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Audience Response (One Month)

    What Engagement options do you offer beyond live polls and Q&A

    Audience Engagement Options:

    The Basics

    • Live Polls
    • Q&A

    Facilitation Options

    • Word Clouds
    • Idea Generation
    • Idea Voting
    • Surveys

    Fun Stuff

    • Caption This Photo
    • Quizzes  (Requires Virtual Trivia Upgrade)
    • Trivia (Requires Virtual Trivia Upgrade)

    Can I create a "show flow" to push polls, surveys, etc to my audience?


    You can create a show flow of polls, surveys, etc. to push the content out to your audience so they can respond in real time

    Are the responses anonymous?


    We don’t track the individual responses. So all results are anonymous

    Can I download the data to excel?


    You can download your data results to excel

    How do I integrate trivia and quizzes with my audience response plan?


    You can combine audience response and trivia into your integrated plan.

    Are there limits to the number of polls I can create?


    *** SocialPoint will provide a default game template. You can use that template, modify the graphics or create your own graphics. ***

    Branding Capabilities.

    Pick the colors and themes and create graphics for the following game elements.

    • Player App (Web based)
    • Live Results Screens


    Audience Response Configuration Options

    • Live Polls:
      • 5 Answer Choices
      • Create Polls on the Fly
      • Branded Results Screen
      • For Open Ended Polls use the Discussion option 


    • Q&A
      • Capture Ideas
      • New Question Alerts
      • Categorize Questions: Skip, Answered or New
      • Show questions on confidence monitor


    •  Discussion:
      • Modes:
        • Idea capture only
        • Show results on mobile, big screen or both
        • Allow voting on mobile
      • Show Results:
        • Show/hide  results on mobile
        • Show Results on Big Screen as List
        • Show Results in Word Cloud
      • Advanced Features:
        • Moderation
        • Limit Votes
        • Edit Submissions
        • Show name with submission


    • Survey:
        • Features:
          • Survey Builder
          • Required and Optional Fields
          • Re-order Questions
          • Multi-Select Option
          • Store Result Sets
          • Download to Excel
        • Fields:
          • Text
          • Text Area
          • Number
          • Date
          • Select List
          • Multi-Select List
          • Likert Scale
          • Star Rating
          • Checkbox
        • Special fields:
          • Email
          • Phone Number
          • Zip Code
          • International Phone Number
          • Terms and Conditions
          • GDPR Consent
          • State (Pre-populated List)
          • Country (Pre-populated List)


    • Caption This Photo
      • Moderate Captions
      • Upload Photo
      • 6 default caption templates

    You can read the full Terms of Service, Data Processing Addendum and  Data Privacy Notice below