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Virtual Prize Wheel

Discover how the Virtual Prize Wheel drives booth traffic and creates a fun experience in your trade show booth. Watch the 5 minute demo to see examples of the software, how you can personalize the game, and learn how the game will work in your event. Then, read the brochure to get details on prize wheel features and much more.

Make Your Virtual or In-Person Booth Fun

Learn how to use the virtual prize wheel to draw attendees into your virtual or in-person booth for a chance to win prizes. It’s amazing how easy it is to create a line around of people with a virtual prize wheel.

Learn How to Boost Your Results

Let us show you how to boost the ROI of your virtual trade show booth investment. You will learn how to create custom lead forms and surveys to improve the quality of the data that you capture. Then, we will show you our dashboards and reports measure your impact at a single show or across shows. Of course, you will learn how to download all of your lead data to your CRM or other marketing tools.

Discover the Flexibility of SocialPoint’s Virtual Prize Wheel

See how SocialPoint’s virtual prize wheel can be used to create fun prize giveaways.  Use the virtual prize wheel as a raffle wheel to pick a winner, booth traffic driver for trade show booths or as a lead capture solution for small regional shows and consumer shows.

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