Block Trolls! 5 Tips for Moderating Social Media at Events

Social Media Moderation at Events

Do you really want meowkittykaits’ green hair picture on your Social Media Display?

This is likely NOT what you had in mind when you talked your boss into using a Live Social Media Feed at your event!

We recently wrote a blog post highlighting the Top 4 Event Social Media Wall Must Haves.  One of our main points was that live social media feeds are a great way to let attendees participate real-time and feel “a part of the conversation” at events.

Great in theory, but what happens when the “freedom of speech” that we hold so dear, shows up in the form of a crazy jumbo-sized social media post on your event wall?  As you know, anyone and everyone at an event can share their thoughts – right, wrong or just plain inappropriate.

How do you keep out the trolls, the party poopers, the folks that wouldn’t be happy if you bent over backwards for them??

Enter the fifth event social media wall “must have” – a content moderation strategy.

Don’t get me wrong.  You can’t and don’t want to regulate what people say, do, etc. on Social Media.  That goes against the core values most social platforms were founded upon.

You also don’t want to seem like Eastern Europe before the Wall fell, blocking all content that doesn’t agree with the Party Line.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to have random content, (ie “What were they thinking??” tweets and photos) show up on your Social Display.

Just say “NO” to Tweeters and Instagrammers who may be temporarily insane.

How?  Moderate.  Moderate.  Moderate!

Here are our 5 Tips for Moderating Social Media Content at Events:

1)   How restrictive do you need to be?  If you trust most of the participants at your event, but want to block certain “trolls,” only block those users.  Let everyone else post freely.  (Most people really don’t like to look crazy to a room full of their peers!)  The key is to maximize audience engagement while minimizing inappropriate or offensive content.

2)   All content is not created equal.  You know your audienceYou may want to give a free pass to tweets and moderate photos and videos.  This will help you be more efficient in getting content posted to your displays.

3)   Do you have a General Session strategy?  You will want to be more restrictive of content during those times where it is displayed on the big screen.

4)   Auto approve your industry experts, your CEO, etc. What they have to say is important and timely.  This will keep your content stream flowing with regularly updated, quality content.

5)   Reward your influencers and sponsors.  Call out their tweets or photos.  When you are in control, you can give certain content a little more priority that makes a big difference in the eyes of the participants.  (Who doesn’t like to see their posts featured on the big screen?)  It’s a free way to “show a little love.”

We know that not everyone has the time or money to assign a full time moderator at every event.  That is why SocialPoint developed a moderation tool that comes built in with every Social Media Display we create.

We’ve saved many clients from embarrassing or inappropriate content being broadcast live.  Our motto is: Moderate out the bad content AND at the same time reward good behavior!

Contact Us to speak with one of our SocialPoint Digital Strategists and learn how you can avoid a social media nightmare with simple moderation tools at your next event.  Trolls are scary.  Keep them at bay.

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