Digital Fishbowl for Lead Capture

A better way to capture leads for drawings and contests in your booth.


Capture Leads on Your iPad

Attendees are much more likely to fill out lead forms if there is something in it for them like a prize drawing, digital documents, etc. Our Digital Fishbowl makes that super easy.

All you need is an iPad connected to the internet and you have a self-service lead capture station.

SocialPoint Lead Capture App Lead List with Photos

Instantly Sync Enriched Leads To Your Mobile Device

According to research, only about 18% of exhibitors have any formalized plan or process for following up their leads after their trade show. Using SocialPoint – you can sync your lead data to our lead capture app on your mobile device.

Our lead capture app will enrich your lead data by looking up social profiles and company profiles. Your booth staff can rates leads, making notes and send documents and emails from the app.

Learn About SocialPoint’s Lead Capture App 

SocialPoint Digital Fishbowl Stations

Capture the lead data you need to drive your business forward. You can add whatever data fields you want to capture.

Ask specific survey questions to aid in lead qualification and marketing followup. These questions are answered by your attendees, saving you time.

Sometimes your legal council will require 6 pages of terms and conditions. No problem, we have a place for that in our system.

Maybe you want people to enter guess how many footballs are in the car or “who answer a single trivia question” in order to be entered in the prize drawing. We will help you identify and track the correct answers.

The branding and themes on your digital fishbowl will be your branding. Not ours.

Sync your lead data to our lead manager app. So you can enrich the data with company profile information, social media information and notes captured by your booth staff.

After your event, yo ucan download all your data into Excel for further Sales and Marketing follow up, analysis, or reporting results to management.

You Don’t Need Badge Scanners Anymore!

Combine Digital Fishbowl With Our FREE Lead Manager App & And Avoid Paying $500 For The Show’s Badge Scanner At Every Show!


Why You Don’t Need Scanners

Costly trade show lead capture and badge scanners can be a thing of the past with our new Lead Manager app

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