22 Virtual Prize Wheel Game Examples

SocialPoint recently introduced 3-dimensional layered graphics to our popular Virtual Prize Wheel game.

We thought this would be a great time to share that product enhancement, plus share many other recent Virtual Prize Wheel examples. Our goal is to inspire you as you consider how to graphically portray your brand with our interactive games.

Our Virtual Prize Wheel is fully customizable to your brand.  There are three main areas for customization:

  • The prize wheel slices, which can have up to 5 colors and your choice of fonts
  • The center circle where clients often put their logo
  • The background image

Virtual Prize Wheel - configurable options

Most of the examples we will show you here focuses on the background image, as that is where you have the most opportunity for creativity and design. First, let’s start with the new 3-D looks:

New 3-Dimensional, layered look Virtual Prize Wheel templates

The new templates add a 3-D semi-circle that wraps around or even overshadows the prize wheel. The Virtual Prize Wheel examples shown feature either a metallic or wood look.  Also, there is a pointer layered over the rotating wheel that better mimics a physical prize wheel. The center of the wheel can also be customized with a graphic object that can layer above the wheel slices.

Below you can see two client examples and two templates, including one huge prize wheel drawing held on stage at a sales meeting for the contest finalists.

3 dimensional virtual prize wheel with wood texture


3 dimensional virtual prize wheel shamrock

On stage Virtual Prize Wheel contest awarding

While these new 3-D templates expand the visual potential of how you can represent your brand on our Virtual Prize Wheel game, here are many other design choices to inspire you:

Full-frame photos on Virtual Prize Wheel

These three examples are some of the most dramatic designs.  They feature a full-frame lifestyle photo background that showcases the exhibitors’ offerings.  If you go this bold route, consider having exhibit graphics that promote your game.

Woodbine - virtual prize wheel trade show interactive game

Polaris virtual prize wheel interactive trade show game

virtual-prize-wheel Delta with towel prize


“Spin To Win” text on Virtual Prize Wheel

Some exhibitors put “Spin To Win” in big bold letters on their prize wheel, to make it perfectly clear to passing attendees what’s going on in their booth.  Here are three representative Virtual Prize Wheel examples. Some exhibitors will put the “Spin To Win” or “Play To Win” on their exhibit graphics instead – check out the last example in the Vertical Virtual Prize Wheels below.


SPIN TO WIN Virtual Prize Wheel built into trade show exhibit

Virtual Prize Wheel - Skybox - Spin To Win trade show game


Graphic texture background on Virtual Prize Wheel

Some exhibitors keep their Virtual Prize Wheel nice and simple, for flexibility in using it at multiple events throughout the year, or because they are relying more on their booth graphics.

Virtual Prize Wheel graphic texture design example

Walmart - International Support Meeting Virtual Prize Wheel


Combined design elements on Virtual Prize Wheel

These exhibitors combined multiple design elements, such as full-frame background photos, headline text, product or other photos, plus company or event logos.

bio-rad virtual prize wheel game design Virtual Prize Wheel with photo background for interactive event game

3shape Virtual Prize Wheel trade show game

Get Parts virtual prize wheel photo background interactive trade show game design idea


Vertical Virtual Prize Wheel examples

Depending on how you design your exhibit structure, a vertically-oriented TV monitor may work better, as for these 5 examples.  Many of these examples combine multiple design elements, including photo backgrounds, headlines, logos, and even social media hashtags.

Virtual Prize Wheel - 3 vertical format examples interactive trade show games

Virtual Prize Wheel - 2 vertical format examples interactive trade show games


Kiosk-mode Virtual Prize Wheel for iPads and other tablet computers

All the previous examples were for Virtual Prize Wheels on big, flat screen TV monitors.  Our Virtual Prize Wheel can also be put on one or more iPads in your booth. This is especially true for exhibitors who want to capture lead data with their game players, or know who won what prizes. These two examples show the splash screen promoting the game, before attendees self-enter their data and then spin the wheel.

Virtual Prize Wheel - 2 kiosk iPad examples of interactive trade show games

Our Virtual Prize Wheel game gives you an enticing digital activity to get more people into your booth. You can customize it in many ways to match and promote your brand.  I hope you’ve been inspired to start designing yours.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic, keep attendees engaged longer, and capture leads with our fun interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate a serious increase in excitement, crowds, and leads.

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