Digital Fishbowl

Capture leads, manage drawings and contests and measure your impact with an interactive kiosk solution that fits your regional shows and small booths.

Eliminate Data Entry

Unlike a glass fishbowl that requires you to do data entry by hand after the event, the SOCIALPOINT® Digital Fishbowl captures the leads digitally eliminating the need to do data entry after the event.

Attract Visitors

Pull attendees out of the aisle and into your booth with contests and drawings offering big prizes.
  • Booth Prize Draw
  • Guess the Number Contest
  • Caption This Photo Contest
  • Question of the Day
  • Word Cloud
SocialPoint Digital Fishbowl Trade Show Lead Capture iPad

Capture Leads

For a chance to win your big prize, booth visitors provide their contact data and answer lead qualification questions on a self-service kiosk in your booth.

Leads in your Pocket

Lead data is stored on our cloud servers and instantly synced to all of your booth staffers’ mobile devices via our Lead Manager App.

Using the visitor’s email address we enrich the lead data in real time. Enriched data could include a photo, social media profile links or company profile.

Attention Grabbing Displays

Optional activities provide user-generated content that can be shown on live, branded results screens. Digital fishbowl activities with displays include caption this photo contests, live polls, word clouds, Idea generation, Idea voting and question of the day.

Email from your Booth

If the lead requests digital documents – the booth staff can send them from the app with a personalized email based on a template. The email message can be copied to your CRM.
SocialPoint Trade Show Lead Capture App e-literature fulfillment
SocialPoint Digital Fishbowl Booth Traffic Report

Booth Traffic Reports

When it’s time to review your results - the post event dashboard will show you how many leads were captured and when they came into your booth during the event. All lead data, survey data, ratings and notes can be downloaded to Excel for easy upload to your CRM.

See how the Digital Fishbowl can help you capture digital leads and manage drawings and contests.