How Healthcare Exhibitors Use Interactive Trade Show Games

Healthcare exhibitors choose to use our interactive trade show games for many of the same reasons as their exhibiting peers in other industries.  But not always.

The most common reason exhibitors use our games is to drive more booth traffic, and in that respect, healthcare exhibitors are similar – our games help fill their booth with attendees.  Those attendees can then become leads and sales, or stronger relationships with influencers:

Edifecs interactive trade show game medical exhibitor

Gather more attendees in your healthcare trade show booth with interactive trade show games

healthcare and medical interactive trade show games get a crowd

While many healthcare exhibitors are concerned about rules limiting the value of gifts and giveaways they can offer, not all healthcare exhibitors limit their gifts. Some healthcare exhibitors are interacting with audiences that fall outside healthcare’s complex, stringent rules, so they can still offer substantial gifts.

These less-regulated shows can be because the audience is not considered providers, or because the event is held in another country, or because it’s a healthcare company’s own sales meeting, or for other reasons.

In these two examples, Amplifon offered headphones as a prize, and Starkey offered a smart phone:

healthcare interactive trade show game in a 10 foot booth

International healthcare trade show game

International medical show attendee wins big prize

Why healthcare trade show attendees play games, even without major prizes

We’ve also seen exhibitors still use our games to boost traffic and interaction, even without offering valuable prizes (to abide by their industry gift rules).

Our Challenge Bar Trivia Game attracts healthcare professionals who want to compete against their peers for top-score bragging rights.  They also want to test themselves on their knowledge.  Because our Challenge Bar Trivia Game includes a Leaderboard that prominently lists highest-scoring game players, competitive healthcare exhibition attendees still strive to win.

prIME Oncology healthcare trade show trivia game with top scorer - tweet

Healthcare exhibition attendees play trivia to learn

Some attendees play trivia in healthcare exhibitors’ booths to learn.  Each exhibitor writes their own trivia questions, which tend to be about a company’s products or services, but can also be about the subject matter of expertise of attendees.

For example, Thermo Fisher Scientific enticed attendees to play their customized trivia game to “raise their neuroscience IQ” (this is a screen shot of the game splash screen players see when they start).

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Learn about neuroscience - game screen

Our client Bio-Rad went even further to encourage booth visitors to compete for recognition instead of prizes of monetary value, by awarding trophies to top-scoring game players:

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Learn about neuroscience - game screen

Healthcare exhibitors, we’re eager to get started

Interactive trade show games are still a popular promotional choice for healthcare exhibitors, even though they are more limited by their industry rules about what they can offer their booth visitors. Games can help healthcare exhibitors get more booth traffic, visitor interaction, and relationship-building.  Healthcare exhibition attendees are still motivated to play games, even in the cases where the exhibitors are limited in the value of the prizes they offer.

If you’d like to see more about how you can drive more booth traffic and get more qualified leads with our interactive trade show games , feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss your event with one of SocialPoint’s Digital Strategists. We’ll help you generate excitement, crowds, and leads.

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