Social Media Wall

Your branded social media display will boost social media participation by transforming into a super fun photo collage of your event.

Tell Your Event Story

Social media displays remind attendees to share photo-worthy moments.
SocialPoint pulls together content from Twitter, your event photographer and SMS (texts) to get a complete picture of your event. When it all comes together you look awesome and it tells a great story.

Use Big Screens

People love seeing themselves on a big screen. The bigger the screen the better!
Do yourself a favor and project your social media display on the biggest screens your event can afford. Your attendees will be mesmerized by looking at pictures of themselves. Your sponsors will thank you for all the love afterward.

Social Media Templates

Build multi-screen collages from these attractive templates
SocialPoint Social Media Wall for Events Fun Burst Template


Special event producers love this mesmerizing visualization. Content bubbles burst into a series of smaller bubbles.

SocialPoint Social Media Wall for Events Flip Grid Template - Example 1

Flip Grid

These animated squares are constantly in motion flipping content. Choose one of four different grid styles.

SocialPoint Social Media Wall Leaderboard


Everyone loves to see their name in lights! Create simple social media games from our 7 leaderboards to make everyone a winner.

Social Media Wall Live Metrics Screen

Live Metrics

Show attendees how their individual tweets and photos contribute to the total social conversation around your event.

Build a Social Hub

Anchor a lounge or other physical space with a multi-screen social media hub. With SocialPoint you can integrate live metrics and leaderboards with eye-catching social content to draw attention to the social media impact from your event.

Key Features


Measure the impact of your social media reach and the effectiveness of your social media calls to action with our Dashboard tool.


We created 7 different social media leaderboards to reward all different types of social media participation at your events.

Slide Shows

Upload, schedule and manage brand slide shows remotely. SocialPoint automatically switches from your social media wall to showing your branded slide shows.

Event Content

Our social media walls show data from Twitter, SMS (text) and Event photographer photos.

Your Branding

Configure your social media wall to match your event décor and branding.

Innovative Designs

Build collages of social content or pick an individual template. Our beautiful, animated social media displays make content flip, float, scroll and burst.

Moderated Content

Highlight your influencers and block the trolls. Stay in control of content published to your screens. Approve or hide any tweets, texts, photos or videos.

Support Team

Your customer success team is just one phone call away. They will be there to help you trouble shoot any setup issues and help you where you need it.

Where Are Social Media Walls Used?


These fun, social media walls encourage attendees to participate and share content. Boomers will use SMS, Gen-Xers use Twitter and millennials use Instagram. Show content from all sources on your screens.

General Session

SocialPoint social media displays can be used for walk-in, walk-out of sessions and monitors around the venue. Clients may create special templates to match the theme of social events.

Physical Spaces

Clients will setup social media walls on monitors around a venue. Then they use SocialPoint to schedule and remotely manage slide loops on the social media displays to allow their monitors to do double duty without needing expensive digital signage software.

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