Audience Response App

More than live polls! Create conversations between attendees and speakers.

Main Features of Audience Response

Live Polls

Find out what the audience is thinking in real time. Setup live polls ahead of time or on the fly. Polls are immediately visible in the audience response app. Results are shown on attendee’s devices and projected on the big screen.


Let Attendees play our interactive trivia game on their phones. Your event techs can start and stop the game on their phones. The visual leader board shows you who will win.

Interactive Q&A

Let attendees ask questions anytime through the audience response app. Moderators can push questions that can be shown on the big screen or confidence monitor from the app. Or you can just view the new questions in the app.

Surveys & Feedback Forms

Use the survey builder to create your own surveys and feedback forms in the app. Each session can have multiple surveys. You can download the survey data into Excel to analyze and report as you wish.

Word Cloud

Use the word cloud to take the pulse of the audience and show the language they use on the big screen. Sometimes there is consensus and sometimes not!


Give attendees the opportunity to voice their opinion on key topics. Attendees may upvote other responses. Posts are moderated and shown on the big screen and the audience response app.


Scale up brainstorming to several hundred people. Our software allows you to take large groups through a structured brainstorming process from ideation to voting for ideas. Meeting organizers can set the number of votes an attendee has on each topic.

Caption This

Put up fun photos for attendees to caption. Then display the best captions in the room on a scrolling display.

Customized Around Your Brand

ARS has hundreds of design options to make it fit within your brand. It's easy to configure and can be used in different ways to support your event objectives.

How to Manage Interactive Q&A

Microphone-based Q&A only allows for one person to talk at once, while interactive q&a apps allow all users to send it questions when they think of them. This multi-threading approach allows you to spend more time answering attendee questions that matter.

How to Prepare Your Speakers

The greatest advantage of event apps and audience response apps is to give your attendees a voice. But are your speakers prepared to use this interactive meeting technology? This guide will help you get your speakers ready for success.

“SocialPoint brought an unexpected element to our meetings, which kept all of our participants engaged. We used the software to get feedback on our business, as well as provide some interactivity just for fun. The partners at SocialPoint had our best interests in mind and provided solutions we didn’t even know that we needed. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to enhance their meetings and events.”

Additional Features

Show Flow

Easily organize multiple live polls, interactive Q&A, discussions, brainstorms and word clouds to match the show flow of your event. Questions can be pushed to the audience response app automatically for attendees to answer.

Dashboard Reports

Use the Dashboard to quickly provide to your key stakeholders with a high-level overview report of audience engagement in your event. Easily download poll results, speaker questions, ideas captured, votes and survey results for each session into Excel.

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