Using Digital Trade Show Games As An Icebreaker With Attendees

digital ice breaker for trade showsEver seen a trade show attendee give your booth staffers the cold shoulder?  Maybe you just need something to break the ice.

Many trade show attendees shiver at the thought of walking boldly into a booth and striking up a conversation.  They just want to avoid getting pounced upon by an overzealous booth staffer.

It’s a real problem for trade show exhibitors, that attendees (who are at the trade show to find solutions to their business problems!) avoid booth staffers. Without a start to the conversation, there is no lead taken by a booth staffer.

5 Tech Questions To Ask For Your Trade Show Booth At Each Show

5 questions about trade show technology to ask for your next trade show booth

It goes without saying, but here it is anyhow: It’s no longer your father’s trade show.

Sure, trade shows are still about face-to-face conversations with real, live humans. It’s still about pressing the flesh and building relationships. But most exhibitors now augment that valuable personal interaction with some kind of digital technology in their booth.

From mobile phones to tablets to flat screens and touch screens, exhibitors bring the same tech they use at home and work into the trade show arena.

5 Ways Our Trade Show and Event Customers Boost Results With Our SocialPoint Challenge Bar Trivia

Challenge Bar Trivia game for trade show games and interactionsOur SocialPoint® Challenge Bar Trivia platform gives clients several ways to easily collect valuable attendee data and engage their attendees in a fun activity. It works because everyone loves trivia.

Trade show clients are interested in the following:
• Driving higher booth traffic
• Generating more leads
• Capturing marketing follow-ups
• Teaching people about their products and services
• Get people to visit other stations in their booth

Internal meeting clients have different objectives:
• Create a fun team game
• Teach individuals about new products, policies, etc.
• Measure performance against learning objectives

How to Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic with Interactive Technology

trade show games bring in more booth traffic

Booth traffic. Over and over, clients tell us they want to drive booth traffic. They are constantly looking for interactive technology ideas that will help them get more people into their trade show booth.

And we’ve heard it for a long time. We’ve been working with interactive, digital, and social-media driven attendee engagement in events for more than 10 years. Some of our over 1,000 activations have worked very well. Some have not. So let’s give you the best of those 10 years.

Here are 5 lessons we’ve learned about attendee engagement that should help you as you plan your next trade show booth experience:

5 Valuable Benefits Many SocialPoint Game Clients Discover Only AFTER Their First Trade Show

If you are reading this, then you are probably considering SocialPoint for the first time.  Perhaps, you are even considering interactive trade show games as a marketing tactic for the first time.

Because many B2B exhibitors spend 40% of  marketing budget on Trade Show Marketing.  The stakes are high for you and your team. Getting a positive return on your investment is important.

After a few more shows, we regularly get feedback from customers who value these 5 other benefits they receive from using our interactive trade show games:

8 Content Ideas for the Screens in Your Trade Show Booth

Digital flat screen monitors in your trade show booth.jpg

If you are like most exhibitors, you have screens, monitors and tablets in your booth … but you aren’t really sure how to best use this powerful digital tech to create more impact.

According to a 2015 white paper Tech for Trade Show Exhibitors from Skyline Exhibits and Access Intelligence, most exhibitors are still putting PowerPoint slides or their own websites on the screen.  That’s probably because they don’t know how easy it is to create content that will go beyond websites and PowerPoint and generate more leads and sales.

Turning Attendees into Active Participants Just Got Easier with SocialPoint


New and improved SocialPoint Audience Response App, plus new engagement displays make it easier than ever to “Google the Audience” and tap into the wisdom of the crowd. 

Every 4-6 weeks, we make improvements to our SocialPoint Audience Engagement platform.  In May, we rolled out a Virtual Prize Wheel for trade show booths. Today, I am excited to share that we made several wide sweeping improvements to our Audience Response Solution.  These updates make it easier for speakers, facilitators and CEOS to “Google the Audience” and tap into the wisdom of the crowd.

Here are some of the improvements.

(1) New and Improved Mobile App:

Our new web based app looks and feels more like a native app, but it can work in your browser or saved as an icon on an iPad or iPhone. The app is fully brandable, configurable and customizable to your event themes.

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Spin To Win Virtual Prize Wheel That Captures Leads

Everybody – and I mean everybody – loves to spin the prize wheel.

Our virtual prize wheel is no exception.

Recently a gala used our prize wheel to manage prize giveaways (and inventory) during an event. Everyone loved pushing the spin the wheel button. The gala sold out of 100’s of prizes in 30 minutes.

What is the virtual prize wheel?

The Virtual Prize Wheel is a digital, self-service game that pulls trade show attendees into an exhibitor’s booth to play because it is great looking, fun, and offers the chance to win free prizes. Which drives higher lead counts for exhibitors!

The Key to Choosing the “Right” Social Media Wall Content

Social Media Wall | Live Social Media Feed Content

You’ve got your event budget approved.  You’ve ordered your flat screens and custom monitors.  You are set for social media display success!  Just one minor detail.  What are you going to put ON those screens?

More often than not – we see people trying to make the social feeds on the screen look like a giant iPhone. And, in our opinion – it just doesn’t work for events.

Here’s why.

(1) Events are branding opportunities. Your digital screens and décor need to work together to promote the brand. Social media is visual today. Usually more than ½ of the content is photos anyway. A big giant iPhone of Twitter text content does not really get the job done.

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Block Trolls! 5 Tips for Moderating Social Media at Events

This is likely NOT what you had in mind when you talked your boss into using a Live Social Media Feed at your event!

We recently wrote a blog post highlighting the Top 4 Event Social Media Wall Must Haves.  One of our main points was that live social media feeds are a great way to let attendees participate real-time and feel “a part of the conversation” at events.

Great in theory, but what happens when the “freedom of speech” that we hold so dear, shows up in the form of a crazy jumbo-sized social media post on your event wall?  As you know, anyone and everyone at an event can share their thoughts – right, wrong or just plain inappropriate.

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