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Socialpoint Digital Trade Show Passport

Project Description

Are you still asking attendees to collect stamps or signatures on paper passport cards at your trade show?

We created a super simple digital expo passport that allows attendees to checkin as they visit booths. In addition, attendees can collect digital collateral and earn points toward your prizes. This solution can double as a lead capture solution for your exhibitors – saving you the headache of working with two vendors.

How does it work?
Attendees go through your trade show meeting exhibitors. At each booth, the exhibitors will scan a QR code on the attendee’s badge or a branded card. The QR code identifies the attendee. The exhibitor gets the lead information, while the attendee gets points for visiting the booth. In addition, the attendee can request digital brochures. At the end of the event, the attendee gets an email with a digital business card of each person he/she met and their digital documents. The exhibitors get a list of leads from the show with any notes that they wrote about the lead. You get a report on the total engagement at your show.

Key benefits

  • Simple solution for trade show gamification
  • Go paperless by getting attendees to collect digital collateral
  • Leverage the existing devices your exhibitors and staff already use
  • Create opportunities for exhibitors to capture leads and follow up digitally
  • Award attendees for visiting as many stations or booths as they can


***Updates to the Platform***

In 2018, we replaced this platform with our new Attendee Participation Game platform.  The new Attendee Participation Game provides the following benefits over QR code scanning:

  • Frictionless Interaction.  Now attendees enter their cell phone or an email address at a kiosk and participate in an activity at each kiosk. This step reduces the need for attendees to have an app or use their phone. It’s frictionless for exhibitors and attendees.
  • Improved Engagement in a booth – Scanning a QR code does guarantee exhibitors an interaction in their booth. Kiosks may include activities such as trivia games, word clouds, questions of the day, etc – or just a simple checkin.  This allows exhibitors to collect more data and make the interaction more relevant to their exhibiting (or sponsorship) goals.
  • Integration with the Prize Wheel. Our system is linked to our virtual prize wheel – so attendees can earn prize wheel spins and redeem those prize wheel spins on a large visual self-service prize wheel.

Learn more about our New Attendee Participation Game platform here.

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