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Interactive Trivia Game

Discover how Interactive Trivia can significantly boost your engagement. Watch the 5-minute demo to see examples of the software, how you can personalize the game, and learn how the game will work in your event. Then, read the brochure to get details on the game templates, game features, and much more.

Learn How Interactive Trivia Significantly Boosts Engagement

Bring the fun back to your conferences and general sessions with interactive trivia. Learn how leaderboards, team gameplay, count down timers, and more create engagement.

Understand How Live Hosted Trivia Will Work In Your Event

Let us show you how SocialPoint’s live hosted trivia works in a general session or other live event environment.  Then discover how to personalize the game by eliminating players for incorrect answers or creating a Team Battle.

Discover the Flexibility of SocialPoint’s Interactive Trivia

See how SocialPoint allows you to combine Live Hosted Trivia with self-paced trivia quizzes that include timers, explanations of answers, and much more. Understand how the Cumulative leaderboard can summarize scores for individuals or a team battle to engage attendees over a 1, 2 or 3-day event.

Connect Attendees to Content

Learn how SocialPoint’s flexible platform make it easy for you to create trivia games to reinforce learning objectives and measure the impact.

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