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Block Trolls! 5 Tips for Moderating Social Media at Events

This is likely NOT what you had in mind when you talked your boss into using a Live Social Media Feed at your event!

We recently wrote a blog post highlighting the Top 4 Event Social Media Wall Must Haves.  One of our main points was that live social media feeds are a great way to let attendees participate real-time and feel “a part of the conversation” at events.

Great in theory, but what happens when the “freedom of speech” that we hold so dear, shows up in the form of a crazy jumbo-sized social media post on your event wall?  As you know, anyone and everyone at an event can share their thoughts – right, wrong or just plain inappropriate.

7 Things We Are Thankful for in 2014 – It’s the Little Things that Count

It’s time to start packing up the kiddos up in the family truckster to head down the road toward your holiday destination.  Right about now, you are likely hit with that familiar sense of sentimental reflection that Thanksgiving brings. As we count our blessings, it’s easy to forget to appreciate some of the “little things” that consistently make our lives better in big ways.

Here are our Top 7 Life-Saving Event “Thankfuls:” Social Point | Digital Event Solutions Social Point | Event WiFi Solutions Social Media Ideas for EventsSocialPoint | Mobile Event Marketing Photo Sharing Solutions | SocialPoint Events Trade Show Game Ideas | SocialPoint Digital SolutionsDigital Solutions for Events | Interactive Meetings Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at SocialPoint and Interactive Meeting Technology. What are you thankful for this year?  Share the love at: #HappyThanksgiving or @IMTSocialPoint

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Creating “Warm & Fuzzy” Brand Advocates with Photo Sharing

Event Photo Sharing

You do it.  I do it.  We all do it.  There’s really no shame in it, so why deny it?

We are obsessed with taking photos and videos!  (Why is it that saying that always sounds just a little creepy?)  Maybe even more than the actual act of taking them, we are obsessed with sharing them with others Online.

Where does this incessant need to capture and share the events of our day-to-day lives come from?

I’m not naïve enough to believe that my life is so interesting that people sit around all day waiting for me to upload my next Facebook pic or YouTube video.

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