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Audience Response Solution

SocialPoint turns attendees into active participants with live polls, interactive Q&A, event surveys, feedback forms and much more. Attendees use our audience response app to engage with the speaker and see comments on the big screen.

How Does It Work?

Audience Response App - Menu Screen

Open Event App

Attendees click on a URL or an icon on your home screen to open our audience response app. Then they select their session.

Attendee Poll App Screen


Live polls, interactive q&a, discussions, idea voting or surveys will appear on the attendee’s audience response app. They can easily participate and submit their responses.

Attendee Poll Results


See Results On The Big Screen

Results are tabulated in real time. Content will be displayed on the big screen in one of six different branded templates (Poll results, word clouds, idea lists, idea leaderboard, etc.)

Attendee Poll Results

Live Polls

Live Polls Are Tablulated in Real Time

SocialPoint Scrolling Idea voting display for audience response app

Idea Voting

Focus conversation around key questions. Moderate and display ideas. Let attendees vote for their favorites.  

Audience Participation Wordcloud


Create wordcloud displays out of attendee comments.

Audience Response App - Caption This

Caption This

Grab a funny photo and let attendees write fun captions!

Key Audience Response App Features

Interactive Q&A

Collect questions from everyone in the audience in seconds with the audience response app. Select the questions to be shared with the speaker on stage.

Live Polls

Find out what the audience is thinking. Live polls can be set up ahead of time or on the fly. Polls are immediately visible in the audience response app. Results are shown in realtime on attendee's devices and projected on the big screen.

Engaging Discussion

Give attendees the opportunity to voice their opinion on key topics. Attendees may post anonymously. Posts are moderated and shown on the big screen and the audience response app.

Idea Voting

Collect ideas from everyone in the audience. Approve the best ideas. Let attendees vote on the ideas from their mobile devices, kiosks or touchscreen displays.


Feedback forms, insights surveys and more can be setup in minutes. Data is captured across sessions and available for immediate download into excel.

Show Flow

Easily push live polls, interactive Q&A, idea voting and surveys to the audience response app in real time with our show flow feature.

Event Agenda

Build your event agenda, attach speaker profiles, select the rooms, configure the look and feel and view in the audience response app.

Customizable App

Configure your audience response app with the colors, themes, icons, sessions and security that will work for your organization.

Instant Data Download

Easily download poll results, speaker questions, ideas captured, votes and survey results for each session into excel.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Use Tablet kiosks or Touchscreen screen kiosks to create physical spaces where attendees can engage in physical spaces.

Use Audience Response in Physical Spaces

SocialPoint Touchscreen Voting for Events

Touch Screen Voting

Watch the best ideas bubble up to the top with our touch screen voting. Attendees read through ideas on a giant touch screen, then vote for their favorites. The best ideas automatically move to the top.

Audience Response Solution - Private Social Hub

Private Social Hub

Turn a hallway space or resource fair into an interactive space, with our private social hub. Collect data through tablets or mobile devices. Visualize data through monitors and touchscreens.

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