Your Events?

Attendees use words like Try, Share, Meet and Discuss when they talk about why they come to conferences. Never, ever, do they say to sit in chairs in rows in a dark room for hours end to listen to speakers.

Tap Into The Wisdom of the Crowd

85% of us have smart phones in our pockets. Now more than ever, senior leaders have the power to tap into the wisdom of the people in the room, to ask hard questions and work together to solve problems.

How to Manage Interactive Q&A

Microphone-based Q&A only allows for one person to talk at once, while interactive q&a apps allow all users to send it questions when they think of them. This multi-threading approach allows you to spend more time answering attendee questions that matter.

Audience Engagement Ideas Beyond Live Polling

While Live Polling in Audience Response systems have been around since the 1980’s, many new solutions popped up during the mobile / social revolution. So there may be more new ways to engage than you realize. Check out this list.

How Do You Measure the Business Value of Meetings?

The real case for audience engagement in your events is in driving business value. But how do you measure business value — does it always have to only be revenues and profits? Here are 41 ways to measure the business value of meetings.

What is Audience Engagement?

At their best, events are an explosion of content and ideas where we craft meaningful stories and create community. However, too many events stuff attendees in a big dark room to sit in rows of chairs for hours and hours.

Create a Feedback Loop

While mobile devices and social media technology makes it easy to create attendee engagement experiences in our events, the feedback loops that you use to visualize user-generated content will be a key part of your success. So, it’s important that you think about the different ways that you can visualize content.

How to Prepare Your Speakers to Use Audience Response Apps

The greatest advantage of event apps and audience response apps is to give your attendees a voice. But are your speakers prepared to use this interactive technology? This guide will help-you-help-your-speakers succeed at audience engagement in your events.

10 More Ways To Increase Event Attendee Engagement With Event Technology

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the last list. Read this one. We went next level with list of audience engagement ideas. These lists are perfect to help you and your team with internal brainstorming.

How to Select Wifi For Your Event

It is no secret that having a reliable Internet connection can make or break an event. Nothing brings life to a screeching halt quite like having a live video stream suddenly cut out for virtual attendees around the world. The goal is simple: Just make sure the Internet works without interruption and content is accessible to the people you want it to be.

Fun digital games for trade shows and events

Human Emotions

What makes our games and contests really gather a crowd, and keep people engaged, is how well our games play on peoples’ very human emotions. There are 6 key emotions that we see over and over driving people to keep playing. 

SocialPoint Event App - Caption This Contest

Audience Response App

Our audience response app makes it easy for you to create conversations between your organization and your attendees.

You can easily identify roadblocks, generate fresh ideas and obtain alignment. Oh, and you can make it fun, too!

– Interactive Q&A
– Live Polls
– Trivia Games
– Surveys
– Caption This
– Idea Voting
– Feedback Forms
– WordClouds
– Web Based App

SocialPoint Private Social Wall Hub for Sales Meetings And Internal Meetings

Private Social Hub

Turn a hallway space or resource fair into an interactive space with our private social hub. Collect data through kiosks, touch screens or our audience response app.

Visualize data through monitors and touch screens. Keep the conversations focused on your ideas, challenges and event content.

– Touchscreen for idea voting
– Kiosks for polls, Idea sharing and surveys
– Photo wall to show event photographer or SMS photos
– Photo Sharing station to print/share watermarked photos

SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel IBM Conference

Games and Contests

Events should be fun! We help you use games, quizzes and contests to achieve a wide variety of event objectives. Here are some of the ways we can help:

– Trivia Game Show
– Challenge Bar Trivia
– Quiz Game
– Social Media Games
– “Caption This” Contest
– Virtual Prize Wheel

Socialpoint Art Pop Social Media Wall

ART Pop Wall

Your screens should look like Art. Let us help you design lively, branded screen collages that you can fill with user-generated content. Then, offer sponsors unique branding and data capture benefits.

Pick from a wide variety of social media, leaderboards, photo walls, leaderboard and digital signage options to create the perfect experience for your event space:

Sponsor Benefits include:
– Branded Screens
– Full screen sponsorship placement
– Data capture screens for leads or marketing followup
– Social analytics data.

What will SocialPoint Mean to You?

More Fun

Your events are an explosion of positive energy and ideas. SocialPoint channels that energy by creating imaginative digital experiences that turn attendees into active participants. You’ll love how SocialPoint keeps attendees in the zone and focused on your event content.

Active Participants

We remove the barriers to participation by connecting with attendees when and where they are most comfortable. By creating activations on mobile, tablet, social, touch and SMS, we make it easy to match the digital experience to your attendee’s preference

Colorful Screens

Why should social media and poll results look like bad A/V from the 1980s? We are screen people. Our screen content is the most advanced and forward thinking on the market.  Even our polls look awesome! From tablets to touch screens to video walls – we will rock your screens!