Lead Manager: Free Companion App to Our Trade Show Games

A free lead retrieval app for your mobile devices that integrates with SocialPoint Trivia and Virtual Prize Wheel games.

trade show games bring in more booth traffic


No Matter How A Lead Starts, Take it Further with Lead Manager

SocialPoint’s interactive games pull in more traffic and get attendees engaged with your messages – and entering in their own lead data. Now, with the Lead Manager companion app, your booth staffers can continue the conversation, and record even more details about your leads. Staffers can even start recording a lead even if the visitor has not played a game yet.

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Searchable Lead List

Booth staffers quickly find and add to a lead profile started by game players. Icons tell you what games they’ve played.

Customized Lead Forms

Ask the questions that matter the most to your business. Qualify your leads, identify marketing followups and get the data that you need to drive your business forward. 

Quick Prospect Rating

Booth staffers can quickly rate leads from 1 to 5 stars, so your sales people who follow up on leads know which are the best leads to follow up first – and are therefore more likely to follow up!

Quick Leads

Super Busy? Use the Quick Lead to add a lead. Add more contact data with notes, customizable pull down forms, lead ratings and photos of business cards.

Real Time Integration

Leads captured with our trivia games and prize wheel solutions are instantly available to booth staffers in the lead manager app.

Business Card Photos

Capture photos with your smart phone and add them to the lead record. This makes it easy to followup later.

Performance Dashboard

Track real time performance across games, multiple days, trade shows, booth staffers, all from a single performance dashboard.

Excel Download for Lead Followup

Quickly download your leads into your CRM system for personalized email and sales rep follow up.

Built-In Help

While the app is designed to be intuitive to use, your booth staffers can simply click an icon wherever they are in the Lead Manager app for help on how to use that feature of the program.