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Take Audience Engagement beyond your event app. Engage attendees in conference sessions, lounges, the expo floor and at social events.

Did you know?

Attendees stop paying attention after 10 minutes in the average conference session?

Yet - most conferences stuff attendees in chairs in rows for 4-6 hours per day. That's a lot of wasted time!!

Why Do People Come to Your Events?

Attendees use words like Try, Share, Meet and Discuss when they talk about why they come to conferences. Never, ever, do they say to sit in chairs in rows in a dark room for hours end to listen to speakers.

How Are You Measuring Business Value?

The real case for audience engagement in your events is in driving business value. But how do you measure business value beyond revenues and profits? Here's a list of 41 different ways to measure business value.

SocialPoint Event App - Caption This Contest

Attendee Engagement Basics

Live Polls, Interactive Q&A and Surveys should be a part of every attendee engagement strategy. It's simple way to keep attendees focused on the speaker's content and ideas.

If you want to kick it up a notch, SocialPoint has more advanced attendee engagement options such as word clouds, trivia games with leaderboards and group brainstorming.

Tap into Human Emotions

What makes our games and contests really gather a crowd, and keep people engaged, is how well our games play on peoples’ very human emotions. There are 6 key emotions that we see over and over driving people to keep playing.

Fun digital games for trade shows and events
SocialPoint Private Social Wall Hub for Sales Meetings And Internal Meetings

Unleash Your Attendees

SocialPoint keeps the conversation focused on your ideas, challenges and event content. Using our Attendee Participation Game (an Event Gamificaiton Solution) create fun interactive challenges in your event app, at kiosks or touch screens. Visualize data through monitors and touch screens.

Play Games

Have you ever seen attendees answer 15,000 trivia questions in a game? What about 40,000? With SocialPoint you will. SocialPoint unleashes into your attendee's competitive spirit with a wide range of fun, interactive games.

trade show trivia game and Interactive booth ideas for sophisticated trade show exhibitors
At Company Meetings - Select Employees for Questions with Virtual Prize Wheel

Spin to Win

Use a Spinning wheel with the attendee names on it to pick prize winners. Or, perhaps you want to offer a golden ticket for a chance to SPIN TO WIN a few select prizes. Either way, these simple activations are a great way to inject fun into your meetings.

Embrace Photo Fanatics

Everyone loves to look at photos on the big screen....especially photos of themselves. Use a Social Wall to inject a layer of fun into your meetings.

Use a Social Media Wall to capture tweets and instagram photos at conferences. Use SMS and event photographer photos for all sales meetings and internal meetings.

SocialPoint Social Media Wall for Events Fun Burst Template

Why SocialPoint

Three advantages of SocialPoint

More Fun

Your events are an explosion of positive energy and ideas. SocialPoint channels that energy by creating imaginative digital experiences that turn attendees into active participants. You’ll love how SocialPoint keeps attendees in the zone and focused on your event content.

Connecting with Attendees

We remove the barriers to participation by connecting with attendees when and where they are most comfortable. By creating activations on mobile, tablet, social, touch and SMS, we make it easy to match the digital experience to your attendee’s preference

Innovative Screens

Why should social media and poll results look like bad A/V from the 1980s? We are screen people. Our screen content is the most advanced and forward thinking on the market.  Even our polls look awesome! From tablets to touch screens to video walls – we will rock your screens!