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Attendee Participation Game

Learn how to use the Attendee Participation game to create multi-day attendee engagement in your event. To help you get a feel for the product, we will send you two sample games to try. Plus, we will send you a pre-recorded demo to help you learn more about setting up these games and how you can make APG a success for your event.

What’s in the Brochure?

This brochure explains how the Attendee Participation Game works, why it works and what customers think of the game. You will learn about setting up the game, our process for working with you and the expected timeline.

Try a Sample Game

Try two different sample games to see how you can apply our graphics and branding to create a unique branded experience for your game players.

Pre-Recorded Video

Our pre-recorded video will give you a better idea of how our Attendee Participation game will work in your event.

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