3D Exhibits’ Booth Design With SocialPoint Trivia Game Creates Best Problem For Merck Animal Health

When Merck Animal Health Conference & Event Manager Amy Gregory called her boss just after the start of the 2018 Veterinary Meeting and Expo, and said, “We have a problem,” it made her 3D Exhibits Account Executive George Furman surprised — and at least a little nervous.

But then Gregory told her boss they actually had the best kind of problem: “We need to bring in more staffer talent, because our booth is so swamped, we can’t handle the traffic!”

What made the Merck Animal Health booth so busy and the talk of the show was an award-winning design from 3D Exhibits, and a crowd-stopping trivia game from SocialPoint.

Merck Trivia Game Attracts, Engages Over 3,000 Trade Show Attendees At One Show

“In years past, Merck had a large space but not nearly as much traffic,” said Furman. “There were people participating, but nothing like the rush at this show.  Merck was 50 feet inside the doors, and attendees didn’t get past their booth.”

Over the 4-day show, 3,400 people played Merck Animal Health’s trivia game, answering 35,804 questions, a tremendous amount of traffic and engagement. Attendees played a timed version of SocialPoint’s Trivia, competing on iPads. While all attendees received a Merck-branded T-shirt, players with the 10 highest scores were displayed on a leader board –especially appealing to very-competitive veterinarians.

Trivia game crowded trade show booth Merck Animal Health

After the first show’s results, Merck Animal Health expanded their planned use of the trivia game from 2 shows up to the entire year.  They had similarly high player numbers at WVC 2018.

The Merck Animal Health Exhibit was designed with 3 main areas. In the front there was a reception desk on the left, and on the right an activity area that included a long counter with 8 mounted iPads to play trivia.  In the back of the booth was space and components for engaging with more qualified attendees.  “The Trivia game – and the chance to gain recognition on the game’s large leaderboard — helped gather in attendees, then provide them with high-level education about Merck products,” said Furman. “Most were satisfied to win a shirt. Some attendees that became more interested from what they learned from the game were ushered to the back of the booth to further engage with Merck staffers.”

As a result of the new exhibit and interactive trivia game, Merck increased their requests for post-show email follow up by 21%.  Moreover, 90% of attendee survey respondents learned something new about Merck while visiting the exhibit.

Merck Animal Health Exhibit Wins Award For 3D Exhibits

3D Exhibits’ design for Merck Animal Health is something special.  3D Exhibit’s design for Merck Animal Health won a Hermes Creative Award, Platinum Trophy.

The Merck design incorporates a sweeping curved hanging sign that made the brand more approachable and the exhibit inescapable.  Underneath, a large SocialPoint Challenge Bar Trivia leaderboard continuously updated the names and scores of the top 10 players. “SocialPoint’s trivia game leaderboard seamlessly integrated into the exhibit design,” said Sam Hersee, 3D Exhibits Interactive Technology Project Manager. “Our team easily blended the orange and green brand colors for Merck Animal Health’s two products, Nobivac® and Bravecto®, into the leaderboard graphics.”

The Merck Animal Health exhibit design, including SocialPoint’s interactive trivia game leaderboard screen, was so compelling that 3D Exhibits even made its photo the front page of their company website:

Front page of 3D Exhibits website -- big photo of Merck Animal Health

3D Exhibits Gets Quick, Complete Game Solutions From SocialPoint

As a major exhibit house, 3D Exhibits often sources and creates interactive activities for their client’s exhibits. “We usually build custom interactives, but for this show we had minimal time to do this. SocialPoint’s solution was off-the-shelf with the customization we needed.” explained Hersee.

Merck Animal Health trivia leaderboard with top scorers

“Two trusted sources recommended SocialPoint, so we reached out to them, said Furman. “We laid out needs, and SocialPoint provided something very intuitive to the solutions that were required.”

“Working with SocialPoint was an easy, pain-free experience,” said Hersee. “They gave us good talking points to help the client realize the value trivia could have in educating their booth visitors. I really like the SocialPoint solution, it’s a wrapped-up solution with bow on top, and it can customize with options.  Everything we wanted, SocialPoint already had accounted for.”

“SocialPoint is very helpful,” concluded Hersee.  “We came in, hemming and hawing about what we wanted, but SocialPoint steered us to a better idea.  SocialPoint’s games are very finished, well thought out, and complete, with a lot of feature options.  We’re happy that with SocialPoint’s help we were successful.”


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Samuel J. Smith is a thought leader, researcher, speaker and award winning innovator on event technology. In 2011, BizBash Magazine added Sam to its annual innovators list. Since then, Sam has won awards from Exhibitor Magazine, IBTM World, RSVP MN, International Live Events Association and MPI for innovation in event technology.