REGIONAL SHOWS: Fix Broken Lead Management and Measurement at Regional Trade Shows

When you manage a large trade show program with 20, 50, 70, even over 100 shows, your regional trade shows pose several unique and significant problems – problems our Digital Fishbowl game solves:

Regional trade shows broken lead capture lead management ROI measurement

Let’s dive deeper into each of these regional trade show problems that the SocialPoint Digital Fishbowl game solves.

Regional Show Challenges & Digital Fishbowl Solutions         

1st Challenge: Field Sales Reps Not Forwarding Leads

When you “volunteer” your remote field sales reps to staff your booth at regional shows, they reluctantly participate.  Hey, it’s not really their job, but for most companies, their sales reps are their best choice for engaging with local attendees.  It’s just that those salespeople will often not have your sense of urgency to get any leads they take back to you.

1st Digital Fishbowl Solution: Attendees Self-Enter Data to Play Games, Leads Saved To The Cloud!

Now you are no longer dependent on sales reps returning trade show leads because your booth attendees enter their contact data into our Digital Fishbowl game themselves!  They provide their name, email address, and answers to any qualifying questions you want.  When they type their answers into our games on iPads, their data is instantly synced to the cloud – where you immediately have access to it, even though you are far away from your remote shows.

2nd Challenge: No Badge Scanners At Small Shows

While badge scanners are expected at larger shows, frequently regional shows are too small to invest the time to source and provide a standard badge scanner for lead capture.  Without the badge scanner, the lead collection process bogs down for your remote salesperson, who doesn’t want to take the time to gather and forward business cards.

2nd Digital Fishbowl Solution: SocialPoint Lead Manager App Free With Game

Not only does our games gather leads from attendees, but we also provide for free our Lead Manager App to give willing booth staffers a smart phone or iPad app they can use to capture and qualify your regional trade show leads. No badge or badge scanner required! So, your lead capture can be covered at every show, no matter what.

3rd Challenge: No Lead Data to Judge ROI

Your booth staffers may be closing sales from the leads they gathered (but did not send you) at your regional shows.  But if they don’t give you the lead contact data, there’s no way for you to attribute future sales to those regional trade shows.  So, you could have 10, 15, 20 or more shows that you have no idea what their ROI is. Without ROI data you can’t make good decisions on what shows to cut, keep, or expand. You’re stuck guessing which shows are worth keeping.

3rd Digital Fishbowl Solution: Now Get Lead Data and Analytics on Each Show

Now you’ve got the data to decide! Since you get game player contact info and potentially lead data via our Lead Manager app, you have viable data to track leads to sales, and then sales to costs for each show’s ROI.  You can make evidence-based decisions on your future show selections. You can say yes or no to shows with confidence.

4th Challenge: Paying for Badge Scanners Unused By Reps

You pay about $500 or $600 per show for badge scanners, even if you only get a few dozen leads per show.  That adds up to thousands and thousands of dollars for your entire regional show schedule.  It’s somewhat worth it if your booth staffers use the badge scanners and return the leads.  But it’s throwing money away if they don’t.

4th Digital Fishbowl Solution: Get Lead Manager App For Free With Our Games

If you hate paying for badge scanners that likely won’t get used, get our Digital Fishbowl game instead.  With an annual Digital Fishbowl pricing, your price per show will end up less than paying for badge scanners, plus you’ll get our Lead Manager app included for free. Our Lead Manager App syncs to our games to let booth staffers see the lead data captured by our game.  It also syncs to cloud data that provides contacts photos, social media profiles, and company profile.  And it allows staffers to further quality leads with more questions, 5-star rating, photos of business cards, and notes.

5th Challenge: Want More Leads at Regional Shows

Separate from the lead management and measurement problems #1 to 4 on this list, any trade show marketer is eager to increase lead counts at all their shows. You want more leads to help improve your odds at a more profitable trade show ROI. More leads make everyone happier, from the sales reps to your boss to your boss’s boss!

5th Digital Fishbowl Solution: Game Attracts More Traffic

Even before we enhanced our interactive trade show games with our Lead Manager App, our games were coveted for their magnetic ability to drive booth traffic and significantly boost lead counts. Our Digital Fishbowl adds digital images and style to the old trade show business card collecting fishbowl. Actually, our Virtual Prize Wheel and Instant Win games can also pull in more booth traffic, but the Digital Fishbowl is best suited to the booth staffers you typically get at regional trade shows.

Are you ready to take control of your regional trade show leads?

Imagine getting back all the leads from regional trade shows that now disappear into the wind.  Imagine knowing which regional shows produce the best leads and are the most profitable.  No more regional show black hole! Now you are in control again. Our Digital Fishbowl game gives you all that and more.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and capture leads with our interactive trade show games, even for your hard-to-manage regional trade shows, feel free to ask for a meeting to discuss your trade shows with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate excitement, crowds, and lead data you can measure and report.

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Samuel J. Smith is a thought leader, researcher, speaker and award winning innovator on event technology. In 2011, BizBash Magazine added Sam to its annual innovators list. Since then, Sam has won awards from Exhibitor Magazine, IBTM World, RSVP MN, International Live Events Association and MPI for innovation in event technology.