Social Media Wall for Events

Highlight awesome social media photos and comments on a social media wall.  Our animated social media displays draw attention to your brand and highlight your attendees’ contributions.

Social Media Wall Visualizations

SocialPoint Social Media Wall for Events Fun Burst Template


Special event producers love this mesmerizing visualization. Content bubbles burst into a series of smaller bubbles.

SocialPoint Social Media Wall for Events Flip Grid Template - Example 1

Flip Grid

Corporate events love the flipping square content.

SocialPoint Social Media Wall Leaderboard


Everyone loves to see their name in lights! Create simple social media games from our 7 leaderboards to make everyone a winner.

Social Media Wall Live Metrics Screen

Live Metrics

Show attendees how their individual tweets and photos contribute to the total social conversation around your event.

Guy Kawasaki taking picture of Social Media Wall

Create a Call to Tweet

This keynote speaker saw a Twitter spike in the event’s social media wall. He took a photo and added it to his presentation. During his talk, he repeatedly asked attendees to tweet key points in the hopes of creating a second Twitter spike.

It worked.

You should encourage your speakers to add “calls to tweet” to their presentations as well. You will be able to track the impact these “calls to tweet” have on your event with our software.

What will SocialPoint Mean to You?

More Buzz

These fun, social media walls encourage attendees to participate and share content. Boomers will use SMS, Gen-Xers use Twitter and millennials use Instagram. Show content from all sources on your screens.

More Participation

People love to see themselves on the big screen. The bigger the screen the better. While they are mesmerized by looking at pictures of themselves, our social media walls will help you make sure that your brand and event colors are surrounding their photos and comments.

More Sponsorship Revenue

Our displays are forward thinking, on brand and alive with content. These displays can be used as visual anchors for a lounge, expo or pre-function area. You can upload multiple sponsors slide shows and dictate which screens they plan on in your venue.

Key Features

Integrate Event Branding

Configure your social media wall to match your event décor and branding.

Content from All Event Sources

Our social media walls show data from Twitter, Instagram, SMS and Event photographer photos.

Moderated Content

Highlight your influencers and block the trolls. Stay in control of content published to your screens. Approve or hide any tweets, texts, photos or videos.


Measure the impact of your social media reach and the effectiveness of your social media calls to action with our Dashboard tool.

Let Our Experts Help You

Our interactive producers help you plan your onsite experiences. Then, they will get everything setup and looking sharp for your events.

Forward Thinking Designs

Build collages of social content or pick an individual template. Our beautiful, animated social media displays make content flip, float, scroll and burst.


We created 7 different social media leaderboards to reward all different types of social media participation at your events.

Schedule Branded Slide Shows

Upload, schedule and manage brand slide shows. Easily switch from user generated content on your social media wall to showing your infographics or branded content.

Follow – Follow Back

See if you are following your attendees on Twitter Then, follow them right back within our platform.

Get Support When It Matters

Your dedicated interactive producer is just one phone call away. They will be there to help you trouble shoot any setup issues and help you where you need it.

Discover how we can help you. 

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