Trade Show Pricing

You allocate a significant portion of your budget to trade show marketing. SocialPoint maximizes your return on investment by capturing leads and qualifying them so you can quickly follow-up afterward.

Digital Fishbowl
$1,000 First Event

Colorful iPad game with your branding

Attendees enter own data saved to cloud

Leads can synch to your mobile device

Can avoid renting badge scanners


Reuse per event: +$750 each

Additional fishbowls: +$1,000 each

Annual Plan (Unlimited use per fishbowl): +$3,000

Virtual Prize Wheel
$1,500 First Event

Fun, branded digital game attracts visitors

Control how many big prizes are won

Manage prize inventory automatically

Track leads, surveys, and prizes


Reuse per event: +$750 each

Per Additional prize wheel: +$1,500 each

Annual Plan (Unlimited use per prize wheel): +$3,000

Challenge Bar Trivia
$4,500 First Event

iPad trivia game keeps attendees longer

Visitors enjoy learning about your products

Game & leaderboard match your brand

Track leads, surveys and game results


Reuse per event: +$750 each

Additional trivia games: +$2,000 each

Annual Plan (Unlimited use per trivia game): +$3,000

Exhibitors with 10 or more events, please contact us about multi-event packages and campaign pricing.

How Will We Work With You?

Step #1: Kickoff Call

  • 30 minute planning meeting.
  • Review the client success checklist.
  • Develop action plan.
  • SocialPoint recaps the project plan in email.

Step #2: Configure the Software

  • Client provides graphics, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Our SocialPoint team creates concepts for you to review.
  • Upon approval, we configure the solutions for your event.

Step #3: Onsite Planning Call

  • Review onsite checklist including equipment, internet and loadin plans.
  • Provide training for onsite setup, trouble shooting and using the backend.
  • Give client email with login instructions, setup instructions and person to call or text with issues.

Step 4: Post Event Review

  • SocialPoint sends metrics reports and downloaded data to you.
  • 30 minute Post Event Project Recap meeting (if desired).
  • Survey to score the project.
Exhibitor Live Buyer's Choice Award

Buyer’s Choice Award Winner 2018

In February 2018, SocialPoint’s Digital Fishbowl won the ExhibitorLive Buyer’s Choice award at the show for best new product innovation in the trade show industry.


Top 10 New Event Technology for 2015

In November 2015, IBTM World (formerly EIBTM) selected our SOCIALPOINT® Audience Engagement platform as one of the Top 10 new innovations of 2015.

SocialPoint Interactive Trade Show Game Guide

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