Lead Capture App for Trade Show Exhibitors

Save time and improve your trade show ROI. Capture, qualify and followup with leads in our lead capture app. Perfect for small exhibitors or regional shows.

How the Lead Manager Auto-Magically Converts Visitors to Leads

Attendee Plays a Game

Your attendee plays one of many of our Trade Show Games and their basic information is received.

Lead Magic

The Lead Manager App scans and scrapes detailed information about the attendee auto-magically.


Within seconds, you have qualified lead details in your pocket, ready for you to rate, add notes and follow up.

Main Features of the Lead Capture App

Qualify Leads on-the-fly

Make notes, rate prospects, add photos and email documents.

Real Time Integration

Leads captured with our trivia games and prize wheel solutions are instantly available to booth staffers in the lead manager app.

Business Card Photos

Capture photos with your smart phone and add them to the lead record. This makes it easy to followup later.

Quick Leads

Super Busy? Use the Quick Lead to add a lead. Add more contact data with notes, customizable pull down forms, lead ratings and photos of business cards.

Download Data

Quickly download your leads into your CRM system for personalized email and sales rep follow up.


Create custom lead and survey forms that match your exhibit needs. Brand the app icon and logo for each event.

Built-in Help

While the app is designed to be intuitive to use, your booth staffers can simply click an icon wherever they are in the Lead Manager app for help on how to use that feature of the program.

Performance Dashboard

Track real time performance across games, multiple days, trade shows, booth staffers, all from a single performance dashboard.

Send Follow-up Emails and Digital Documents - Right From Your Booth

Using SocialPoint’s Lead Capture app you can send personalized emails with digital documents right from the app, even immediately after capturing the lead!

SocialPoint Lead Capture App Send Digital Documents

Ask us how the Lead Manager App can increase your exhibit performance at your next event.