52 National Sales Meeting Themes Actually Used In 2019

Need the best national sales meeting themes? Of course, you do, because the stakes are so high.

At your annual sales meeting you’ll have your entire high-powered sales force and senior management team all in one place. Likely making it the most visible event you’ll plan all year. But hey, no pressure!

We’re here to help you with proven sales meeting themes for today’s business reality. We’ve gathered 52 national sales meeting themes that were actually chosen by your peers in 2019. Themes that multi-billion dollar corporations have recently invested big money in.

3 Most-Searched Sales Meeting Theme Categories: Motivational, Funny, For Growth

When sales leaders go looking for sales meeting theme ideas, they usually turn to the internet (like you probably did). These sales leaders don’t just search for random theme ideas; they search for themes that are motivational, funny, or about growth.  Here’s the number of monthly searches for each:

Motivational themes are by far the most sought after (with 210 searches a month), with a tie between funny themes or themes for growth (with 110 searches each per month). However, these 3 theme categories were close, but not exactly what actually was implemented in 2019. Based on our new research, somewhere along the road to meeting implementation, “funny” got lost in sales meeting themes, replaced by … well, you’ll see in a little.

3 Most-Used Categories of Theme Ideas in 2019: Motivational, For Growth, And Team-Building

Unlike others, we decided not to simply provide you with a long list of rehashed sales meeting themes written by others from years gone by. That’s because we didn’t want to share with you a list of potentially outdated themes corporations no longer use.

Instead, we researched to see what corporations are using NOW to rally their sales teams: The themes they picked in 2019.

Why does that matter? Because today’s sales leaders are faced with different challenges than those 5 or 10 years ago:

  • Economic cycle phase position
  • Difficulty in hiring and retaining top talent
  • Increasing influence of technology in buying, selling, and lead generation
  • Customer expectation changes
  • Shifting competitive landscape amidst digital disruption

Therefore, the themes corporations chose in 2019 reflect this new reality.

So, to find actual 2019 sales meeting themes, we scoured the web.  We searched for pictures, videos, apps, tweets, shares, posts, press releases – whatever we could find.  National sales meetings are simply not as well-promoted as corporations’ other events, yet there was proof out there.

In the end, we found 52 sales meeting themes that corporations, many publicly listed, used at their 2019 events.  You can see some of the pictures of their ball room stages, graphics, and theme identities in this blog post.

We also grouped their themes into 3 categories. However, these 3 theme categories had one big change: while funny themes were popular in internet searches, team-building themes were popular in the actual themes used.

And why team building? Likely because many corporations want to instill in their sales force how their success depends on how well sales works together and with others in their company.

Here’s how we categorized the 52 companies’ sales meeting themes actually used in 2019:

  • Motivational sales meeting themes: 19
  • Sales meeting themes for growth: 18
  • Team building sales meeting themes: 15

Let’s take a look at the actual themes and which corporations used them, grouping them among our three categories.

19 Motivational Sales Meeting Themes Used In 2019

Motivational sales meeting themes are chosen to get the sales force fired up! Inspire them to burst out of the of the meeting rooms and storm the castle.

motivational national sales meeting themes

  1. Activate — Samsung
  2. All In — DJO Global and The Home Depot
  3. Game On — BriovaRx
  4. Grit & Passion — Intersect ENT
  5. If you build it, Sales will come — ITW Global Brands
  6. Ignite — Synnex
  7. In It To Win It — Quincy Compressor
  8. Maximum Velocity — Sherwin Williams – Performance Coatings Group
  9. Momentum In The Mountains (in Park City, Utah) — AIA Corporation
  10. No Limits — Occidental Petroleum
  11. On Fire — Crane Worldwide Logistics
  12. Play To Win — Smith and Nephew
  13. Playing To Win — Behr Paint
  14. Re!magine — Pearson
  15. Rise Up — Sterling Computers
  16. Run The Hunt — Tech Data
  17. The Extra Mile — Henry Schein Medical
  18. The Future Is Now — Employers Insurance
  19. Where The Stars Align (event in Hollywood) — CDI

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18 Sales Meeting Themes For Growth Used In 2019

Sales meeting themes for growth focus on two kinds of growth: sales growth and personal growth.  This is where there is a strong overlap with motivational themes, as personal growth and motivation can be so similar.

national sales meeting themes for growth

  1. #Smarter — Jack Henry & Associates
  2. Be A Star — Lexis Nexis Risk Sales Meeting
  3. be the SOLUTION — Spectrum
  4. Building Your Business — DeRoyal
  5. Commitment To Excellence — MicroCare
  6. Digification — Pinnacle
  7. Elevate Your Game — Allied Solutions
  8. Empower Your Possibilities — Technologent
  9. Expanding Success — Mitsubishi Electric
  10. Expanding The Possibilities — School Health
  11. Innovate — Infinex
  12. Live On Purpose — TIDI
  13. Make Your Mark — FootJoy
  14. Next Level — Acelity
  15. Perform Like A Champion — Vector Solutions
  16. Stand Out — Essilor
  17. Stronger — Phillips IGTD
  18. Trained to Reign — Daltile

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15 Team-Building Sales Meeting Themes Used In 2019

Team-building sales meeting themes are all about the collective power of the company.  Some companies even build their company name into the theme.  But most of all, the word “together” is the clue that this sales meeting theme is all about the team.

To be fair, there is a lot of overlap between motivational themes and growth themes – companies want to motivate their teams to grow sales, after all.  And, for many of the themes that included team building, there was a secondary aspect of motivation or growth as well.

team building sales meeting themes ideas

  1. From Many, Wex — WEX
  2. It Starts With Us — National Safety Apparel
  3. Leading The Way — Source Atlantic
  4. On The Move Together — Hanover Insurance
  5. One Nationwide, Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond — Nationwide
  6. Pulling Together — EFCO
  7. Reaching New Heights … Together — Tessco
  8. Real Teams Win Together — Campbells Soups
  9. TEAM — Merit Medical
  10. The Power Of Us — Pierre Fabre Group
  11. Transforming Care Together — Press Ganey
  12. We Are One — Henry Schein
  13. We Own It. — Quotient
  14. Win As One — RF Technologies
  15. Winning Together — Computacenter

A great annual sales meeting theme helps your sales team go home with an indelible memory of the single message you want them to retain. Yet, like a great Haiku poem, a great theme is open to multiple interpretations, so that you can attach many overlapping messages to it. We hope you found ideas and inspirations to help you choose the theme that best fits your company and meeting goals

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