How SocialPoint Just Had A Great Trade Show – Using Our Own Interactive Trade Show Games

Interactive trade show games boosting booth traffic at ExhibitorLive 2017 for SocialPoint

SocialPoint just experienced ourselves what our clients experience in their own booths: The traffic-building, awareness-boosting, conversation-starting power of SocialPoint’s interactive trade show games and contests.

SocialPoint Exhibited at ExhibitorLive 2017

SocialPoint just finished exhibiting at our very first ExhibitorLive Show, March 13 to 15, 2017, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  It was a huge success, because the audience of major trade show exhibitors quickly grasped and wanted the power of our interactive games to build booth traffic and foster attendee engagement.

We witnessed how our games trigger all kinds of emotions, as our booth attendees got excited, happy, curious, proud, anxious, and greedy while playing.

10 minutes into the first day, we had 4 people walk into the booth, and we never looked back for almost 3 ½ hours.  We had 3 games people could play in our booth – and with those choices, nearly everyone had a game they wanted to play.  Once we had attendees in our booth playing our games and talking with us, other show attendees were curious to see what the fuss was about.  A crowd truly draws a crowd, and the games got the crowd started.

Our Interactive Trade Show Games Got Attendees Interacting!

People gladly filled out few qualifying questions we asked on the forms to spin the Virtual Prize Wheel and win a prize, be it small, medium, or large in value.  And almost everyone checked off the boxes asking to be on our newsletter and to get more info on our products.

Many people who played the Challenge Bar Trivia Game stayed for a long time, all the while learning about our products as they answered questions about them.  When they got to a question they did not know the answer to, then they would ask a SocialPoint booth staffer for guidance, and another relationship was started.

Trade show audience engagement on display in SocialPoint booth at ExhibitorLive 2017

We had a 60-inch flat screen monitor with the word “Leaderboard” in big letters and the list of current trivia game leaders as an attention-getter.  Show attendees stopped because they were curious who was on the Leaderboard, and how they themselves could get on it.

We saw people play Challenge Bar Trivia because they were motivated 4 ways to get on the Leaderboard:

  1. They wanted to be #1, because they wanted recognition as the best player
  2. They wanted to be #1, because they wanted to win the prize (a free Bose Mini Speaker)
  3. They wanted to get higher ranked on the Leaderboard than their friend or friends who were already on it
  4. They just wanted to get a high enough score to show up on the leaderboard, not so much to win, but to demonstrate to themselves and others they were above average

Interactive trade show game of trivia keeps players motivated to compete with their freinds and peers

“I’ve got to beat Hunter!”

We witnessed several attendees taking pictures of their name on the leaderboard, and attendees come back for multiple visits to see if they still were on the Leaderboard.  Our eventual Challenge Bar Trivia winner actually came back three times.

Our Success Attracted Attention

Our neighboring exhibitors said to us, “Wow, your booth was always full!”  And on the final day of the show, a fellow exhibitor came into our booth and said, “At this show, I had just a static backwall and not enough traffic.  Your booth was always busy.  I want to get your Virtual Prize Wheel for the show I have in 9 days.”  We worked out the deal right then.

We also experienced high interest from companies that wanted to join our Partner Program, as they experienced themselves how our interactive games and contests can help their clients to get more booth traffic and leads at their trade shows.

Overall, we exceeded our goal for leads by almost 50%, and our goal for qualified leads by over 200%!  It was great to experience for ourselves just how well our own games do exactly what they are intended to do!

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic with our interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate excitement, crowds, and leads.

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Are You Using Event Technology to Create, Collaborate and Share?

Digitally engaged event session attendee

The great thing about the social, mobile and smart phone revolution is that it is really easy for you to create conversations between your attendees and your brand.

In 2017, there are many ways for you to create, collaborate and share with your attendees. You can do so much more than polling.

Last month, we helped a US Pharmaceutical leadership conference create dialogue and exchange ideas between its top 200 leaders. The meeting was high stakes for the company, and our event technology was there to help them achieve their goals.

Our client used our SocialPoint Audience Engagement platform to create four different types of experiences in the event:

  • Idea generation and sharing
  • Trivia Game with a live leaderboard in an experiential space
  • Live response game with polling
  • Capture questions for the stage

While we can’t tell you the outcome of the event, we can tell you that the client collected 100s of digital ideas, had 1000s of trivia questions answered and received 1,000s of poll responses.

3 words to describe question at an event

There are many more examples like this where audience members were brought into the discussion using our event apps:

  • Department of Transportation, which collected nearly 1,000 ideas from employees during a massive group brainstorm.
  • Leadership Roadshow that captured questions from the audience.
  • National Sales Meeting that needed to keep sales reps from being distracted by social media and cat photos.
  • Internal Company Event that had their audience fill out feedback forms on new project presentations, scoring them and giving out awards. Attendee reaction was 1 piece of live voting.
  • National Sales Meeting installed touch screens and tablet stations in the resource fair so attendees could share ideas, see them visually, evaluate the results and vote for their favorites.

Presenter with audience engagment screens behind him

 The SocialPoint Advantage

Corporations and organizations are choosing SocialPoint over other event app companies, because our technology provides over 20 different digital engagement experiences for meeting designers. Plus, our software is flexible enough so you can design the conversation that you want between your attendees and brand.

If you’d like to see more about how you can spark greater attendee collaboration at your event, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate greater attendee engagement at your events.

How Human Emotions Make Interactive Trade Show Games Work

digital trade show games are fun and exciting

While we are proud of how strong the technology is behind our interactive trade show games, we fully understand that it isn’t the tech alone that makes them so successful.  What makes our games and contests really gather a crowd, and keep people engaged, is how well our games play on peoples’ very human emotions.

I’ve witnessed how people, individually or in groups, react when they play our games and contests.  I’ve seen players in the thrall of these 6 emotions again and again:

1. Excitement

Attendees get jazzed when they play our games.  It reminds me of a Las Vegas craps table when the dice are hot.  Groups of friends shout, dance around, and cheer as they really get into the games and contests.  This is especially true when they are playing our Virtual Prize Wheel, and they win a big prize.

2. Curiosity

There are certain industries where learning is valued and encouraged.  Members of those industries are more likely to join a book club than go to a night club. And they love to play our Challenge Bar Trivia game, to see what the questions are, and to learn while they play.  You can see the look of concentration on their faces.

Learning with digital trade show games and contests

3. Greed

While some players enjoy the thrill of the hunt, many are focused on the prizes they can win.  They are motivated by the chance to win the iPad, the wireless speaker, the drone, or whatever else the host trade show exhibitor offers up as the major prize.  The smaller, secondary prizes motivate greed, too.

Prize winner of a trade show game

4. Joy

Players don’t need to be in jumping up and down to enjoy themselves.  Playing the games is fun enough.  It’s a pleasant experience to interact with our smooth, beautiful screens, and to test their knowledge and compete for prizes.

Fun digital games for trade shows and events

5. Pride

We really see peoples’ pride emerge when our digital Leaderboard is there.  You can see the pride in the faces of the people who have the highest scores on our trivia games, or who are the most prolific and shared social media mavens whose efforts show up on our Social Media Walls. They are so proud they will return to the booth to show their friends how high they ranked on the Leaderboard.

Proud leader on the digital game leaderboard at an event

6. Envy

When attendees see that other people have scored better than them on a game, that triggers envy two ways: First, they want to be ranked higher than the other people who currently sit atop the Leaderboard, and second, they want to rank higher so they can win the big prize offered by the exhibitor.  So, they grab a tablet and start playing.  Sometimes, again and again.

People love to play games and enter contests.  While our interactive technology makes games and contests better looking, easier to set up, and better at gathering leads, it’s still human emotions that make them so successful at drawing a crowd and creating a more successful event.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic with our interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate excitement, crowds, and leads.

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How to Manage Interactive Q&A With An Audience Response App

Event presentation app for successful question and answer experience

Several years ago, I was in Norway giving a presentation and using interactive Q&A for the first time in a conference. Previously, I had always used the microphone for my presentations. On this day, we had a new event technology that had a Q&A feature.

I discovered very quickly that if everyone had a chance to ask questions they would do it. I received dozens of questions via the interactive Q&A app.

Second, I learned that people were more willing to ask questions via the technology than stand up in front of the room with microphone.

Finally, I quickly discovered that I could easily skip questions that I didn’t want to answer… or the questions that I thought were irrelevant.

It was my first “aha!” moment with interactive Q&A technology. Since then, I have had a chance to work with lots and lots of marketers, leadership teams and event teams to help them structure interactive Q&A sessions in their events.

Here are my best tips for planning and managing Interactive Q&A.

Planning the Interactive Q&A Experience

Interactive Q&A can be as simple as – “hey post some questions via this app and we will answer them.” Or, you can make the process more involved. Here are five major considerations when planning Interactive Q&A.

  1. Will you allow attendees to post questions during the entire presentation or only at the end?

This question gets at your preferences. As an attendee, I like to be able to ask questions when I think of them. I once had a question on slide 21 or a 97 slide deck. I nearly forgot my question by the end of the presentation.  However, some event organizers prefer that attendees only ask questions during the specific Q&A period.

  1. When will the speaker address those attendee’s questions?

So, it’s one thing to allow attendees to submit questions when they think of them – but how will your presenter handle the questions? Will your speakers answer questions as they arrive in the app, or only during the designated Q&A time?

  1. How will you pick the questions that get answered?

Most likely, you are going to get more questions than you can address in the allotted time.  So, you need to have a plan for selecting the questions that will get answered. Will the speaker or the moderator pick the questions? To reduce the burden on the speaker, many people use either a moderator or a subject mater expert to filter through the questions and present questions to the speaker.

  1. Will the questions be anonymous?

It’s an important question. If you are dealing with sensitive subjects like facility closings and layoffs, then anonymous is best.

  1. How visible will the questions be to the audience?

You could present the questions on the screen for all to see or they can be available on a tablet for the moderator or you can put them on a confidence monitor. Each event organizer and speaker have different preferences here.

Planning the Interactive Q&A Technology

  1. Can the technology support the experience that you want to create?

You need to speak with your vendor to make sure that the technology has the flexibility and capabilities to support the experience that you want to create. In our audience response app for example, moderators can push questions to the screen from a tablet or queue a list of questions to answer on a tablet.

  1. How will attendees access the interactive Q&A app or audience response app?

You need to know how the attendees will access the app. Is it a website that they access or will you use an app that they need to download and install? Whatever you do, please try to make it easy for the attendees. Then, be sure to give them proper instructions.

  1. Who will be responsible for coordinating the audience response app onsite?

This technology is really easy to use, so you probably don’t need to fly in staff from the vendor. However, you do need to assign someone from your content team or the production team to support the technology.

  1. Do the attendees need internet or 3G/4G bandwidth to access the app?

The answer is probably yes. So, make sure that attendees will have access to either a mobile signal or Wi-Fi in the event space where you are working. Otherwise it’s all for not.

  1. How much is it?

Prices vary. Sometimes this technology is available with an audience response app or an event app. Other times it is offered as a stand-alone technology.

How to Manage Interactive Q&A Onsite

It’s important to run through everyone’s roles and responsibilities and the communication flow before each session.

Most likely, your speaker will be responsible for the “call to action” to submit questions.  It could be a verbal cue or a slide with instructions that is incorporated into the speaker’s slide deck.

If you have a moderator, they will be responsible for sorting through the questions and picking the best questions for the speaker to answer.  Make sure that your moderator has a tablet or technology that can access the questions submitted by your attendees.

Make sure that the speaker and the moderator coordinate how they will manage questions before hand. The moderator should understand the topics and themes that the speaker wants to avoid. This will save everyone from embarrassment.

To get off to a quick start, it’s helpful to have a few questions seeded in the system. The first questions prime the pump and help stimulate attendees thinking. In the mean time, the seeded questions allow you to start the Q&A while you wait for questions to come in. It usually takes about a few seconds for people to think about their question and type it in.

Final Point

If you can – celebrate the people who are asking questions. Your attendees like to be recognized as thoughtful and smart.

If you’d like to see how you can create more engaging and interactive presentations using our audience response app, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate greater attendee engagement at your events.

11 Social Media Wall Design Ideas for Events and Trade Shows

The concept of a Social Media Wall in of itself has great potential: Gather up all the relevant social media output around a company or organization at a trade show or special event, and put it on display for interested attendees to see!  Yet, clever design and execution are required to get the full value.

Here are 11 things that SocialPoint has built into the design of our Social Media Wall Event Displays, so that exhibit and event marketers can make a bigger impact:

1. Bring Content to Life

Instead of just showing content with traditional templates, we created templates that transform your attendees thoughts, ideas and photos into fun designs. Most companies are able to find a design template that fits their event theme or brand design.

Floating tweets as part of a social media wall used at events and trade shows

2. Images and More Images

There is only one thing people love to see more than their name in lights…it’s their pictures.  Photos of attendees and interactions are the most common element we see shared on our Social Media Walls.  But how do you present the photos? Big photos, square photos, circle photos, Little photos, scrolling photos, bursting photos, and much more. And most of all, photos that move – see the next point!

Social Media Wall at event with moving images of social share photos

3. Put Content in Motion 

Animation is one of the key elements to our successful Social Media wall, because it causes people to stop and look. Your audience’s messages and pictures float, flip, scroll, and pop, a constantly changing, more visually interesting display.  (To see what we mean – click the play button to watch the movie.)

4. Emphasize Your Brand

Our Social Media Wall becomes yours, with your brand colors, themes, art work and/or event logo, the hashtag you want people to share, and the main message or call to action you want remembered.

Floating quotes on a social media wall for events and trade show booths

5. Incorporate Branded Slide Shows

You can create slide shows out of full-screen graphics featured at specific intervals, to highlight your own products, offers, branding or other announcements. You can highlight speakers, key opinion leaders and much more.  If you show content on multiple screens, you can create and time slide shows to match your marketing objectives.

Featured content within a social media wall digital display

6. Create Games with Leaderboards

The most prolific and popular social sharers get their moment in the sun, and you get an ever-updating, competition-enhancing visual.  Ranks those who share the most messages, photos, retweets, or those who get mentioned and retweeted the most. Can also include prizes offered to entice more social sharing.

Leaderboards show who are the most prolific and influential social sharers

7. Social Videos

Your attendees are posting videos as well as social media photos and comments.  Watch the video above again, and notice there were even video social shares playing, too!

Video social shares inside of a social media wall

8. Cool Shapes

We can frame social shares in different shapes and sizes, from circles to squares to rectangles and quote shapes.  Pick what you like best.

Round social shares within a social media wall display at an event

9. Bright Colors

Make exciting messages and images even more vivid with bright colors, used in backgrounds, shapes, messages, and designs.  Not that you have to use bright colors, if they don’t work with your (#4) branding.

Bright and vivid colors add interest to a social media wall

10. WordClouds

Popular WordClouds let attendees literally see the “buzz” of the show, displaying the most shared words in your target audience’s social messages.  A great visual that reveals the wisdom of crowds.

11. Social Metrics

With social metrics, our Social Media Wall becomes a social media dashboard for both left-brain and right-brain attendees!  It reveals the amount and timing of social activity associated with the event, with cool graphics, colors, and design.

Social metrics on a social media wall display

With color, shape, movement, and more, we can help make your Social Media Wall a success, by employing great design along with your great company, event, and attendee social content.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic with our social media walls and interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate more booth traffic.

How To Write Successful Questions For Your Trade Show Trivia Game

Happy trade show trivia game player

Our Challenge Bar Trivia Game is perhaps our most popular game.  Trade show attendees love to play trivia to test their knowledge, compete with friends, and win prizes.  And we’ve made it easy for trade show exhibitors and event marketers to host this crowd-gathering activity in their booth, with our easy-to-customize software.

But while our technology is easy, the visuals bold, and the crowds eager, it takes some strategy in formulating the questions to get the best results.

Here are some guidelines when you are organizing and writing Challenge Bar Trivia Game questions:

Aim For Happy Attendees!

Beginning with the end in mind, you want trade show and event attendees to be:

  1. Entertained by an enjoyable experience
  2. Challenged, but not too often stumped
  3. Educated about your company or organization
  4. Feeling more connected to your company or organization

To improve your chances of creating trivia questions that make your attendees happy and better connected, consider these strategies:

Choose Trivia Questions Content Focus

From our experience, clients use the game as another brand touch point to reinforce key messages and learning objectives.

By focusing the trivia questions on the content in their booth, players are able to “ask a booth staffer” or look at a brochure or look at the company website if they need help finding the answers to a question.

Here are 7 different kinds of trivia content we have seen during hundreds of events:

  • Product features and benefits trivia
  • Learning objective trivia
  • Company trivia
  • Industry trends and challenges trivia
  • Regional trivia (About the city or the region)
  • General trivia

The more specific your trivia questions are to your company, the easier it will be for your booth staffers to help the players answer questions. You are also rewarding expertise in your industry or company.

PRO TIP:  Most clients use a mix of product/company and industry questions with a few regional trivia questions.

Example of a digital trade show trivia game question

Organize Trivia Questions Into Categories

Organize your questions into 5 to 7 categories, with each category containing at least 5 questions, and potentially up to around 20.  These categories should cover different subsets within your overall area of knowledge.  For example, if you have overall questions about construction, you could group your questions into subsets about plumbing, electrical, masonry, roofing, and landscaping.  While those categories won’t be seen by players, when the event is done and the scores are tallied, you can see in which categories your players’ knowledge is strongest and weakest.

PRO TIP:  Some clients will start by identifying the categories and assign learning objectives to each category. Then, they create questions.

Consider Trivia Question Difficulty Level

If you make all the questions easier, then everyone can enjoy playing longer and not get knocked out so quickly they get frustrated.  This also works if you want everyone to win a prize.  If you make the questions harder, there will be fewer winners, but the winners will be very proud of having won.  The best games start with easy questions and have hard questions later to help separate the winners.  (By the way, SocialPoint’s Challenge Bar Trivia Game lets you assign greater point values for more difficult questions.)

Frustrated trivia game player

Choose Trivia Question Format

The most common question formats are multiple choice, and true or false.  Because multiple choice questions have 4 answers each, and true/false questions only 2 answers, it’s easier for players to guess the true/false questions.  If you want people to learn as well as win, you can have multiple choice questions with 3 choices that are all true, and make the 4th choice “all of the above.”

PRO TIP:  Some clients will borrow questions from their training and development department. It saves time!

Consider How Many Trivia Questions You Write

The more questions you write, the less likely that returning players, or players sitting next to each other, will see the same questions. Which keeps them from learning an answer and using it for their next game. We strongly recommend reformatting your questions to create 2-3 questions from each learning concept to save time. You can easily turn one trivia question from a multiple choice into a true/false question, or vice versa.

We recommend that you try out your questions with people on your staff or in your industry to ensure they are clearly written (so that people get them wrong only because they don’t know the answer, not that they can’t understand what you meant to write), and have the level of difficulty you want.

PRO TIP:  Encourage other team members to get involved in question creation. It’s a great way to divide the work and speed up the process. 

I hope if you’ve been considering using a digital trivia game in your trade show booth, you now have a greater comfort level that you can craft questions that will help you better meet your overall marketing goals with the attendees who visit your booth.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic with our digital games and contests, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate more booth traffic.

10 New Ways to Visualize User-Generated Content with Event Technology

Socialpoint Social Media Wall Hub

Mobile devices and social media technology makes it easy to create attendee engagement experiences in our events.

You can capture polls, votes, surveys, ideas, questions, photos and much more through event apps, audience response apps, social media, SMS, tablet activations and much more.

In return, there are many fun, animated displays that will display user-generated content in real time back to the audience.  Here are 10 user-generated content visualizations that will forever change the way you use event technology to show user-generated content at your events.

1. Circle Poll Chart


The Circle chart is a fresh take on showing poll results from an audience response app. The circles and the connected bar at the bottom of the screen give your results more of a modern look.

Using bar charts to show poll results is kind of like wearing mom jeans to a fashion show. You can do it, but friends don’t let friends do that.

Use the circle chart instead.

2. Scrollable Idea Voting Screen (Mobile)

SocialPoint Event App Brainstorming


Businesses run on ideas and input from employees, customers and partners. Being able to capture and show ideas collected from the attendees in the room via your audience response app is powerful. Plus, you may want to allow people to vote on those ideas as well.

This screen is a simple way to visualize the ideas collected (and moderated) from the audience, then allow them to vote for their favorites.


3. Scrollable Idea Voting Screen (Big Screen)

SocialPoint Scrolling Idea voting display for audience response app


It’s one thing to show ideas on the event app. What if your session speaker or facilitator wants to show the ideas collected from the audience response app on the big screen? Using this visualization,  attendees will be able to see the collective ideas, while the facilitator and the group discuss a single idea.

This is helpful for two reasons: (1) You can focus the attendees’s attention on the screen instead of their mobile devices. And (2) you can include attendees who are not participating via the audience response app or your event app.

4. Interactive Q&A Question Display

SoicalPoint Audience Response App Interactive Q&A Screen


Interactive Q&A is a staple of every conference session. Today’s event technology and audience response apps makes it easy to collect questions from the audience, select the order of the questions to push those questions to the big screen or confidence monitor.


5. Wordcloud


Who doesn’t love a wordcloud? The Wordcloud is a great way to capture themes in attendee’s comments from the audience response app. People love to see how their comments can be summarized and presented in these types of visualizations. It’s great for attendee engagement!

We have noticed that wordclouds get the best results when you ask attendees to share 1 to 3 words in the audience response app.

6. Caption This


One of the fun visualizations that we created is the ability for attendees to caption photos. “Caption This” is a simple and fun way to get the energy going in the audience and discover who has witty comments.

7. Trivia Leaderboard

SocialPoint Social Media Wall for Events Leaderboard

People love to see their name in lights. Putting an attendee’s name or a team name on the leaderboard will get your attendees excited. There are several ways to put together and brand team-based trivia leaderboards.

Trivia games work with individual or team game play. Also, trivia games can work well in conference sessions or in experiential marketing spaces.

Read: How Trade Show Booth Leaderboards Drive Repeat Booth Visits

8a. Social Media Wall and Digital Photo Wall


The only thing attendees love more than seeing their name on the big screen is seeing their picture. Today’s social and mobile technology makes it easy for attendees to take selfies and share them publicly via social media or privately through your audience response app.  Social Media walls and Digital Photo walls make it easy to curate this user-generated content and show it on the big screen.

There are several different ways that you can create branded visual screens to show these photos.  The Burst visualization shown above displays content in bubbles that then explode into many smaller bubbles. This screen can be very mesmerizing.  Click to see more options.

8b. Social Wall (Flip Grid)

Flip Grid Top Banner

Corporate clients love grid-type templates.  Showing social media wall content in a grid that is animated is very popular. There are several different ways that you can configure these templates for branding, animation and look and feel.

 9. Social Media Leaderboard


If you want to drive audience participation and sharing with social media, a social media leaderboard is a great way to energize the audience. Leaderboards can be built out of several different types of attendee engagement behaviors. To make the social media leaderboards look alive — we recommend creating leaderboards around 3-5 different social behaviors, then set those leaderboards to scroll every 10-20 seconds.

10. Live Metrics

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.21.58 AM

Live metrics are a great way to show the scale of a social media conversation. These visualizations, compliment your social media wall and show the power of the collective attendees to contribute to a conversation online and have an impact.

BONUS:  Idea Voting Touchscreen


An Idea Voting Touchscreen is a great way to view content in an experiential space, whether you have a resource fair, lounge or even a hallway space. This touchscreen event technology creates a simple way to visualize ideas on a big screen and allow attendees to interact with them.



Tapping into the collective wisdom of your attendees and showing their user-generated content is a fun way to activate attendees and turn them into active participants.

While audience response polling has been around for more than 25 years, today’s mobile, social media and event technology creates many fun, new ways to visualize user generated content in your events.

Have an awesome next event!

If you’d like to see more about how you can integrate user-generated content into your event, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate greater attendee engagement at your events.

New Timed Trivia Game – and 2 More Useful Product Improvements

We’re proud to announce 3 significant updates to the SocialPoint suite of products. Our customers are constantly challenging us to improve our products by adding new customization options, new reporting options and improving the user experience.

Timed Trivia Game - New Product from SocialPoint

New Timed Trivia Game

We added a new timed trivia game in January, 2017. The timed game challenges players to see how many questions they can correctly answer in a short period of time. The game uses a new “winning streak” based scoring mechanism that awards the player more points for correctly answers multiple questions in a row.

This game helps you move people through your trade show or event booth faster. It is also easy to use with roving street teams at special events.

The Timed Trivia Game is a new selection you can make as part of our Challenge Bar Trivia Game.  The Timed Trivia game also ties into our overall admin system, that makes it easy to customize the game to your brand, and to track and compare your results against previous events.


Updated and improved survey customization tool for trade shows and events

Upgraded Survey Builder

Data collection has never been easier when you use our most popular games and contests. Our new survey builder is light years better than our old one.  The upgraded features provide two major benefits:

  1. Better Data: We now have field-level validation on certain key fields.  This makes your data more reliable, because people can’t enter an invalid format email address or phone number.  Getting you more value from your leads, and saving time for your sales and marketing teams.
  1. More Control: Now, we can accommodate mandatory and optional fields, plus give you a choice of how, if, and when you show your terms and conditions to survey-takers. So, you can make your surveys look the way you want.

Our New Survey Builder is immediately available for Challenge Bar Trivia, Audience Response Apps and Virtual Prize Wheels.

Now You Can Personalize Our Audience Response App Name and Icon to Your Brand

Brand your event app with Social Point audience engagement app
Now, Android and IOS users can save our web-based app to their home screen to get a full-screen, app-like experience. Attendees see the app icon with your name on, and click on your custom icon to launch the app.  So you get more branding value from using our Audience Response app.

And it’s easier for them to find the app on their device, since it’s tied to your brand and event, rather than SocialPoint.

Schedule a demo of these new products!
If you’d like to see a demonstration of these new products and product enhancements, click on this meeting scheduler and we’ll show you how these improvements work and can help your trade show and event marketing programs.

What’s the Marketing Purpose of a Social Media Wall in A Trade Show Booth?

A 10 foot trade show booth includes a social media wall

Social Media Walls are big digital monitors that show a constantly-updated stream of filtered social media activity about an event. They were originally invented for special events, to give attendees a way to see the pulse of the event, keep up to date with what’s going on, and visualize the event’s energy.

Other benefits of Social Media Walls at events include:

  • Recognize and honor the most active and interesting event participants
  • Incentivize more social shares to help promote the event, both on and offsite
  • Promote more learning and networking
  • Enhance the modern image of the event and its host (be it an association, media company, or corporation)
  • Provide instant analytics about the size and changes of social shares about an event, especially during important moments such as keynote speeches

IBM at SXSW Social Media Wall

Social Media Walls are now being used by more and more trade show exhibitors, because they bring some of those same benefits, but also many new benefits to the individual exhibitor:

  • Demonstrate the exhibitor’s connection to the community, enhancing networking and relationship-building
  • Enhances the exhibitor’s image as a modern company
  • Networking opportunities with industry influencers who come to the booth to see their own social shares and possibly their ranking in number of social shares
  • Attract booth visitors who are drawn in by the impressive visual and want to see a digital representation of the pulse of the show
  • Offer a safe ice-breaker to start a dialog with attendees otherwise reluctant to enter their trade show booth
  • Conversation-starter about the messages shared on the social media wall to help identify a prospect’s pain points
  • Highlight the company’s own thought leaders as a part of the overall industry dialog on social media

Therefore, Social Media Walls can be more than pretty pixels and digital decoration. In a trade show booth, a social media wall helps exhibitors achieve multiple key sales and marketing goals: enhance their image, attract booth traffic, build relationships, generate leads, and ultimately, generate sales.

Multiple social media walls in a 10 foot display

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic with our social media walls and interactive trade show games, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate more booth traffic.

Meet SocialPoint At ExhibitorLive 2017 Booth 1812

Visit SocialPoint at ExhibitorLive 2017

Fun Booth, Big Results!

Have Fun, Win Prizes, & Test Drive SocialPoint’s Results-Boosting Digital Trade Show Games At ExhibitorLive 2017

  • Come mix business with pleasure at ExhibitorLive 2017!
  • Compete with your friends for “Top Dog” honors as you test your trade show knowledge!
  • Feel the rush of endorphins as you win prizes small and large!
  • Stave off trade show coma as you stagger though the hall!
  • Experience for yourself the crowd-drawing power of our digital games!
  • Salivate over our beautiful digital screens that are surprisingly easy to customize to your brand!

You could win this at ExhibitorLive! Win a Bose Bluetooth Mini Speaker!

Two lucky (or perhaps more skillful and smart than lucky) booth visitors will take home a brand-new Bose Bluetooth Mini Speaker!  It could be you, so come visit our booth and play to win! One prize for our Digital Prize Wheel game and one for the Challenge Bar Trivia!


See Our New Product, The Virtual Prize Wheel

SocialPoint Virtual Prize Wheel(It’s an Entry in the New Product Showcase contest!)

Attendees like to spin and win.  Exhibitors like to have happy attendees flock to their booth.  Sounds like a win-win situation.  Come see for yourself.  Take it for a spin.

Our Virtual Prize Wheel also automatically monitors your prize inventory so it doesn’t giveaway prizes that are out of stock.  It can be visually customized to your brand and brand colors.  It has detailed analytics that let you compare event performance, day by day, show by show, so you can find your own winners.

Come see our other digital games and contests, too.


Still Not Sure You Will Visit Us At ExhibitorLive 2017?

Sure, you could come and visit our booth and have a few laughs and win some prizes and enjoy yourself, yada, yada, yada.  But you’re more the serious type and want to make sure you get lots of worthwhile business done while you’re at the show.

We feel you. Your time at the show is precious, and you need to make the most of it. Just know we’ve helped trade show and event marketers at over 1,000 events boost their image, draw more traffic and capture more leads.

Why Exhibitors Love Us

We have seriously powerful software that creates amazing experiences, customized with minimal effort, that allows for greater lead capture and show performance evaluation.  And we back it up with expert, responsive service to ensure your event goes off smoothly.

That’s why our digital trade show games have been so successful for major exhibitors such as Starkey, ThermoFischer, and Delta Vacations:

“The SocialPoint game was an innovative interactive approach to drawing attendees to our booth. But the care and set up approach by the SocialPoint team also make this a win. They think of everything and make it easy to get help along the way.”


“We contacted them with not much notice and they pulled through despite all of the issues with being the first event in a new space. They asked the right questions and delivered exactly what we asked them to. Hiring them was a huge sigh of relief on my end as the event planner to know the content on the screens was taken care of.”


“SocialPoint allowed us to stand out among the masses of “info” vendors thus allowing us to attract more visitors than most. Everyone LOVED the digital prize wheel!”


Digital B2B marketing agencies

Marketing Agencies Welcome!

Marketing agencies that help their exhibiting clients look and perform better love working with us, too, so if that’s you, don’t be shy, stop by and play our games and introduce yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.



Follow the orange shoes to the SocialPoint booth at ExhibitorLive

Just follow the orange shoes to booth #1812.  It will be hopping with the excitement of the best digital trade show games money can buy! 

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